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Sunday, October 01, 2017

How Trump beat the NFL

The biggest story of the weekend is from Canton, Ohio, where suddenly -- spontaneously -- for no apparent reason but plain patriotism, the Pro Football Hall of Fame sprouted 800 American flags.

From the Canton Repository:
About 800 American flags line the Pro Football Hall of Fame campus this weekend, serving as a physical reminder of the organization’s commitment to uniting the country.
Hall officials on Friday announced they have launched a #HuddleUpAmerica campaign that will run at least three years until the NFL’s centennial celebration in Canton in September 2020. The campaign will give Americans an opportunity to have conversations about topics that are important to them and will include programming at the Hall’s campus that promotes character development of football players.
The campaign has been in the works for a year, but Hall President and CEO David Baker said now was the right time to unveil it, considering recent controversy regarding the flag and free speech, and the sense some people have that “everybody has a voice but nobody’s listening.”
“How can we bring people together, get in the huddle and start listening to each other?” he said.
Hahaha. Losers. There's no controversy about the flag or free speech. I love them both. Diss one or the other, and you have an instant enemy.

We heard the NFL last weekend when professional football showed its true colors -- and they are not red, white, and blue.

No one wants to huddle up or cuddle up with unpatriotic losers. The NFL blew it by not standing for Old Glory. The disrespect came with a price. Pay it.

Andrew Malcolm of McClatchy News is a good guy who asked in a column last week, "Why did Trump tackle the NFL?" The results speak for themselves, and answer Malcolm's question.

From Malcolm:
Watch out! Now, the market is responding. NFL ratings are down as many escape the escapist entertainment. NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” is off 7 percent this year, ESPN’s Monday night down 5 percent, Fox down 11 percent, CBS 19 percent.
That’s a powerful protest against protests because those TV networks have contracted to pay the league about $40 billion between 2014 and 2022, more than $5 billion this year alone. They count on growing audiences.
Earlier this month late-night host Stephen Colbert emceed the annual Emmy Awards. To the delight of his L.A. audience, the show to celebrate TV entertainment turned into a long Trump-bashing fest.
We now know the invisible TV audience exercised its own right of free speech, clicking remotes away from the political protests. The program tied for lowest ratings in its history. That’s probably just coincidence, don’t you think?
Now you know why Trump took on the NFL. Because he knew he could win. He does not fight unless he knows he can win.

President Trump wanted to win this fight. Bigly. He loves the American flag. He was born on Flag Day. He spent oodles fighting Palm Beach to wave a huge flag above Mar-a-Lago.

President Trump is a sports fan. No doubt the Colin Kaepernick kneeling bugged him. Trump could not attend to it last year because he was too busy running for president.

Fighting the kneeling was difficult because Kaepernick was protesting police shootings of black suspects. No one is for that. That's a bad thing.

But the flag protests were ugly. Kaepernick was on the one hand asserting his rights as an American while denouncing America.

On September 22 in a speech Alabama and the next day on Twitter, Trump changed that by making the protest about Trump.

That seems egotistic. Maybe it was. But it also was effective.

Suddenly a noble cause became political. The NFL no longer was being altruistic in its protests, but partisan.

Fans queasy about the protest suddenly had moral authority to protest the protest.

Keep politics out of sports!

A dam broke, and the outrage poured.

The media and the NFL did not know what hit them. I do. They hit themselves. Hard.

They acted morally superior.

Well, today the NFL must walk that back -- as do those pious sports announcers who preached about how President Trump was attacking free speech. They are the scoundrels seeking refuge in patriotism.

The fox outsmarted the hounds of the establishment.

The owner of the New Jersey Generals finally beat the NFL. Took 30 years.

Don't mess with Donald Trump. He won by making himself the target instead of the police.

No politician would do that. Why risk your career?

But once again, I remind readers, he is not a politician.

Meep, meep.

ADDENDUM. From Glenn Reynolds, "The worst side effect of the civil rights era is the attitude of moral superiority toward ordinary Americans that it inspired in the political class."


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  1. Steve in GreensboroOctober 1, 2017 at 8:40 AM

    The Left hates America and expresses its contempt by refusing to stand, hand on heart, for its flag and anthem.

    Trump loves America. Enough of the electorate still loves its own country that a patriot like Trump could be elected. Like all patriots, Trump is outraged by the Left’s failure to respect the flag. Unlike all politicians, Trump is willing to publicly say so and not abandon his position.

    Trump taught America a valuable lesson by exposing the Left and the NFL for the traitors they are. Good for him!

    1. True..Despite the whining media blaming Trump

    2. It's all about green......

      And I'm not talkin' environmental causes.

