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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Democrats need to turn Japanese

Shinzo Abe, prime minister of Japan, just pulled off a political victory that sets him up to be the nation’s longest-serving leader -- post World War II.

How he did it should inspire Democrats as they seek to regain relevancy after last November's shellacking.

Abe called a quick parliamentary election to solidify his position. And won.

He began his campaign 11 months ago when he became the first world leader to visit President-elect Trump at Trump Tower.

He embraced the new U.S. president just as he had embraced Obama and Bush 43.

The Japanese like America. A Japanese leader should like America as well. On his first trip to America in 2006, Abe visited Graceland with George W. Bush.

Abe became the first world leader to visit the new president last fall. This elevated his status at home.

Japan is an island. The people do not believe in nor want cultural diversity. I greatly respect that. It is a survival mechanism that thus far has avoided a 9/11 or being overrun by hordes of rapists.

The Japanese look at the rest of the world and double down.

From Agence France Presse:
Shinzo Abe, on course to become Japan’s longest-serving leader after Sunday’s election win, is seen as a pragmatic and canny diplomat who has cozied up to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin while pushing a nationalist agenda at home.
His father, Shintaro Abe, rose to be foreign minister but never won the top job. Shinzo took Shintaro’s parliamentary seat in 1993 following his death.
Abe cut his teeth by taking a hawkish line on North Korea and became the hand-picked successor to the popular former PM Junichiro Koizumi, whom he served as an eager and earnest deputy.”
On the economic front, he pioneered a multi-pronged policy dubbed “Abenomics”, a combination of generous government spending and central bank monetary easing.
Japan — the world’s third-largest economy — is enjoying its longest period of expansion in more than a decade, but inflation is stubbornly low as consumer spending remains underwhelming.
Abe embraced nationalism.

He is patriotic.

Why be president of a country that you think is the fount of all evil in the world?

Oh sure, Barack Obama did and he got away with it.

And Democrats pay and pay and pay.

They have not been this small a majority in statehouses in 90 years.

That is because they clearly no longer love their country. They are internationalists --the word the communists used -- who see American citizenship as a right for everyone.

Andrew Sullivan in New York magazine wrote:
This is, to be blunt, political suicide. The Democrats’ current position seems to be that the Dreamer parents who broke the law are near heroes, indistinguishable from the children they brought with them; and their rhetoric is very hard to distinguish, certainly for most swing voters, from a belief in open borders. 
In fact, the Democrats increasingly seem to suggest that any kind of distinction between citizens and noncitizens is somehow racist. You could see this at the last convention, when an entire evening was dedicated to Latinos, illegal and legal, as if the rule of law were largely irrelevant. 
Hence the euphemism “undocumented” rather than “illegal.” So the stage was built, lit, and set for Trump.
He still tragically owns that stage. What Merkel did for the AfD, the Democrats are in danger of doing for the Trump wing of the GOP. The most powerful thing Trump said in the campaign, I’d argue, was: “If you don’t have borders, you don’t have a country.” And the Democrats had no answer, something that millions of Americans immediately saw. They still formally favor enforcement of immigration laws, but rhetorically, they keep signaling the opposite. 
Here is Dylan Matthews, also in Vox, expressing the emerging liberal consensus: “Personally, I think any center-left party worth its salt has to be deeply committed to egalitarianism, not just for people born in the U.S. but for everyone … It means treating people born outside the U.S. as equals … And it means a strong presumption in favor of open immigration.” 
Here’s Zack Beauchamp, a liberal friend of mine: “What if I told you that immigration restrictionism is and always has been racist?” Borders themselves are racist? Seriously?
Everything is racist.

Cowgirl Congresswoman Frederica Wilson said calling her an empty barrel is racist.

Which means nothing is racist.

Democrats have a problem. They are seen as an unpatriotic party.

They should do what Abe did and embrace Trump.

Because not many elected Republicans have.


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  1. I am amazed by Andy Sullivan. He seems to have wised up since he stopped being so concerned with Sarah Palin's uterus.

    1. Andrew was just jealous that Sarah looked better in a skirt...

    2. He was so good till he went off the deep end on GWB and gay marriage. I haven't read anything of his in years. Maybe he's still young enough to reverse his status as poster child of manque-dom.

    3. You saying Andrew is one of them there transmissions, TG?

      Something about changing gears.

  2. "Democrats have a problem. They are seen as an unpatriotic party."

    Democrats ARE the problem. They ARE unpatriotic. Some information that has come light recently, such as the Uranium One fiasco could be construed as treason. - Elric

    1. It's not the Dems blocking Trump's legislative goals. It's the GOPe.

  3. ....."an entire evening was dedicated to Latinos, illegal and legal, as if the rule of law were largely irrelevant".....

    The left has NEVER been concerned about the "rule of law!

    To them the "law" has always been, not what it IS, but what they want it to the moment!

    Subject to "change" per the direction the political wind is blowing at that particular time!


  4. "Democrats need to turn Japanese."

    Commit suicide after a spectacular failure? Alright, I can get behind that sort of multi-culturalism.

    -Mikey NTH

  5. If you watched any Japanese TV in the lead up to the last election you would know that they actually had the best, most objective in-depth coverage of how Trump orchestrated his wins. You won't see coverage like that here because it doesn't suit the narrative that he was simply a celebrity who stumbled and screamed his way, conning the American people.

    In truth big business people there were quite reticent about a Trump presidency. Trump has Abe over right after getting into office And assures him of our intentions there and all is well.

    The Japanes have huge holdings in the USA. I think they were worried about policies that would affect companies with headquarters overseas, like Toyota and Kubota, and American brands owned outright by Japanese companies, like Beam.
    Trump showed no inclination whatsoever along these lines and he had not abandoned allies in the East.

    If you hadn't noticed Japan is unabashedly nationalistic when it comes to immigration policy. Their answer to low birth rates is not to import Indonesians and Filipinos, but robotics. Their early fear of American nationalism was that it would be defensive and confrontational. When they found that it was understanding, friendly, and welcoming, they changed their approach.

  6. Shinzo is mah dog. And if they want to get rid of Article 9, I say go for it. Fatboy Kim ain't goin away, and we are stretched pretty damn thin right now, recalling pilots and whatnot. Let Shinzo do it!

  7. Sullivan is right but also wrong. Sure open borders is, um, alienating to Americans but the Dems rely on imported voters for their Emerging Democratic Majority as Tuxiera had it decades ago. Even more do they rely on fake votes tallied in the chaos of importing votes. Cut off the stream of illegals and you cut off ANY avenue of growth for Democrats. It's kind of like those Dems, Obama and others, who were just baffled that Hillary wouldn't 'come clean' on the emails and put the whole thing behind her. If she came clean she would be in handcuffs. So she's painted into a legal corner just as the Dems are in an electoral corner. That's why the most important tactical thing Trump must do (and is doing, if a bit quietly) is pursue the voting commission scrub of the voter rolls. The Dems had every illegal, foreign, duplicate, fictitious and felonious vote they could scrounge to get Hillary as far as they did; a candidate who could not fill a half-court gym. Even mitigate that and there won't be a Democrat in statewide office across the fruity plain.

  8. Of course the Dimocrats are unpatriotic. Do you remember the first night of their convention? Not a single American flag to be seen. Someone realized that was poor optics and the next night the stage was covered with American flags. They really let the mask slip the first night. - GOC

  9. The Japanese have always had something of a hive mentality.

    From about 0:30 to 1:45.

    Seriously, when you live as close to Rocket Man as they do it's easy to vote sensibly.