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Friday, October 20, 2017

NFL ratings fell again last night

The flip side of the Beatles "Help" single was "I'm Down."

Ah, what a clever segue into the ratings of last night's NFL game on CBS.

The ratings fell 7% from the previous week, which were down 5% from the week before that, which are lower than last year's ratings, which were lower than 2015 -- or 1 B.C.

B.C., as in Before Colin Kaepernick Took a Knee.
How can you laugh when you know I'm down?
(How can you laugh) when you know I'm down?
It's pretty easy to laugh.

The NFL defied the president, dishonored the flag, and disconnected with a large segment of its fan base.

And President Trump just doubled down on the NFL.

From Reuters:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- President Donald Trump has stepped up the pressure on the National Football League over protests by its players during the national anthem by launching a petition and asking his supporters to show their patriotism by backing it.
That's a pretty good suggestion.

From ESPN:
Through the first six weeks of the NFL season, total viewership of games is down 7.5 percent, compared with the first six weeks of 2016.
An average of 15 million people watched games for the first six weeks this year, compared with 16.2 million people through Week 6 last season, according to metrics from Nielsen.
The game won the night. No question.

But the history of television is one of killing a sport.

Wrestling and boxing were big hits in the 1950s, but killed by over-exposure in the 1960s.

To be sure, heavyweight championships and the WWE do well. But not as well as in the past.

In their case, it was overexposure.

In the case of the NFL, it is politics.

And it is hurting the networks, as ESPN pointed out, "In the past week, Credit Suisse lowered its price targets on both Fox and CBS stock, citing NFL ratings declines."

From CBS: "For most of the 2016 season, the NFL largely blamed the U.S. presidential election for a decline in TV ratings. But with the league’s numbers down another 7.5 percent so far in 2017, amid a growing backlash to players’ national anthem protests, the owners are finally taking the ratings decline seriously."

All this because the little social justice warriors who run the NFL -- Goodell gets $44 million a year -- virtue signaled and politicized the game.

Meanwhile, here's the Beatles singing "I'm Down" at Shea Stadium.


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  1. The NFL is in far more dire straits then anyone is talking about.....

    Most NFL stadiums are sold out. The tickets are expensive. And many had to buy 'Personalized Seat Licenses' which cost thousands of dollars. Yet those fans aren't even showing up. They may eat the money this year (no one to sell their tickets to), but good luck getting them to buy at those prices in 2018.

    Add on what will be a national drive to no longer have taxpayers fund new NFL stadiums as well as an investigation as to why anti-trust laws do not apply to the NFL and why they pay no taxes; NFL TV advertisers wanting give-backs as their ads are not being seen; data coming out today for both Fox and CBS TV showing that lower NFL ratings are hurting their bottom line - with brokerage firms now listing their stocks as 'Sells'; and millennials not exhibiting the passion (and spending the dollars) for all professional sports either on TV or in person.

    This is as historic as in the early 1950's when Boxing - the #2 sport in America behind MLB - began to dissolve due to a series of incidents regarding organized crime and fixed fights. The sports popularity slowly went downhill for 10 years until Bennie Peret died after a nationally televised fight, and Boxing officially became a niche sport. That is what is going to happen to the NFL.

    - Ken

    1. There is a "cultural thing" very much in play here. As you have said other sports have fallen out of favor for one reason or another, and that's all very true. But something different is happening here!

      For a couple decades or more now the political left has been doing it's darndest to divide Americans race, ethnicity, even gender now, so they can pit us against each other for a filthy bowl of oatmeal! Meanwhile they are ensuring that they can remain in power virtually forever! Obama was the supreme leader of this racial movement during his eight years. He alone managed to set race relations in America back at least 100 years, and almost guaranteed a race war in our future!

      The NFL player roster is about 75% black now. So much for diversity!

      If you listen to any of those players speaking on camera you are immediately struck by the lack of education of most of them. If you asked all of them to write a paragraph stating simply what they are protesting....and what they wish to see happen as a result of the protest, I doubt more than a handful of them could do so. I doubt that most of them really understand how they are rapidly destroying the fan base that they need in order to ensure their multi-million dollar salaries for the future.

      So we have reached the sad place where Black Lives Matter has taken over about the largest sports enterprise in the world....and the billionaires who own it all lack the balls to take control of their business empire back from the thugs who are holding them hostage.

      I don't know whom I disrespect more...the ignorant players....or the spineless owners, neither who are smart enough to give a damn about the folks who pay all their bills, the American people!

      Sorry you sore losers but the American people are the ONLY ones who get to vote on this issue!

      You guys lose.....big!


