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Thursday, October 05, 2017

Every black adult male should buy a rifle

Singer Eric Benét tweeted, "If every black adult male in the U.S. bought and registered a semi-automatic rifle tomorrow, Congress would Pass gun control laws by Friday."

He is wrong. No laws would change.

But white conservatives would be happy.



We know that gun ownership deters crime and killing.

The bodies are piling up in Chicago, where gun laws are strict.

In suburban and rural America, homicides decline.

But instead of rifles, I would suggest they buy handguns. More practical. Also less expensive. A good rifle will set you back $2,000. A good handgun $500.

Also we do not register rifles in this country.

Benét promoted a racial stereotype of white men fearing black men.

The real people who should fear black men are other black males. That is where most of the killing and wounding in America are. Nearly half the homicides in the United States are by black men.

Arming more black males would reduce the killing because it would even the sides. Criminals would not be the only people packing pistols. A gun is a great equalizer.

As the saying went in the Old West, God made men free, Sam Colt made them equal.

So I agree. Every black adult male should buy a rifle. That would make the nation safer.

Benét's tweet showed he knows little about white conservatives.

He also showed he knows little about existing gun laws, or human nature.

Snark is the easiest way to show one's ignorance.


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  1. You can buy a budget level AR15 for 399.00 recently. A Colt for 699.00.
    Glocks at 500 and a Taurus .38 +P for 199. A buyers market. That will shift a bit as dems get more mouthy about gun control.

  2. What is it with blacks?

    They make up 13% of the country. And 20% of them do 95% of the complaining and demanding.

    They demand integration. Then they demand segregation. They demand equality. Then they demand special treatment.

    Was a civil rights marcher in the mid-60's. The last 2 generations of blacks lost me (as well as Thomas Sowell). Other minorities make up about 20% of America. They seldom complain. They're working themselves into American society and living the American dream by the 2nd generation at the latest.

    Blacks complaining is the same as the fake news. Who really has the time to keep up anymore? They will never be happy. They'll still be kvetching when we're all in the ground.

    - Ken

    1. Democrats like them that way. Keeps them voting Democrat.

    2. And they are the only group with "leaders" And "spokesmen" who also keep them down while they benefit. Sharpton, Jackson, etc.

  3. Rush pointed out yesterday that statistics show that 60-75% of gun deaths are suicides (depends on year of study). Additionally, a good deal of the additional gun deaths / shootings are by people within the family (JayZ is a black icon because he shot his brother when both were teenagers).

    Liberals - especially the politicians, MSM and entertainers have no knowledge of anyone other then themselves and their prejudices. They make up things about other people and repeat it to one another until it becomes their reality. Give them California, Oregon and Washington state, and let them succeed.

    By the way - 3 of the top 10 states/territories of gun ownership are DC, Virginia and Maryland...home of the DC suburbs.

    - Ken

  4. Happened in 1967 with the support of the NRA and signed by Reagan. It would happen again.

    1. So what is your point and I saw nothing in said piece,stating the NRA supported it.

    2. The NRA also supported California’s Mulford Act of 1967, which had banned carrying loaded weapons in public in response to the Black Panther Party’s impromptu march on the State Capitol to protest gun control legislation on May 2, 1967.

    3. White folks sure sing different tunes when black folks carry guns.

  5. If every black adult male in the U.S. bought and registered a semi-automatic rifle tomorrow...

    I wouldn't be surprised if many of them already did own one ... just not legally.

    1. What is this "registered" of which he speaks? Is there an emanating penumbra in the constitution stating arms must be registered?

      They better get some legislation going to register keyboards and megaphones and printers and copiers and presses and soapboxes, too.
      Would seem to be just as valid.

    2. Sorry to be the one to tell you this.....

      Not only can computers be tracked via IP addresses, but the make and model of your keyboard can be tracked. If you have a computer monitor with a little eye on top so you can use Skype (mandatory on monitors for quite some time now), suggest you tape that up as that eye can be activated from multiple hackers breaking in. Google was in talks about a year ago to take over a French company that has developed technology to not only record a person from a monitor, but the monitor can pass on information as to what is in the room as well....even senses the temperature of the room. As for your searches on a PC or a smartphone - all can be tracked and kept in locations. Federal government has buildings of disk storage in (I believe Utah), and Silicon Valley companies hold data in areas they have storage devices in. Disk storage is incredibly cheap and holds more data each year. While you are very probably not being monitored by a person, in the event that an entity wants to do search on the history of activity on a computer, it's fairly easy to reconstruct the activity within a short period of time.

      I'd advise that all cellphone and computer activity by the Los Vegas shooter is being acquired by government agencies, and one reason for he delay in determining his motive, is that dozens of persons are going through his activity, which will lead them to other people that will need to be investigated.

      - Ken

  6. "Benét's tweet showed he knows little about white conservatives."

    IMHO he doesn't know squat about anything.

  7. Black adult males would have a difficult time buying a rifle or handgun in Chicago: there are no gun stores in Chicago. (White or any other color adults would have the same problem.)

    They are proud to be the Murder Capitol of the USA, and being in a "gun-free" city means that only criminals have guns. They plan to keep that title!

    Allowing honest citizens to take out the trash wouldn't suit the corrupt black Democrats who run that city.

  8. A registered gun is a confiscated gun. Nobody has a registered gun on April 19, 1775. It worked out pretty well.

  9. Libs can't wrap wrap their heads around black folks owning rifles.

  10. Them I'm going to convince my black friend and coworker to take his son shooting with me.