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Friday, October 27, 2017

First anniversary of Hillary's Fake Victory

"If the election had been on October 27, I would be your president," Hillary said in May.

She referred to Jim Comey re-opening his investigation of her on October 28.

A year later, why Jim Comey did that is clearer.

Let us start, though, with Hillary collapsing at the 9/11 commemoration. Like Comey re-opening the email case, this event seemed unexplainable at the time.

But a year later, the 9/11 collapse turned out not to be Parkinson's or epilepsy. She shows no signs of either.

However, we do know that she drinks a lot of Chardonnay. In interview after interview to peddle her book, Clinton jokes about drinking Chardonnay to get over the election loss.

Most likely, she was drunk. It was a sunny Sunday morning. She felt ill. She stood and was wobbly.

They took her to the van, where she was on her last legs. The staff was calm. If it were a medical emergency, there would be more urgency. And someone likely would have panicked.

Instead, they were nonchalant.

Security personnel shielded her from cameras -- not very well. She stumbled, but the strong men lifted her. No problem.

Hours later, she was seen in public. She was fine -- if a little embarrassed.

Exotic explanations require other events to verify the claim. This one is simple. Too much Chardonnay the night before.

Does this disqualify her or make her the town drunk? Much as I dislike her, I cannot say this. She wasn't forthcoming, but so what?

I did not see this at the time. Now I do. The GIF shows a drunk being loaded into a van.

Which leads to Jim Comey re-opening the email investigation.

A year ago, it made no sense. Now it does.

Because we now know more about the other events surrounding this, we can understand what happened then.

Comey was not trying to get her. He was trying to help her. If he wanted to get her, he would have called for an indictment in July 2016.

Hillary as secretary of state used a private server stored in her home to conduct business she did not want the public to know about. You cannot FOIA a private server.

Clinton saw what the press did with Sarah Palin's emails as governor. Lesson learned.

When caught with a private server, she destroyed evidence. And the FBI investigated, gave immunity to all witnesses so they could not be pressured into testifying, helped her destroy more evidence, and then declared there was no intent to mishandle classified material.

Comey exonerated her.

He was just like the DC press corps: her lapdog, not a watchdog for the people.

Then along came Anthony Weiner. He got caught trolling for sex online with an underage girl. On his computer were state secrets. This was a problem that Trump could exploit. So Comey re-opened the case, and determined in a few days there was nothing. Nothing!

Exoneration II.

The press quickly assured us this did not adversely affect the race.

From Politico:
The race for the White House is tight, but it has not been radically changed by the FBI director's bombshell announcement last week.
Hillary Clinton has a slim three-point lead over Donald Trump one week before Election Day, according to a new Politico/Morning Consult poll conducted entirely after FBI Director James Comey announced the discovery of new emails that might pertain to the former secretary of state's private server.
Clinton leads Trump 46 percent to 43 percent in a two-way race, and 42 percent to 39 percent in a four-way race, with Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson at 7 percent and the Green Party’s Jill Stein at 5 percent.
Nothing to see here. Move along.

I agree.

Her collapse on 9/11 and Comey did not cost her the contest.

This did:
Hillary Clinton is so far ahead of Donald Trump in the race for the presidency that she no longer even feels the need to pay attention to the Republican nominee.
Buoyed by a double digit lead in some national polls, Mrs Clinton has said she is now looking past Mr Trump entirely, and will no longer counter allegations made by her rival.
"I don’t even think about responding to him anymore,” Mrs Clinton said when asked about Mr Trump’s charge that American media outlets are in cahoots with her presidential campaign. 
In the "Tortoise and the Hare" race for president, she was the hare.

By every measurement, she was ahead. By polls. By money raised (twice as much). By newspaper endorsements (243 to 20). By debates. And on Election Day, by votes.

She was ahead by every measurement except the only one that counts.

The Electoral College.

And that outcome was decided on November 8, not October 27.