    2. The other great question that needs answered is who cares what they think? They are entertainers, and just like the Hollyweirdo's, I really do not care what they imagine that they are thinking.

  2. Think about all those stadium hot dogs going to waste. The horror! - Elric

  3. You have to wonder how much longer pro football and basketball can hang on. Over the next decade or two I see them both becoming niche sports like track and field. Neither pro league mirrors America any more: the players are mostly black and the fans are mostly white. Even at the college and high school level, White kids are abandoning both sports (for different reasons, including physiological ones). As those participation rates decline, a loss of interest in the pro sports will inevitably follow. Just as the WNBA will not save the NBA and professional basketball, expansion of the NFL and American style football abroad will not save the NFL. Both of them are goners.

    1. From: ..."The Regrettable Marriage of the NFL and Left-Wing Identity Politics
      By William Sullivan".....

      ....." There is nothing which “binds us together as a nation” as profoundly as the American flag. From the advocates of FDR’s “great liberal-democratic We” to the advocates of Reagan’s “great conservative-patriotic Us,” there is a general agreement among left and right about the sanctity of the flag. The only ones thumbing their noses at it are radical SJWs who seek to marginalize it as a symbol of villainy. And the NFL is now in league with them in doing so............The flag is who we are. And the Anthem is one treasured moment where we get to stand and express that, in spite of our different skin colors and creeds and politics, we share a common bond as countrymen. Given that no other sport would have been more deserving of the title “America’s sport” than football, for the NFL to enact policies to ensure that its players respect the American flag and the Anthem should not have been a difficult decision."......

      But the league has decided to join the players in promoting the evil left's agenda!

      The League and whining players are gonna lose really big.


  4. As noted in an article Elric provided a link to last week, the advertising bonanza networks reap for NFL games provides the money to subsidize their news divisions. That revenue is just beginning to shrink, meaning budget cuts are just beginning (Disney started major layoffs last week). Next up - news divisions and late night "comedy" programs that in fact do not make money.

    President Trump has been dealing with media all his adult life. NYC is the financial center of all media (and entertainment) companies. He knows how the money works. By continuously banging on the NFL (today's cartoon has Rodger Godell at the podium wearing a pink pussy hat and waving a white flag), President Trump is not only going after the NFL not enforcing its own guidelines, he is putting financial pressure on the companies whose news divisions are attacking him.

    The big picture is this.....

    There are 4 political parties in the US - 1) Establishment Dems, 2) Establishment Republicans, 3) Populist Capitalists taking over the Republican party, and 4) Socialist Democrats taking over the Democratic party. The past few days we see McCain, W and Obama trying to hold the fort for the establishment Dems and Republicans. Won't work. American citizens are rejecting them. The 4 parties are being downsized into 2. Same with the media and entertainment sectors - America can live fine without them. TV, MSM, Movies are all imploding - technology gives us new alternatives. Those riding the gravy train mixing partisan politics with entertainment and news have limited time - and they know it. The jobs are shrinking. We are witness to desperate people trying to get as many paychecks as they can before they are pushed out into the real world where they actually have to produce something....for a fraction of what they are now being paid.

    The world continues to change. Those crying the loudest are the ones being squeezed the hardest.

    - Ken

    1. They do not subsidize their news organizations. They are cash cows just like newspapers once were. 60 Minutes is a moneymaker. Costs less than a half-hour sitcom would. Why do you think it has been on prime time for nearly 50 years? If news did not make money, it would not be shown.

      People are confused because for a while when it debuted, NBC aired Huntley-Brinkley without commercials. But within a few years, it was the most profitable show on TV.

    2. I've been wondering at the outset what was the point of Trump attacking the NFL (he's going after the kneelers, but his target IS the NFL because his rhetoric inflamed the 'resistance' to make it harder to control). At first I thought it was a "look squirrel" as these teapot tempests frequently are to divert from policy achievements or failures, as needed.

      But this has lingered - and has created a groundswell that extends far beyond the 48 hour brouhaha time limit. The idea that the real reason is to undercut the hostile media makes a great deal more sense to me, and I have had that same suspicion also.

      President Trump doesn't take a dump without a plan. (Apologies to Tom Clancy for that appropriation)

    3. To me, Trump saw a major opportunity to get in the corner with the American flag. Always a political winner, unless you're a hard lefty; they seem to hate the country so maybe that would hurt a bernie sanders IDK.... It's an easy political win for him, and I am sure he probably loves the country actually for real.

