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Monday, October 09, 2017

Unhappy Indigenous People Day

Today marks the celebration of the 525th anniversary of Christopher Columbus and his party landing in the Western hemisphere. They brought sugar plants and gunpowder to the new world.

Revisionists and other Marxists want to celebrate today as Indigenous People Day.

Well, OK if you wish to go back to the Stone Age.

The most advanced culture in Pre-Columbian America were the Aztecs. They practiced human sacrifice, and waged wars just to get humans to sacrifice to their pagan gods.

The reason Hernán Cortés was able to conquer a few million Aztecs with 630 men was largely due to those blood sacrifices.

Every neighbor of the Aztecs hated them and readily allied with Cortés. No matter how bad the Spanish may have treated the indigenous people, the treated them better than the Aztecs had.

Oh and the Aztecs had slavery too. They engaged in gladiator duels to the death.

And they flayed the skin off people. Basically they were run by real life Hannibal Lectors from "Silence of the Lambs."

You see, boys and girls, what they don't teach you in school is that empires are built by emperors, and emperor is a synonym for dictator. Pretty much, the Aztecs were the Nazis of the new world.

To be sure, the Europeans brought disease with them.

But that was not intentional.

The Europeans also brought with them written language. While revisionists like to talk about the great oral tradition of the Indians, having to memorize one's history instead of reading old accounts of the battles and deeds of men is a hindrance to a society if it is going to learn from past mistakes.

The Aztecs and Incas used hieroglyphics, but most tribes did not. The lack of a written language also hindered commerce, and made it difficult to have a code of law.

The Indians were a scattered people of warring tribes. The use of the wheel for transportation was a foreign notion to some. They did not distill whiskey or brew beer. While today's elitists proclaim them noble savages, the fact was they were a primitive people.

The question for the descendants of the Pre-Columbian people today is: Are you better off now than your ancestors were 525 years ago?

I think we can all agree on that answer.

Happy Columbus Day.


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  1. My question is: Why do I not get the day off with pay?
    - Elric

  2. The reason that Rodney King was beat up is because his parents didnt beat him for correction, they spoiled, or neglected him. same with culture if ur culture is spoiled, leaders abused the people that work dusk till dawn by leaders who had no direction someone is going to correct that bad behavior in aztec case corte.z they and us should understand its good to be corected

    1. Come to LA, where we treat you like a King.

  3. Now, DON, you're harshing the lefties' mellow!

    And their mellow is in severe NEED of being harshed.

  4. there are several 100 million chinese alive today due to the introduction of maize and sweet potatoes to China after Columbus

  5. I think the Aztec civilization, if you want to call it that, was headed for a replay of the Mayan decline in that eventually the economic demands of the ruling elites was going to exceed the ability of the people to support it.

    It's funny in a sick sort of way how libs give lip service to ideas like sustainability all the while practicing the same sort of economic domination backed up by use of force that is little different from how it was done by primitive civilizations that are now ruins in sparsely populated areas like Belize.

    1. Or possibly the acquiescence of the people to support it. - Elric

  6. The natives also had plenty of diseases. Granted, most of theirs were STDs, but their spread through Europe had a lasting impact.
    There was a transfer of good things, there was a transfer of bad things. The natives did not have horses, mules donkeys or any other draft animal. The Horse reshaped their geopolitical landscape as warriors mounted up for battle rather than walking to the fight.
    Had America not been rediscovered by Columbus, what wold it look like today? They would likely still be hunter gatherers feuding with neighboring tribes, with out a written language or industry.

    1. We gave them measles and TB, they gave us syphilis.

      Sounds about even.

  7. Now Don you're destroying the narrative of the noble savage. How dare you harsh their mellow with facts. - GOC

  8. The Mayan Empire was very well depicted in Mel Gibson's excellent film "Apocalypto" (2006.)

    Anyone that hasn't seen it is really missing out. I'd call it one of the best films of my lifetime, but it isn't for the fainthearted.

    I'll also always be in love with Jaguar Paws' wife Seven. What a wonderfully strong, brave & beautiful woman!

  9. the most important thing brought to America was the horse.

    1. Yep. Just ask any Comanche. - Elric

  10. Having a smattering of Cherokee blood, and having studied some unfiltered history, I know the Cherokees and Senecas would RUN 500 miles up and down the Warrior's Path to rape, pillage, murder, and take slaves.

    And they were known as 2 of the 5 "civilized tribes"!