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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Poll: Trump 46%, Media 37%

Fake News is not destroying The Donald. Instead, like Frankenstein's monster, Fake News is destroying the credibility of the media that distributes this garbage.

Oh, and I have plenty of examples of Fake News, folks.

Pollsters at Morning Consult asked 1,991 voters: "Based on what you know, do you believe the nation's major news organizations fabricate news stories about President Trump and his administration, or not?"

46% said they lie.

37% said they do not.

So much for CNN's Jim Acosta's whingeing tweet that we are not Fake News, Mister President.

Oh yes, they are.

Not everything from the media is Fake News -- but too much is.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner gave 33 examples of Fake News on February 24. That was just in the first five weeks of the reporters covering President Trump's presidency.

Some examples:
■ Politico reported that a company overseen by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin had foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman due to a 27-cent payment error. The Competitive Enterprise Institute determined that there was no foreclosure and a different company was involved.
■ CNN reported that Nancy Sinatra was “not happy” that Trump used “My Way” at the inaugural. She reacted, “Why do you lie, CNN?”
■ A Time reporter tweeted that Trump removed the Martin Luther King Jr. bust from Oval office. The reporter soon corrected the tweet.
■ Several outlets reported that a firing bloodbath was taking place inside the top ranks of State. Most who left were Obama political hires who work at the pleasure of the president.
■ His immigration order was hit for not targeting terror-sponsoring nations where Trump had business interests, denied by the White House. The countries were the same targeted by former President Obama.
■ CNN tweeted that Sean Spicer received from staffers several Super Soakers after Melissa McCarthy’s impression of him on Saturday Night Live. Spicer called it “fake news” and untrue.
■ Crowd size reports of a February anti-Trump protest in London ranged from 300,000 to 2,000. The Hill started at "hundreds of thousands" and the final story update was 7,000.
Granted those are not examples of Fake News from anonymous sources, but does anyone really believe Rex Tillerson thinks Trump is a moron?

Does anyone believe Rex Tillerson would give up his dream job as Exxon CEO to go work for a moron?

Does anyone believe Rex Tillerson would continue to work for a moron?

NBC thinks so.

It cited anonymous sources.

NBC did not report the Harvey Weinstein sexual predation story despite police reports, victims going on the record, and a legal tape recording of Weinstein admitting he groped a woman.

But when it comes to President Trump, NBC has no standards. It leaps on any and all rumors.

The poll found 46% believe the media lies about Trump ("fabricate stories about President Trump and his administration") while only 37% believe the media does not lie.

Trump is up 9 points on this.

Among men, he's up 16. Among women, 4.

Among  Republicans, he's up 65. Among independents, 13. Among Democrats he's down 45.

Among those without a college degree, he's up 14. Among college graduates, 1.

He gets the white vote by 17, the Christian vote by 21, and the 65 and up vote by 19.

The White House press corps fancies itself as the Opposition Party, there not to inform but to harass the president (or as they say, "hold him accountable.")

President Trump is beating them. Just like he did Rosie O'Donnell, Hillary, and the NFL.


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  1. Remind me again, was it Putin or Comey that Clinton now claims hacked her sleep-music MP3 into a sleep-learning device?

    "Don't campaign in Wisconsin ... don't campaign in Wisconsin ..."

  2. In latest news: Saudi Arabia to vet and verify authenticity of Hadiths to counter extremism. Another example of the Trump effect? In my view, quite likely.

  3. And yet you still hear Democrats repeat weird/fake stories with total conviction. Yesterday I was angrily told how Trump has never paid a single cent in income tax ever and the reason why, according to Trump, I was told, is that Trump said he was just so much smarter than every other person in the world -- and then there was a rant about Trump thinking his bowel movements didn't stink.

  4. "the 65 and up vote by 19"

    That one's the killer. Those people make sure they vote.

  5. President Trump has exposed just about everything in America. The media, pro sports, activist judges, as well as terrible talent-challenged TV and movie comedians, actors and actresses. Throw in bought off politicians that have no intention of doing what is best for the citizens of the country, while allowing the worst government corruption in the history of the Republic. Much of which they are a party to, and beneficiary of.

    The daily news is a cesspool of he said / she said.

    In the middle of all the chaos as millions of Americans decide how other people should act, but not them, President Trump is pushing everything back to the Constitution and the rule of law. Every. Single. Day. While the all-knowing pundits are missing it.

  6. Ah, the GLORIOUS Enemedia Revolution! Doing their worst to ensure the reelection of President Trump!

  7. I wonder why the White House press corps did not hold Obungler accountable? - GOC

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