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Friday, October 06, 2017

Fearless Girl is underpaid

Fearless Girl, a statue installed by State Street Global Advisors on March 7, 2017, in front of Merrill Lynch’s Charging Bull statue, which became a symbol of Wall Street investing.

The media in March hailed it as feminism standing up to The Man.

Oh how the press swooned.

“On the eve of International Women’s Day last Tuesday, State Street Global Advisors, which manages some $2.5 trillion in assets, signaled its solidarity with the day’s demonstrators. The company installed a roughly 50-inch-tall bronze statue of a defiant girl in front of Wall Street's iconic charging-bull statue. The reaction to the statue, which was designed by artist Kristen Visbal, was immediate and powerful,” Bethany McLean of Atlantic reported on March 13.

The symbol of feminism turned out to be as fake as the anti-Trump news stories.

“The State Street Corporation, a financial services company that put the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street to promote the importance of women working in corporate leadership roles, will pay $5 million after an investigation found that it underpaid female and black executives,” Camila Domonoske of NPR reported today.

You want equal pay? Here, have a statue instead.


The company and the U.S. Labor Department had been going at it for six years. The $5 million settlement after paying lawyers for six years tells me the company stood to lose plenty if the case went to court.

Commissioning the statue was brilliant.

To be sure, the statue made no sense. The message was that feminists want equal pay on Wall Street -- which they oppose.

But as PR, the statue worked.

Just four days ago, author Florence Buchanan wrote:
Kristen Visbal’s 250lb “fearless girl” sculpture recently won three Grand Prix and 18 Lions in all, making her the biggest winner in the history of the Cannes Lion International Festival of Creativity. The awards and accolades have credited her with challenging gender equality on Wall Street – despite her own use of gender stereotypes and the fact that the statue was commissioned by the very financial institutions the piece purports to challenge.
The statue, which was placed in front of Arturo Di Modica’s iconic “charging bull” – a minimalist three-and-a-half ton bronze sculpted bull that marks New York’s financial district – on International Women’s Day, has been at the centre of debates ever since. Their juxtaposition has spurred discussion about workplace gender equality as well as art that mostly ignore the political economy of the surrounding financial institutions that directly and indirectly brought them together.
The newcomer was enthusiastically embraced and commentators see her as challenging Wall Street’s gender gap salary ceiling, implying that the bull is a symbol of patriarchy and capitalism gone wild – antagonist toward female leadership in business, reflecting patriarchy and capitalism gone wild.

What a sap.

The Charging Bull is a symbol of Merrill Lynch's unbridled belief that capitalism will prevail.

Fearless Girl is a symbol of the sexism and racism of State Street Global Advisors.


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    H I L A R I O U S !!!!

    A microcosm of life under leftists!

    Did Barney Frank get a Finders Fee on this?

    Think the late night comedians will be cracking jokes about this?

    - Ken

  2. Some stuff in here for your next book, Don.

    - Ken

  3. Call her the Five Million DollarGirl from now on

  4. No one loves women more than me... though I can't help but draw the conclusion that if all these young, (and older too) women who purport to be professionals in their Wall Street occupations, need help in determining what their professional time to themselves is worth; well then perhaps they aren't as professional as they see themselves.

    I ran my own construction contracting business for years, (retired now) and my first 'down to business' question of an applicant was what they thought they were worth in my employ.

    Their answer to that question told me much... as did some's lack of being able to comprehensively answer.

    To my way of thinking, and I don't necessarily include entry level kids, one should know what their time to them is worth.

    If you don't then you darn well need to figure it out and present youself accordingly.

    If these women weren't negotiating to their own satisfaction then they have no one to blame but themselves and having to employ some legal team to go to bat for them...well is that how they view their empowerment as subscribers to feminism?


  5. Call it the Harvey Weinstein Memorial to Virtue Signaling For Profit.

  6. It's asinine. The whole idea is delusional. Let's see the feminazis put a real girl in front of a real bull. THAT might be inspirational. - Elric

    1. Put her in a marine combat uniform.

  7. Fearless girl standing against the bull market. Well, just what is a bull market? It is when the investors are brave and willing to take risks and financial gains are made that herald a beneficial growth that helps all Americans. Why do feminazi's oppose that????

  8. I think you just answered your own question. - Elric

  9. What a hoot. The sleight of hand with this statue still costs that company $5 million dollars. Brilliant.

  10. The "Original" stories didn´t mention that it was conceived, commissioned and constructed as an advertising ploy by a "Yuge" investment Corp. timed to appear with the announcement of a new "women´s centered" portfolio investment fund. Rather the stories were that it "Appeared overnight", installed by a Guerilla Artist.( “Fearless Girl” is AstroTurf, having been commissioned by State Street Global Advisors, the world’s third largest asset manager, and installed by global advertising titan, McCann Worldwide, under permission of the city.)

    1. I never gave it much thought, I just thought it was typical leftie propaganda. Thanks for pointing out the dynamics behind it. That makes it even more reprehensible. - Elric