      - Ken

    3. The Left hates America
      And always has. Talk to any of them and they gladly tell you.

    4. NFL Running Back Wears “Everybody vs. Trump” T-Shirt with His Ass Hanging Out

  2. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is actually separate from the NFL itself, so it doesn't surprise me that they would come up with something like this. If they were an NFL-owned and organized entity, they would have opened a new exhibition honoring Colon Krapernick and the "Social Justice Awareness" he brought to the League. I'm still crossing my figure that that doesn't come to pass in Canton, I must add. If the No Fans Left would sack Goodell permanently it would be a big step forward too!

  3. 800 flags aren't necessary if the NFL just honored one.

    1. This is one of the best ever anywhere comments.

      I came here to upvote it, forgetting that there are no upvotes.

      NFL delenda est!

  4. I saw a commenter on a different site, earlier this morning, call it the NFLOL. Perfect. My boycott continues today. And if I don't get an honest-to-God apology from Goodell before season's end, I ain't watchin the Super Bowl either. Which would be the first time ever (yeah, I saw the inaugural 65 game), but I'm not taking this bullshit lightly. Y'all are spitting on the graves of the military, and IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

  5. There's a number of different parts to this mess. The White middle class was raised respecting the flag....but those folks were mainly raised in intact family units. It's a different story on the Black side. Yes, there are some Blacks who respect the flag.....but they're in a minority.

    Here's where the rubber meets the road.....Black players make up 70-75% of the players. Basic Anthropology tells you about tribal behavior. So, hearing about Black violence against White teammates because they won't kneel....basic well as union action against the Whites. Does this sound far fetched?

    So, Trump calls out the NFL Owners to fire the kneelers. Not going to happen. He also calls on the fan base to walk. That's started to happen.....true, the disrespectful behavior towards the Flag is a .another issue....but there's a racial aspect as well. White folks are becoming aware that the Black players are acting out in a dominant way. That's distasteful as well as dangerous. So, yes, it's racial......but from the players side.

    Tribalism is a potential force. It has unpredictable consequences. BLM is tribal. Plain fact. As time goes on, Whites simply aren't going to fund the NFL. The reasons are growing clearer. Will the Oakland Raiders offensive line answer for allowing their White QB to be sacked so many times? The truth will out.

    The NFL is a dying organization. Football is being abandoned by parents concerned about CTE. This favor alone is enough to destroy football. Add in Black tribalism....and that's going to drive in the last nails in the coffin.

    1. I actually think that black people in this country respect the flag pretty much as much as anyone. However they are totally beholden and on the democrat racist plantation. They can not and will not get out of that box. I'm not sure they ever will. It is a shame because their children and their childrens children are the ones paying for it.

  6. Trump did something else. He showed the Little Guy how much power he really does have.

    And I don't think the Little Guy's going to forget it.

    BTW If Black Lives Matter, they're going to do something about the leading cause of deaths of young black males being young black males. They'll do something about fatherless families. A lot less young black males are killed by white cops.

    But they won't. This is about race hate and perpetuating it.

    But they lost this one, as Don says.

    And, before it's over, I think Dr Evil will wish he never started it.

    1. Now liberal America is starting to see the practical application of the obnoxious one's comment, "if they bring a knife, we bring a gun". BOOM!

    2. Yeah, MMA. Right on. They can dish it out but they can't take it. Old Skool advice. Old Skool's the Best Skool.

  7. "I" am NOT so shallow as to be swayed by a false show of patriotism FAR TOO LITTLE and FAR TOO LATE. And it's so obviously staged to try to salvage their ruined reputation that it's intent is so much bilge water. I've been off "professional" career politicians for decades and now I'm off "professional" career sports prima donnas for ALL TIME. When THOSE particular sports figures and their supporters in the NFL who thought that choosing the rendition of the National Anthem to protest some obscure complaint are dead and gone MAYBE I will take an interest in "professional" sports again. It will be a very long LONG, LONG TIME though......

  8. The black community is trying to hide this in first amendment costuming but it is basically another case of Blakthink. It's funny too and ironic in a way because the status of being black isn't really based on your skin color, it's that you conform to the basic beliefs of the Blak community. If you don't, you're "not really Black". I have gotten that hurled at me my entire life, and I'm mixed race. Well, so is that doofus who started all this and the poseur and thankfully FORMER president. Though they're not "all" Black, they think Blakthink so all the black players support them and take the knee like sheep. I doubt if any of them have an independent thought in their heads. This is all because Trump is them. Actually, they're all pawns in a game they can't even see. The entire minority community is. If they want to be "woke" they better learn how to think for themselves. The only sell-outs are a demographic, they traded their brains for a limit to their earned income and an EBT Card.
    I'm just sayin'.

