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Friday, October 13, 2017

Prosecutors say Sen. Menendez, D-NJ, used underage hookers

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez is on trial for taking bribes from a Florida eye doctor, who committed $105 million in Medicare fraud.

Among the payoffs to Menendez were trips to the Dominican Republic, where he may have slept with underage hookers, federal prosecutors said.

I am not saying he is guilty, but he is a supporter of Hillary -- just as perverts like Bil Clinton, Harvey Weinstein, and Tony Weiner are.

From the New York Daily News:
Federal prosecutors said Monday that they aren’t convinced claims U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez cavorted with underage hookers – widely seen as discredited – are false.
Lawyers for the New Jersey Democrat last week asked a federal judge to dismiss charges that the senator took bribes from a Florida eye doctor, Salomon Melgen, and in exchange used his power to do business and personal favors for him.
The defense said the case is bogus because it sprang from "easily disprovable" claims that Menendez slept with underage prostitutes while hosted by Melgen at a Dominican Republic villa.
Three women who made the prostitution allegations later recanted and said they were paid to level the charges. Neither Melgen nor Menendez was charged with soliciting underage prostitutes.
But in a motion Monday asking the judge to ignore the defense arguments, Justice Department lawyers say the hooker allegations "were not so easily disprovable as the defendants suggest."
The feds did not charge Menendez with underage sex trafficking overseas.

Federal prosecutors have a spotty record in these political cases. They lied to get Ted Stevens convicted, which the presiding judge tossed.


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  1. Yeah, Big D, and I just got done listening to Roseanna (Arquette) by Toto, and I'm infuriated. All of a sudden, that song stinks of Harvey and Menendez and fresh dog crap. The Demmies better clean up their, uh, stable. Quickly.

  2. The prosecution of Ted Stevens knocked him out of the Senate race in spite of being bogus.

    1. Which was it's purpose. Same thing with the charges against Rick Perry last year, Tom DeLay, etc.

  3. Maybe he flew to Sex Slave Island with Willie.

  4. LOVE your blog, just finished Trump the Press (amazing), and am starting Trump the Establishment today (so excited!). However, "underage hooker" is euphemistic and obscures the depth of depravity going on here. These were not liberated youth selling their bodies to adult men on their own volition, making money for themselves. "Child sex slave" or "minor sex slave" would be more accurate. Thanks for all of your work and looking forward to your third Trump book!

    1. Note: I realize you were using the language used by the prosecutors and press, but I thought it was worth a comment regardless.

    2. Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed the book. It was fun to write. I would gladly relive 2016

  5. To be clear, Stevens was convicted at trial. The verdict was only overturned during the sentencing phase.