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Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Welcome to hell, NFL

Few moves are as dumb as feuding with Donald Trump. Rosie O'Donnell discovered this the hard way. Megyn Kelly, too. Now the NFL has discovered that you don't tug on Superman's cape -- and you don't mess around with The Donald.

Welcome to hell, NFL.

The league is trying to extricate itself from a bad situation of its own making. But it is a coyote ugly situation of race identification and entitlement, one that has been at least 350 years in the making.

Coyote ugly is when you are trapped with a person so ugly that you want to gnaw off your leg to escape, as legend has coyotes doing when their foot is caught in a trap.

After watching ratings drop and hearing fans boo, a few owners decided to crack down on kneeling instead of rising for the national anthem.

From the Sun Sentinel:
Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross, who had three players — wide receiver Kenny Stills, safety Michael Thomas and tight end Julius Thomas — kneel during the national anthem prior to last week’s game said Sunday he wished they would stand for the anthem. The trio ended up standing in the tunnel during the anthem and running onto the field afterward.
Coach Adam Gase implemented a policy Sunday requiring players to stand for the national anthem. Those who don’t wish to stand must stay in the locker room or in the tunnel.
Ross, who spoke about 90 minutes before the Dolphins’ 16-10 victory over Tennessee and the national anthem, said President Donald Trump has changed the focus of anthem conversation from social injustice issues to patriotism, so it’s better now for the players to stand.
“He’s changed that whole paradigm of what protest is,” Ross during his CommUnity Tailgate gathering at Hard Rock Stadium before Sunday’s home opener against Tennessee.
“And I think it’s incumbent upon the players today, because of how the public is looking at it, to really stand and really salute the flag.”

I called it.

On October 1:
President Trump is a sports fan. No doubt the Colin Kaepernick kneeling bugged him. Trump could not attend to it last year because he was too busy running for president.
Fighting the kneeling was difficult because Kaepernick was protesting police shootings of black suspects. No one is for that. That's a bad thing.
But the flag protests were ugly. Kaepernick was on the one hand asserting his rights as an American while denouncing America.
On September 22 in a speech Alabama and the next day on Twitter, Trump changed that by making the protest about Trump.
That seems egotistic. Maybe it was. But it also was effective.
Suddenly a noble cause became political. The NFL no longer was being altruistic in its protests, but partisan.
Now the NFL may require players to stand for the flag, the Wall Street Journal reported.
In a conference call, NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said league officials, owners, fans, and likely certain players are frustrated that the issue has dominated the game in recent weeks. He said owners will consider player input on the issue, but suggested that a rule change would not require player approval.
“I don’t believe that the anthem per se is something that needs to be collectively bargained,” Lockhart said.
Lockhart has experience dealing with the PR problems of kneeling.

He was President Clinton's spokesman during his impeachment for perjury and suborning perjury in the Lewinsky case.

That the NFL hired Lockhart shows clearly the partisanship of its management.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should have ignored Trump's taunts.

Instead he went all social justice warrior on the president, because like all good Clinton supporters Goodell sees the president and his supporters as subhuman. We are irredeemably deplorable.

So we got lectures on free speech from Goodell and his lackeys in the press -- people who would ban "hate speech" and censor the Internet in the name of preventing "fake news."

But having pissed off its patriotic fans, the NFL is pissing off its players and others.

ESPN's Jemele Hill called for a boycott of the sponsors of the Dallas Cowboys. ESPN suspended her for two weeks because the Cowboys sponsors pay for ads on ESPN.

But there is more:
On the same day that Jemele Hill was suspended from ESPN for tweeting about politics, another network personality, Michael Wilbon, compared Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to a slave owner.
Mr. Wilbon, co-host of “Pardon the Interruption,” took issue with Mr. Jones’ stance that players who do not stand for the national anthem before football games will not play.
“And the word that comes to my mind ― and I don’t care who doesn’t like me using it ― is plantation,” Mr. Wilbon said on Monday’s show. “The players are here to serve me, and they will do what I want. No matter how much I pay them, they are not equal to me. That’s what this says to me and mine.”
ESPN declined to comment on Mr. Wilbon’s remarks.
And more:
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People issued a response to Jerry Jones on Tuesday after the Cowboys owner said he'd sit players who don't stand for the national anthem. 
"This is not an issue about our flag, this is an issue about police brutality, racism, and the ability of members of the NFL whose communities are disproportionately impacted by police misconduct to peacefully say enough," said NAACP interim President and CEO Derrick Johnson. "This is not simply a Black issue due to the number of white people also killed by police, but we know historically that when justice occurs for African Americans, all other members of our society benefit as well."
And more:
‘Monday Night Football’ Ratings Hits Season Low As Vikings Win Tight Game
A year ago, the league allowed Colin Kaepernick to disrespect the flag because he sees it not as representative of the freedoms we enjoy, but as a symbol of a nation that oppresses black people.

Letting him politicize the game was wrong.

The league -- which penalized players for celebrating touchdowns -- looked the other way, somehow conferring upon him the right to use the NFL spotlight to show his disdain for America.

Many fans were upset but silent.

