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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Democratic ghouls

"The moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute."

October 19, 2017: Offer expired.

Today retired Marine General John T. Kelly had to explain to the press that Democratic Congresswoman Frederica Wilson was totally out of line in politicizing the death of an American soldier in Niger.

President Trump had called the family of Army Sgt. La David Johnson who died on a mission in Niger. In 2015, Obama committed the United States to fighting Muslim terrorists there, including Hoko Barum.

The congresswoman listened in on the conversation as the president consoled -- or tried to console -- the family.

Wilson attacked the president. I do not know if she called the family.

From CNN:
The father of a slain US serviceman told CNN he believes critics of President Donald Trump's reported comments to a soldier's widow mistook his intended meaning.
Rep. Frederica Wilson, a Florida Democrat, said the President told the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed during an ambush in Niger, "He knew what he signed up for, but I guess it still hurt."
Wilson, who said she heard the remarks via speakerphone, called them "insensitive." Trump has said Wilson "fabricated" the comments. The White House has declined to comment, calling the conversation private.
But Gold Star Father Craig Gross, whose son was Cpl. Frank Robert Gross, said Trump's "words are basically being taken and misconstrued."
"President Trump is doing a lot of good things as far as Gold Star families are concerned," Gross said. "I believe that if you interviewed him personally, one on one, you would find that he is very, very empathetic and very compassionate, not only toward Gold Star families but also in regards to our active duty."
Democrats are spying on Americans to get the president in their mad hope to regain power.

Enter General Kelly. He is the president's chief of staff. He took over the press briefing today to set the matter straight.

His son, First Lieutenant Robert Kelly, died in combat while leading a platoon of Marines on a patrol in Sangin, Afghanistan, in 2010.

From Breitbart:
White House chief of staff General John Kelly sternly lectured Congressman Frederica Wilson for listening to and politicizing President Donald Trump’s phone call to the grieving widow of a slain soldier.
“It stuns me that a member of Congress would have listened in on the conversation – absolutely stuns me,” Kelly said, “And I thought at least that was sacred.”
Kelly delivered a stirring speech at the White House press briefing about the sacred duty of people serving in the military and the president’s role in comforting grieving family members and called Wilson a “selfish member of Congress” for politicizing the phone call.
Wilson's record on veterans and the military is horrid.

Kelly relived the experience, telling reporters, “The casualty officer proceeds to break the heart of a family member.”

Two hearts were broken -- his and the casualty officer.

Kelly said: "When I was a kid growing up I thought a lot of things were sacred in our country. Women were sacred, looked upon with great honor. That’s obviously not the case anymore as we’ve seen from recent cases. Life was sacred. That’s gone. Religion. That seems to be gone as well. Gold Star families, I think that left in the convention over the Summer. I just thought the selfless devotion that brings a man or woman to die in the battlefield, I thought that might be sacred."

Let us go back to doing that.

Let us be humane again.


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  1. If there is a silver lining in this sad story, it is that it was called out as Fake News in nearly every place it was published almost instantly...and most who commented recognized it as a distraction from either Hillary's RussiaGate or the fall of ISIS...take your pick. #LoserPress

    1. Unfortunately the Enemedia is still pushing their propaganda. BTW Someone should tell that Demonrat congresscritter that she looks especially stupid in her "Rhinestone Cowboy" costume.

    2. Many thanks, from millions of Americans who still believe in "decency" are due to General Kelly for his outstanding remarks!

      Just simply magnificent, thank you sir for the kindness....and scorn....when it was badly needed!

      I cannot find, in my mind, the words that would be adequate to describe a congresswoman who would use such an occasion for political ammunition.

      As Rush Limbaugh is saying several times a week now, the "liberal left" is just imploding...and here is the latest proof!


  2. In 2024, both Gen. Kelly and Gen. Mattis would be wonderful candidates for PROTUS.

  3. Kelly gave the greatest press conference and sermon of my life time. He was talking to what is left of the American nation so the rote squeals for more of the Temporal Troughers in front of him as he left were of no importance. In my father's childhood language, "thick' and "jackass" were the same word, not a bad conflation to describe the press today. Aside from Charles Payne, who suffered mightly during his show for his presentation of the entire conference, the rest of Fox, including Blank Brett Butt, was a disgrace. The MurdochScions are so subservient to the NYT Scion, they now lube up for him daily lest they give offense to his member. I would be embarrassed to be their old man. Yes, He was a man once.

  4. Unfortunately your clip cuts off the rest of Gen Kelly's speech. Respectfully suggest you put up the whole speech as he gets fair stuck into that woman and people should hear the whole. CDM

    1. You can go to to listen to the whole thing.Don was only using the high points.

  5. Ms Wilson's gaudy red cowboy hat tells you everything you need to know about her.

  6. Democrats often show that they have no decency.

  7. Turns out the moonbat Congresswoman thinks she is a Rock Star.

  8. Replies
    1. She's a DimoKKKRat. It says it all.

  9. A President who lacks compassion does not bother to make phone calls.

    No one in their right mind believes that the President takes time to make condolence calls to claim the soldier deserved it.

    As I said "right mind" I realized the problem.