    4. Don;

      60 Minutes may have made lots of money in its heyday (Johnny Carson made huge profits for NBC - most late-night talk shows today are lucky to show a profit....with little overhead). But from what I've read and what people in the industry tell me, national evening newscasts and most News Division departments are not breaking even. And that is with their budgets cut back to where domestic and foreign bureaus have been cut to the bone; and like cable news, most "reporters" work out of their desks and at meetings in restaurants.

      Again, I refer you to Sheryl Atkkinsson's recent book - 'The Smear'.

      - Ken

    5. And Don;

      Almost all media companies bought up recently are not because they are profitable, but because they can be used to help build the owners other businesses. President Trump has said that Jeff Bezo's uses WaPo to help his Amazon business with Congress. No doubt. Even with new Internet subscriptions WaPo and NYT might be turning a bit of a profit at best (NYT has been bragging abut their increased subscriptions the past year, yet they have had a number of rounds of layoffs). For heavens sake, the Boston Globe and Chicago Tribune companies were sold recently. How could they not make money in those markets?

      The only way major media companies specializing in news are showing profits, is by setting up a national distribution network, and depending on lots of small profits from most affiliates to show a large profit to the corporation (as Wal Mart does - its individual store ROI are so small, that an independent businessperson would not bother with it).

      It is not the 50's, 60's and 70's anymore. I get news via the Internet literally instantaneously. I don't have a TV, and could care less about watching a half-hour newscast at night. They are outdated. Their ratings have contiguously gone down for over 25 years now.

      - Ken

    6. Last;

      If news did not make money, it would not be shown.

      So called public affairs programming is part of meeting the requirements of an FCC license.

    7. Anon at 3:34, Clancy died Oct. 1, 2013.

    8. Don,

      As what can be called an "industry insider" with 40 years in the industry I have to agree with Anonymous 4:54PM on this one.

      The broadcast television networks are no longer a cash cow and no longer has the influence they once had.

  5. What a pity, it looks like all those felons will lose their million-dollar jobs. Some will probably go back to jail. Oh, I'm so bothered, yawn.

    On to more important matters: Wow, did you see those long-haired freaks at Shea Stadium? Why, they had hair down over their ears!! OMG! Just look at that crowd of debauched teenagers! Some of them were wearing their knickerbockers below the knee!

    Oh, how times have changed.

  6. The NFL owners think they can ride out this storm and go back to business as usual in a few months.

  7. Hoping our Commander in Chief directs that the DOD will cease all Military affiliations with pregame ceremonies. No more Fly-Overs, Color Guards, etc. NFL and other for profit Sports have been getting a good deal.

    1. Crap, DC, I never thought about that. Where's the petition?

    2. I was thinking about that earlier today. Two weeks ago the Mildcats got a fly over here in Manhattan. I hope that goes away even though I do love watching them perform. Neither the NFL nor NCAA deserve good treatment from the Military.
      Before any one jumps on me, remember, the NFL gets their blood from the social justice institutions. The protesters of 2015 in Mizzu are now the rookies of the NFL.

  8. The Beatles' "Money" was a cover of an original recording by Barrett Strong, the B-side of which was "Oh I Apologize".

    Maybe the numbnuts at the NFL will get the point before they lose all their fans.

  9. I find it amusing that all the smart media types in DC and NY are FINALLY coming around to admitting reality - that the protests have damaged the NFL brand. We rubes and deplorables pointed it out a full year ago, and the smart people said we were crazy LOL.

  10. Ah, screw the NFL. What the hell is Paul singing in that second verse? To me it sounds like "Shame song sing olla doss onna way" Toss me a bone here, Surberites!

  11. “Man buys ring, woman throws it away...

    ‘Same ‘ol thing happenin’ every day...’

  12. I'm thinking the NFL is in for a long term decline. Even if the players and goodell removed head from rear tomorrow, the damage this has done is lasting. Ask MLB how long they took on water after the strike, what was it, 15 years ago?

    1. agree. And the radical head of the NFLPA is already hinting at labor troubles when the next contract is negotiated. Looking for guaranteed wages and bigger piece of the pie from the greedy owners.

  13. Rockers of the British Invasion era were incredibly prescient about Roger Goodell, 30-plus years before he was given a multi-million dollar job where he could destroy the biggest sports league in America. "Nowhere Man," "I'm A Loser," "The Fool On The Hill" were penned by Lennon-McCartney regarding Goodell, and the Hollies wrote about him in "King Midas In Reverse." Of course, they could've been writing about Obama as well, but still..........

  14. I was reminded today that we hardly ever here the original statement on why they are kneeling.

    "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."
    Published: Aug. 27, 2016 at 10:04 a.m at

    So how is the kneeling not a slight against veterans who by definition fought for that country he says oppresses? And let's not forget the clear implication against police calling them murderers.