President Trump gave those fans a voice to their objections when he called the NFL out in a speech on September 22 and in tweets on September 23.

Trump shined the light on an ugly situation.

NFL fans now know that the league and ESPN are run by little Marxists with an anti-American agenda. The correct response is to stop playing the national anthem, and to quit pretending the league's owners and staff love the country.

They love money.

But the NFL officials are too elite to simply stop playing the "Star-Spangled Banner" before the game, because that is what is ruining their ratings.

At any rate, we now see the NFL for what it is.

The league is now damned if the players kneel, and damned if they do not. League officials live in a special hell they created.

And the owners are paying Goodell $44 million a year. What did he do? In response to Trump's tweets, Goodell led them down the path to perdition.

The press portrays Trump as an impulsive man who is out of control.

He knew exactly what he was doing, and he won because the NFL is arrogant and anti-American.

Trump is easy to figure out. Apply logic to the situation.

Of course, if liberals used logic they would be conservative.


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  1. Carthage could have taught the NFL a thing or two.....but....that's right.....Rome burnt it to the ground and sowed it with salt. Hmmmm....thing is, Trump isn't through yet. Another round is shaping up.....NAACP and the players union. Trump will bayonet the survivors.

    The most serious thing out of all of this imo is this....Black tribalism is come to the core.....awakening White tribalism. Basic anthropology.

    You can't stuff that dead cat back in a sack. The long term effects of White folks plainly seeing attempted Black dominance won't be pretty. All of the's like folks realizing that there were actual reasons behind Black stereotypes.

    That means that Blacks can be racists, just like anyone else. Black thugs can be openly acknowledged as dangerous.

  2. Don, one of the best you've ever written.

    1. And the last sentence is a keeper to be oft repeated.

    2. I thought the same thing. That should be etched in stone somewhere....

    3. Agreed. I absolutely loved this!

  3. But....but....but....Karl Rove told us this was a fight PDJT just could not win! And he's The Architect!! Can Mr. Potato Head possibly be wrong?

    1. Mr. Potato Head - love it!

    2. Karl Rove is utterly out of touch with the average American today, just as he was when he somehow managed to get Bush 43 elected. He's even worse now that he's been living in the DC swamp.

  4. Football is a team sport and this must be making a lot of discord in the locker rooms. All players can't be this stupid.

    1. Yes. They. Can. Be..... And are.

    2. Actually the ones that aren't are being coerced to hush up by their colleagues in the name of "team unity". Check out what happened to Mr. Villanueva after he stood alone for the anthem; also check out Matt Tobin of the Seahawks. (But then, after being shushed, Tobin did buy into that BLM crap because his teammate got stopped in , yep, Las Vegas after being seen running from a--guess what--possible shooting in a casino. So maybe Tobin is that stupid after all...)

  5. It's interesting that on one hand some in the NFL are saying that Trump made it an issue of patriotism instead of a protest of racism and the NAACP says this is about police brutality and racism. I think it isn't that Trump's is the winning argument, but that the NAACP is the losing argument.

    Trump said, for all of America, that we are all Americans and you stand for the national anthem, that we all have all of our lives, except for those who now say America and all of our nation's history doesn't deserve that respect. And then the argument that all the absolutely proven to be justified shootings of criminals threatening violence and death to cops is an indication of how evil America is, etc., etc. The argument against America doesn't stand up, but the hate from rich football players who get to play a game for a living in this wonderful nation does come through. President Trump only said all Americans stand for the national anthem, the NFL SJWs did the rest.

  6. Trump has nailed his tweet to the NFL's front door, and it is blowing the NFL out the back door.

  7. "Let me tell you why BlackLivesMatter is our only hope, Mrs. Wilson."

    "But--but you're a bag boy loading my groceries!"

    "My conscience demands that you hear my protest before I can do my job."

    "Really? Well, my conscience demands I start shopping down the street. But I'm sorry you lost your starting position, Colin."

  8. Not sure who needs more reassuring about Don Trump's fragile ego, Donald Trump or his followers. Donald Trump is a stupid man's idea of a smart man, a poor man's idea of a rich man, and a weak man's idea of a strong man.

    1. How profound, I'm sure you think you're really incisive...yawn.

    2. f Trump let his ego run his life he would be as rich as you are..
      You are Rich??/ Right???/ Right???

    3. Yet somehow he defeated the "smartest woman in the world" and became president. He's also a billionaire. Damn! I wish I were that dumb.

    4. The only person I see here with a fragile ego is you.

    5. LOL! Really, thanks for the laugh, it's been pretty depressing for some time now, but you gave me a real belly-laugh!

      I do wish you Anonymous wankers would number yourselves, though. There are one or two who actually have something to contribute to the discussion, and it's hard to distinguish them from the ones like you, who are only good for an occasional laugh.

      But then- if wishes were horses, you'd be a horse's ass!

    6. I bet you practiced that little ditty in front of a mirror, while nude.

    7. So? We're still winning!

    8. Haha Trayne! Yes, and he was eating a Hot Pocket in the process. Whoops, he just clogged up the basement toilet again, and is now yelling at his mom to come fix it.

    9. Of you really mean what you say, why do you hide as anonymous? Either you put your name on your words or you're a moral coward and hide behind anonimity (sp?)?