    1. A black leftist woman told me once she would never vote for Condolence Rice if she ran for president because "she didn't come from the gutter". But the woman herself was not of that origen and was even married to a successful black guy who voted R.

    2. You said right, brother.Good post.

  9. Don,

    You have put into words the "Culture War Fighting Style" Pattern of Pres. Trump's I've been seeing since he came down an elevator in the Summer of 2015.

    Trump only picks culture war fights he can't lose.

    He picks culture war fights in a planned manner with the every Leftist cultural response built into his strategy tree ahead of time. All of which lead to his victory and setting up the Left for his next round of culture war attacks.

    This is something I first saw in December 2015 with the dust up over Patterson, New Jersey Muslim celebrations of 9/11/2001 that Trump brought up in his campaign a few weeks before the Muslim terrorist attack on Charles Hebdo in Paris.

    This was what I sent to an e-mail list I was part of at that time --

    "It is beginning to look like we have a 'Sandy Berger at the National Archives' moment regards political media elites and the suppression of contemporaneous media evidence of American Muslim celebrations of 9/11/2001.

    The media has been caught with the missing documents/video in their pants by the permanent Internet record.

    The Treeper (MTB Note: The Conservative Treehouse web site) crowd even found a 9/17/2001 Dan Rather interview on David Letterman talking about Muslim celebrations during/after 9/11/2001.

    Bill says:

    December 1, 2015 at 3:48 pm

    Wasn’t sure where to post this. Someone in another thread posted a link to a LiveLeaks video with Dan Rather and David Letterman on the Letterman show Sep 17, 2001. I managed to download the video from their site and cut out the pertinent part.

    I found it here --"

  10. Don,

    This is also from that same December 2015 period.

    And it certainly shows that now President and then candidate Trump had picked a culture war fight that he could not lose, because the internet documented events so well that media denials and subsequent attempts to cover up their past statements on Patterson, N.J. Muslim 9/11/2001 & 9/12/2001 Celebrations at the apparent behest of the George W. Bush Administration in 2005.


    "Folks over at TCTH have been going through the Waybackmachine captures and it looks like the NY Post Patterson article was pulled in 2005. The speculation is that this was done at the behest of the Bush Administration.

    However, they surfaced a Howard Stern youtube audio clip on 9/12/2001 about the street celebrations in Paterson NJ.

    This caused others, some of whom who have spend money for access to NJ area media archives, to start posting articles documenting this celebration.

    The comment in the thread that stands out for me was an argument between a "Treeper" and a liberal about the lack of cell video for this event -- Cell phone tech was not there in 2001 -- but for the "next Paris attack in the USA," it certainly will be. There are a lot of implications in that.

    AKA Facebook and Google won't be able to delete posted Muslims in America celebration of an attack on America cell-video fast enough not to be noticed 'memory holing' reality in real time. Just like what is happening now with the Muslim migration counter demonstrations in Germany.

    See Treeper search results below:


    “Meanwhile, word continued to spread – denied by city leaders and police – about scattered celebrations by Muslims in Paterson and Newark after the attacks. Muslim leaders tried to call shock jock Howard Stern yesterday after he criticized such celebrations on the air this week.


    I posted a link up-thread from a woman who said she saw about 100 of them in Patterson herself. So if you assume that she didn’t see all of Patterson on her ride through – Trump may actually be RIGHT about the number. Scary. At the risk of spamming, here is the link again:


    I’ve posted this before but I’ll post it again as I think it contains evidence totally supporting Trump’s position. Before you watch this, ask yourself why the MSM is calling Dan Rather a liar.
    The relevant part begins at 12:30 into the show:


    (This is from 2011)

    Muslims around the world–Palestinian Muslims on the streets of Ramallah, Palestinian Muslim Sunnis on the streets of Patterson, New Jersey, Shi’ite Muslims who were waiters and staff at a Middle Eastern restaurant in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Lebanese, Iraqi, and Iranian Shi’ite Muslims all over Dearbornistan. And, as I noted, the Pew Research Center notes that at least a third of these “American” (in name only) Muslims openly support Al-Qaeda and suicide bombings against Americans, which means they still celebrate. "

  11. EVERY conservative who is upset over this needs to STFU and get their heads out of their collective behinds

    YOU have let the nfl threaten cities and states over the Will of the People, arizona over mlk day, bathroom bills, etc etc etc
    YOU have let the nfl threaten cities and states for taxpayer funding of stadiums, 29 out of 31 and the other 2 with taxfree benefits
    YOU have let the nfl get special federal protections
    YOU have no issue with DHS footing the entire bill for the security at the stupid bowl
    YOU have complained about the media then go run to watch the nfl and stuff money into the media's pockets
    YOU will run right back when this cools down and the billionaire owners will still be publicly financed

    WAKE up conservatives, either welfare for billionaires is good or it isn't , plain and simple. If it is good than STFU and go back to your rock

    1. You make good points. But the flag garbage is a tipping point for people, that's all. Don't knock it.

      People are getting "woke." Finally.