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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. I've always believed that the 2016 campaign polls were agenda-driven, most likely paid for by HRC & the DNC and produced to push Hillary into the White House. I would have thought that HRC & the DNC would take that into consideration when looking as those big margins for her, but apparently they didn't.

    I was astounded then, and still am, they actually believed their own phony poll numbers! Every time a new poll was reported, with HRC supposedly waaay ahead, I looked at the meager 'crowds' of her pathetic public appearances compared to the massive number of people waiting for hours to see Trump and wondered why anyone would trust those polls.

  2. So where did she pick up and drink the Chardonnay on the way back to the van? Or was this a delayed response drunk where she drinks a few hours earlier and then stands through a ceremony and passes out?
    Heat stroke? It was 80 degrees.
    I passed out from standing too long at an event once, and I can understand and an elderly woman doing so. But she couldn't admit to that. Had to lie. My theory about the problems being related to the spontaneous clotting in her venous sinus makes as much sense as any. Especially when you consider the vision problems. She could have been on anti-parkinson drugs for a while because of temporary collateral scarring or congestion in the substantia nigra, which could then heal, and could also later on return and become permanent.
    She is ill. She will be on Coumadin for the rest of her life. And this has its own complications. People wonder why if she had a simple broken toe why the elaborate splint. She probably had a huge hematoma surrounding the fracture and required some kind of compression. Any illness or injury she gets is exaggerated by her condition. And any treatment she gets will be exaggerated as well.

    The bottom line is that she never tells the truth. About this or anything else. People know this.

    That's why she didn't win.

  3. Trump had a positive message. He loves America, and people were starved to hear that message again. The people I know who were Trump supporters voted for him as opposed to against her. For me, it really was a 1980 déjà vu.

  4. You should stop supporting Hillary's claim that Comey "exonerated" her. He did not. He let her off. He as much as said that she was guilty of violating the required procedures for handling classified material, but was too stupid to prosecute.

  5. Unless someone rats we will never know why she collapsed. She may well have had "walking pneumonia", which is quite debilitating at times, as her physician claimed. As for Comey he did in fact damage her with Email II. The elections of both Truman and Reagan were decided pretty late,and so it was here. Trump's last minute very energetic assault on the rust belt was crucial. He gave hope in himself and was able to rightfully weaken any in her as other shoes seemed to be dropping daily.
    It was the Early polls that gave Clinton and the press their arrogance, which the press, being the self absorbed beast it is, never lost and the Democrats, a billion dollars down, could not afford to abandon. Many inside the Clinton campaign including Bill had been advising altered tactics for months but were ignored. In fact the polls as harbingers of the popular vote were not far off. That they didn't project electoral victory is the problem. The press itself being lazy and generally incompetent only discussed the publicly available popular vote polls, many of which they themselves manipulated by sample weighting to please or enrage their readers to increase or preserve audience share. They perpetuated their own self delusion. It was also easier and cheaper than discussing or reporting on uncertain electoral preferences. There was only one Selena Zito, one Don Surber.
    In fact I sometimes wonder if there was a secret preference of Corporate click moguls for DT in spite of what they said to their public. He has in fact made their press arms richer than if HC had been elected, as they knew he would. Fake Outrage pays big in our PC soceity where hypocrisy is the true Bitcoin of the realm.

  6. DRUNK on pussylikker?

    1. Anon, washout your mouth, you naughty, Naughty BOY!!

  7. It looks like Hillary's never-ending apology tour might be a good time to buy up some Chardonnay futures. I wonder if she likes some cheese with her whine? - Elric

  8. Hillary just can't accept that she was a rotten candidate.

    1. So, I guess we'll never hear her say, "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me, I'm gonna go eat WORMS."

  9. The anniversary of Clinton publicly in Thunderbird Mode demands a commemorative Mason jar.

  10. Then why did she get stiff as a board? She wasn't limp and collapsing. She was weird and rigid.