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Friday, October 20, 2017

Trump, doing the job Dubya promised to do

George Walker Bush promised in 2006 to build a barrier to Mexico. He called it "an important step toward immigration reform."

But after signing the bill into law on October 26, 2006, but Bush 43 never got around to building it.

President Trump is building it.

Instead of a secure fence, Trump is building a wall.

Bush made a pretty good promise 11 years ago:
Comprehensive Immigration Reform Requires That We Enforce Our Immigration Laws Inside America. It is against the law to knowingly hire illegal workers, so the Administration has stepped up worksite enforcement. Many businesses want to obey the law, but cannot verify the legal status of their employees because of the widespread problem of document fraud, so the President has also called on Congress to create a better system for verifying documents and work eligibility.
Comprehensive Immigration Reform Requires That We Reduce The Pressure On Our Border By Creating A Lawful Path For Foreign Workers To Enter Our Country On A Temporary Basis. A temporary worker program would meet the needs of our economy, reduce the appeal of human smugglers, make it less likely that people would risk their lives to cross the border, and ease the financial burden on State and local governments by replacing illegal workers with lawful taxpayers.
Above all, a temporary worker program would add to our security by making certain we know who is in our country and why they are here.
Comprehensive Immigration Reform Requires That We Face The Reality That Millions Of Illegal Immigrants Are Here Already. The President opposes amnesty but believes there is a rational middle ground between granting an automatic path to citizenship for every illegal immigrant and a program of mass deportation. Illegal immigrants who have roots in our country and want to stay should have to pay a meaningful penalty for breaking the law, pay their taxes, learn English, work in a job for a number of years, and wait in line behind those who played by the rules and followed the law.
Comprehensive Immigration Reform Requires That We Honor The Great American Tradition Of The Melting Pot. Americans are bound together by our shared ideals, an appreciation of our history, respect for the flag we fly, and an ability to speak and write the English language. When immigrants assimilate and advance in our society, they realize their dreams, renew our spirit, and add to the unity of America.
Pretty good talk. Well-written. No misspelled words.


That's all.

I get that Bush 43 had a couple of wars going on, and a Congress that was almost as useless as a screen door on a submarine.

But Trump has the same problems, plus more hurricanes, a fire, and tax reform on his plate as well as repealing Obamacare.

Not only is Trump finding time to fulfill his promises, he is also finishing the job that Bush never finished.

And he can take on the NFL, a lying congresswoman, and the Fake News press as well.

From Fox News:
As workers nearly complete the first prototypes of President Trump’s border wall, next week the Department of Homeland Security will begin testing which designs best deter and prevent illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.
U.S. Customs and Border Protection awarded eight contracts to six companies to build the prototypes. Four are made of reinforced concrete, the others involve alternate materials, mostly steel.
Each model is 18 to 30 feet high and 30 feet long. Contractors have until Oct. 26 to complete their design before testing begins. All of the construction is taking place a few miles east of San Diego.
Testing will include how long it takes to scale the barrier, or breach it using a concrete saw or jackhammer. Do the designs contain sensors? If so, can the prototype alert agents when someone is trying to breach, scale or dig beneath the wall?
Why is that important? Border patrol agents say a fence, wall or barrier – call it what you want – only buys time. Every wall can be breached. Agents need appropriate roads to reach any area along the border in a matter of minutes to interdict or apprehend an individual.
The question for evaluators will be: one, what design works best for the money and, secondly, where is it to be located? What works in the desert, say solid precast concrete, will not work in canyons where there is flash flooding. In that terrain, a design utilizing steel bollards may work best.
I used to miss George Walker Bush as president.

Sometime last year, when I realized Trump would win, I stopped missing Bush. Good man, but like Obama he did not get a whole lot done that was positive.

At least as measured against President Trump.


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  1. GW is a family man and a Texan. Texas is awash with illegals who keep labor costs low. His nephew is 50% Mexican. What can he say and still be a Texan and live with his family? Not much. Besides Trump showed him little respect in public then sent his little brother home with a bloody nose. It's all personal. Which shows his priorities. Nothing said about the hate filled incompetent who tried to destroy his achievements in Iraq out of pure spite and his economy at home solely to fund his soul wrecking ideology, no Support for the guy who restored both, and with them his own rep as well. He may be the Don of his family now but he cannot say "It's not personal" to DT or the country he served.