    2. Deserttrek is a prog troll, ignore him.

  12. Grrr....

    This should have read --

    "And it certainly shows that now President and then candidate Trump had picked a culture war fight that he could not lose, because the internet documented events so well that media denials and subsequent attempts to cover up their past statements on Patterson, N.J. Muslim 9/11/2001 & 9/12/2001 Celebrations at the apparent behest of the George W. Bush Administration in 2005 COULD NOT BE HIDDEN."

  13. Don,

    Sorry, I got the Charles Hebdo attack timing wrong. It was May 2016 not December 2016.

    However, the Hebdo attack was what informed candidate Donald Trump to both name and attack Muslim Terrorism after the San Bernadino (AKA San Berdoo) ISIS terrorist attack. And especially add a Muslim travel ban to his campaign.

    See this for the run up of domestic terrorist attacks by Muslims in the run up to San Berdoo:

    The signs of Trump having a faster decision cycle, being more willing to take risks and having a really good long term planning support system for his moves had been there for a while in 2016.

    The man was constantly building strategy trees where any move he made lead to him winning.

    Trump's redefining American National Security after San Bernadino as

    1. Closing the border to illegal immigration, and
    2. Particularly calling for a Muslim immigration pause,
    won him the GOP nomination after the San Bernadino terrorist attack.

    And Trump set that moment up in the aftermath of the Paris terrorist attack when he pointed to the public celebrations of the Blind Sheik's American Muslim congregation in Patterson NJ after the 9/11/2001 attack.

    The American media's full throat-ed attack on Trump denying those celebrations happened at all was destroyed by video and audio of said event surfacing 3-to-4 days after Trump's statements.

    In hind sight, it looks like Trump had all the video and audio of that event in his back pocket ahead of time to release on You Tube through cut outs before he made his statements.

    IOW, the plan -- Paris to San Bernadino -- was sitting there awaiting any major ISIS attack and was made before he announced for President in June 2015.

    This NFL American flag/American anthem gambit was simply another time we have been able to document how Trump plays his 'strategy tree game/ versus the corrupt fools in the media and DC from front to back in a way that highlights the points above.

    1. I have to agree after about the 7th or 8th time this has happened that Trump already has the information to back up his claim. He goes after the soft spot of the left/media every time and they still don't seem to see it coming. What is that about good lawyers never asking a witness a question they don't already have the answer to?

  14. "The owner of the New Jersey Generals finally beat the NFL. Took 30 years."

    Patience is a virtue. The Trumpster stood by, plotting and now victory is his! Love it.

    But don't forget he did win vs. the NFL in court, even though the award to the USFL was all of $1. But the USFL did win.

  15. Trump is following the precepts of Sun Tzu: "Victorius warriors win wars before they go into battle..."

  16. If you want to see patriotic pageantry at its best, go to a rodeo. Not my sport, but worth seeing once.
    The spectacle of leading the riderless horse with the American flag draped across the saddle around the arena (representing the fallen in war) brought tears to my eyes. And it wasn't until I was working on my snapshots that I realized that everyone in the stands had hats in hand, right hand over heart.

  17. The enemedia attacks Trump because they can't directly attack Trump voters, though I'm sure they'd like to.

    1. President Trump is our surrogate. We elected him to do the will of the people and he is the lightning rod for any criticism of the will of the people by the opposition. - Elric

  18. Blacks are demanding "racial" justice! I suggest we give it to them. Cut all black admittance to colleges to 16% black, all job hires to 16% black, all sports team members to 16% black, all politicians to 16% black, etc........

  19. Boycott the NFL. Lynch kneeeled during the national athem ans was sheilded by the Raiders coaching staff. Shameful and anti USA.

  20. No, Don. The shootings most certainly are a good thing. They are to be celebrated. They are self-defense shootings and we need many more of them. Much better these scum are exterminated in the commission of their final felonies than any other outcome which would generally be a dead cop. Don't go wobbly. The NFL protests are wrong in every way. Even if the players were legitimately protesting at permitted rallies they would still be wrong because what they are protesting against is the self-defense of cops and other. What they favor is unpunished murder and mayhem. You can tell because they practice same themselves.

  21. "will include programming at the Hall’s campus that promotes character development of football players."

    In many cases they have their work cut out for them!

  22. I'm old enough to remember when the NFL was about playing football.

  23. Nice and interesting discussion i read here. I am searching for Trump consorts with the enemy

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