  9. During all this flap, at one point I read that the NFL RULE-book has a specific protocol for this: players to stand, what hand to hold their helmet in, no lagging in the locker room, etc.

    The rules. What a concept.

    And if it WAS true that Kaepernick had said he'd stand if he got signed....... oh yeah, bribe the little sh*t. Not.

    Sorry, Charlie, you should'a thought of that before acting like a 3-year old.

    There are jobs available in the food service industry.

  10. Mr. Wilbon said on Monday’s show. “The players are here to serve me, and they will do what I want. No matter how much I pay them, they are not equal to me. That’s what this says to me and mine.”
    Lat employer I worked for, if I had done things my way instead of his way, well, I don't think I'd have been there more than five minutes. So I guess Mr Wilbon is right, it's called the golden rule, he who has the gold makes the rules.

    1. The fans have the gold. We're making the rules

    2. Wilbon seems to have selective amnesia, forgetting that his buddy Tony Kornheiser on PTI was suspended for two weeks by ESPN for having criticized Hannah Storm's inappropriate dress way back in 2010. So yeah, employees do not have absolute First Amendment rights and have to do what the boss says. Wilson is on the ESPN plantation, and he had better not forget that.


  11. Goodell and the league could have nipped this in the bud last year when Krapperdick started his little protest (Pete Rozelle would have) but Goodell is a SJW and he fumbled the ball last year and doubled down on his failure this year. Now the league is paying the price. As I have said many times, you can always get more players, but you can't get more fans.

  12. If you ever read one of my comments, Don, read this one:
    It doesn't matter what the protest was about. Citizenship is what is at stake. You can't hold the anthem hostage. If you do you are declaring yourself a man without a country. Doing that means that you have no right to protest as a citizen.

    1. Absolutely correct.

      Crapperdick has basically wiped his butt with the Flag while peeing on our National Anthem.

      He is no countryman of mine.

  13. REPORT: NFL Players Are Now 'Scared' To Take a Knee, 'People Have to Feed They Family' --

    Candace Owens rocks! The NFL is Anti American? --

  14. I hope the worthless owners fire their equally worthless commissioner.

    The NFL may have surrendered, but I still ain't watching.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Sun to the tune of Bob Bob Bob, Bob Boboran.

    Rub rub rub, rub rub it in!
    Rub rub rub, rub rub it in!
    Oh, rub it in! You Surber man!
    You got me rockin' and rollin'
    rockin' and a reelin' Surber man!

  17. "Yup.

    I called it."

    Big deal. So did everyone else. You're endless clippings leading to your sales pitch borders on disposable as it is - don't bother trying to toot your own horn.

    1. So did everyone else? Bullshit. The owners made their bets and when the wheel was spun they lost their chips. Trump proved he could mobilize the silent majority. That's what really has the establishment types scared.

    2. spoken like a true loser!

    3. OK, which of you is the REAL Anonymous?

  18. "The league is now damned if the players kneel, and damned if the do. League officials live in a special hell they created."

    And this is where conservatives begin the Long Counter-March back through the institutions.

  19. I bet Googell's firing will be the half time show at the next superbowel

  20. Issue a statement saying that protesting while in pads will be treated like common trespass and the offender will be arrested and taken to jail. Players have no right to demonstrate while on the field. It is stealing time the fans paid for They aren't social justice warriors, they are common thieves.

  21. Not so fast my friends we shall see who keeps kneeling, and what will happen next the democrats are mad as hell, espn will be the next group to respect the Flag. That is all

  22. I can't wait for the players to strike. Goodbye NFL. Pass the popcorn!

  23. Pro-football recruiters will be looking for different things in future, I would guess. Think about that - a team that screens for apolitical players. Don't buy trouble. Whatever happened to the guy who recruited Kapernick?

    Trump did not simply change the present dynamic - he changed the future one as well.

    And to the bitter pill Anon at 7:13 above, you give all us Anonymouses a bad name. I may have to go for "Incognito" if you keep this up.

  24. "No matter how much I pay them, they are not equal to me."

    No, jackass, BECAUSE of how much owners pay semi-literates to play football they get to tell the players how to behave when representing the team. It takes a special brand of stupid to not get that.

  25. What Trump has exposed is not just the divide between the players and the fans, but the more serious fracture between the black players and the white owners. The friction is real, even if not truly justified. Trump has opened a chasm as wide as the Grand Canyon, and there is very little the League can do to return to the days before C Kaepernick. The League is fatally splintered between players and owners, as outsiders goad each side into taking self-defeating actions that only exacerbate the disagreements. Somebody jumped into the briar patch and is going to suffer a world of hurt.

  26. Not to pick nits but.... OK, I'll pick nits.

    "Coyote ugly" is not about being "trapped" per se, and "gnawing off your leg"... it's waking up in the morning in bed with her (asleep), and you gnaw off your arm (that she is asleep on) to get out without waking her up.

    A minor semantic, but you need that visual for the concept to make sense.

    Carry on....

  27. It's rich to see talentless, affirmative action incompetent boring wind bag Michael Wilbon use the term "plantation."