    1. Texas is awash with illegals who keep labor costs low. His nephew is 50% Mexican.

      His nephew, George P, is not the son of an illegal Mexican.

    2. So what.
      W is just another globalist, NWO traitor to the US.
      Politics stops at the water's edge? You gotta be kidding me.

    3. I agree with you.

      I heard Dubya and Obama are now taking swipes at President Trump without mentioning him by name.

  2. I stand ASHAMED of my votes for the Vile Globalist Bush.
    If only I knew then what I know now...

  3. W had a hostile Congress; T has a recalcitrant Congress.

  4. At least we got him out of the governor's mansion.

  5. How wealthy did the Bush family, their relatives and friends, get "serving" the country?

  6. John Kennedy
    Lyndon Johnson
    Richard Nixon
    Gerald Ford
    Jimmy Carter
    George Bush
    Bill Clinton
    George W. Bush
    Barack Obama

    Partially mediocrity. Partially inept, opportunistic people trying to oversee a government bureaucracy too big for any one person to govern, so they all allowed to government and the country's debt to get larger and larger. Only Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump tried to stem the tide.

    It is due to the strength of the American people that the county has been able to survive the past 67 years. And it is testament to the citizens of the country that when given an alternative in 2016, a good portion of the population went full-scale rejection of the government.

    1. A little more than three years from now, here's how I expect to rate your list:

      1) Mr. T
      2) Ronaldus
      3) Nixon
      4) Dubya
      5) JFK
      6) Clinton
      7) Ford
      8) LBJ
      9) HW
      10) Jimmah
      11) The Black Jesus

  7. On Tucker Carlson last night, he noted a recent study that showed that 1 in 5.5 people living in America are immigrants. Legal and illegal.

    This is nuts.

    How can that be when the country is supposed to let in something like 2 million legal residents a year?

    In turn, the overwhelming majority of those people vote for bigger government and more and more "free" stuff.

  8. We are seeing the difference between our nation when we had politicians as Presidents and when we have businessmen as politicians. The two Presidents we all admire, Reagan and Trump came from outside the swamp to govern the nation they sincerely loved. They approach things with a different point of view (what is right vs what is expedient) and they are not beholden to anyone. Big difference. Unfortunately, Reagan trusted the democrats to enforce the 1986 Immigration law which they promptly threw into the ashcan. I don't believe that President Trump will make that mistake.

  9. I too regret supporting W. Thinking back, I think I was a bit of a butthead toward Pat Buchanan. He would have been better than old "read my lips" and if we had avoided the first Bush presidency, the last one wouldn't have made it to conception.

    One good thing about all this is that people will have their eye out for globalist shills on the right in the future. If we hadn't had the Bushes it wouldn't be so crystal clear. They'll have to use smoke and mirrors like crazy in the future to fool us.

  10. The 2006 mid terms were a blood bath for republicans. Everybody said it was the Iraq War! The Iraq War! But 2006 was when amnesty was almost passed by the Gang of 8 and Jorge Booosh supporting them all the way.

    As I already stated, the 2006 mid terms were a blood bath for republicans when they almost got amnesty passed.

  11. Potential Supreme Court Justice Harriet Meiers and the proposed sale of our port security to Dubai were two of the tip offs to George W. But the final straw was TARP.

    His foray into the M.E. may have been barely managed by him, and lost by Obama, but he is still partially accountable for the refugee crisis as he started the game Obama lost - you know the one - where is the worst spot in the Middle East? Bush said "Iraq" and Obama said "Hold my beer" and made a laughingstock treaty with Iran, ran guns in Libya, and started a proxy war with Russia in Syria. Not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood fiasco in Egypt. It created the needed excuse to export muslims into Europe under the guise of humanitarianism. What is more humane than not starting wars everywhere?

    I say all this with hindsight. I voted for W. twice. And he's the reason I don't trust the GOP at all. If anyone asks why Trump - I usually spell it out for them. B. U. S. H.

    I'm sick of politicians who sell us out. Let's go for the businessman - if he does sell us out, at least he'll get a better price.

  12. Bush never spoke out about Obama and his transgressions but already has put on a suit and tie and made a speech, against a fellow republican. How so? Why?