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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Bret Baier: "It’s left, right, and Trump."

Bret Baier is fair, balanced, and unafraid. As host of "Special Report" on Fox News, he runs the news down the middle with an emphasis on Washington. He's steadily doubled the viewership on his watch.

In an interview with McKay Coppins of Atlantic discussed the rise of Trump.

Coppins: Fox News often holds itself up as the one outlet with its finger on the pulse of the heartland. How many of your colleagues at Fox saw Trump’s victory coming?
Baier: One: Sean Hannity. Seriously. Maybe two — Laura Ingraham, she was always convinced he was going to win. Most people inside the Fox building believed that Hillary Clinton was going to pull it out. Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham really, truly believed that the country was in a different place. I used to say to Sean, “Really? You think that’s going to happen?” And then I took Uber like 22 times and the drivers were from every ethnicity, around the country. I said, “Listen, you don’t have to tell me, but if you want to tell me, who are you voting for?” And 21 out of 22 people said they were voting for Trump. Every ethnicity! And I said, “This is a moment, you know. This is something that we’re not seeing.” The media missed that.
Coppins: Including you?
Baier: I would include myself. I think we covered it effectively. We covered the anger, we covered the thoughts [that voters had] that both sides suck, and [they wanted to] kick the table over, and something’s got to work better than this. And that’s what happened.
He needs to get out of Washington more and venture into the land. A two week vacation by RV to Mount Rushmore might help him get in touch with people.

The next question was the killer.
Coppins: How have you accounted for the changing conservative landscape as you’ve assembled the panel each night for your show?  
Baier: I try to be balanced in how I book it, but in this landscape, it’s not just left and right. It’s left, right, and Trump. I’ve had to rotate some different people in. Laura Ingraham had been on my show a lot more, as she sort of balanced out my panel from the Trump side. I think that may have led to [her recently announced] 10 p.m. show. I don’t know.
Baier gets it, but he doesn't. There are three parties: Democrats, Republicans, and Trump.

Still, he is a reminder that sometimes the best opinion is to have no opinion at all. Give light, and people will find their way, as newspaper publisher E.W. Scripps wrote in the 19th century.

The interview ended with Baier saying, "I think for all the challenges that Fox has had in the past year—and I’m not going to sugarcoat it, it’s been a tough year — it’s remained No. 1 even through the toughest times. This is a channel that didn’t change anything for 15 years — we had the same lineup. I think we’re hitting our stride, and there’s a lot of optimism inside the walls. It’s not just talk — you really feel it. They’ve told me the resources are there to expand our news operations. That makes me happy because Washington is the center of the news universe."

The whole story is here.


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  1. Bret's a solid dude. And I gotta say, he puts that Phil Mickelson smile on his face a lot. Good for you, Bret. Shit, watching the facial expressions of Muir, Holt, and whoever the fuck is at CBS these days, you'd think the world ended. And then wake up the next morning like, oh, it didn't end. So what they told me was bullshit. Yeah, pretty much.

  2. We don't watch Brett much anymore. I know Don likes him but he is not really fair and balanced. I think he knows the Murdoch Scions are watching and they are not DT friendly. Not that I blame him really. He needs a job and has a sick child. But he still has a lot of Never Trumpers hanging fire like the perfectly coiffed nincompoop Steve Hayes and others, including some newby leftists who are frank creeps, none of whom offer any good insights to me. Mara Liason and M Hemingway are about it in the insight category.
    The insight Brett got from Uber drivers was a revelation to him. People who have to earn a living the hard way and came to the USA legally to do it were not going to vote for a selfish socialist dork like the ones they left behind. We heard the same thing in NYC from livery drivers, especially those from Russia!
    Fox is just not the same no more. Someone who thinks the center of the universe is DC. will never see Rushmore from Don's RV, I think. From Brett's point of view he is living on Mt Everest and the view is just splendid.

    1. I've been to Rushmore and lemme tell ya, don't go into that cave if you're claustrophobic. Do not. (Heavy deep meaning insert here)

    2. There's a cave? I didn't know that. Admittedly, it's been 35 years ago I was there.

  3. "Give light, and people will fund their way,"

    Great typo. (I think)Donations freely given.

  4. If I watched TV news at all, Bret would be the guy.

  5. Cannot speak for him (no TV, she bragged), but I hear the Fox radio news, and it's disgusting. Yesterday, in different stories, they claimed several congress members were against Trump's legislation, then played a clip that quoted Pelosi with a talking point... and then read ANOTHER Dim's talking point -- nowhere in the story (one on migration; one on insurance mandate) did they play a clip from anyone from the WH or someone deeply involved like Rand Paul...OR give reasons why the legislation could well have positive effect, according to many. To top it off, in one story, after the "many congress members against," the Pelosi quote, and the talking points, they finished off with "several states are suing President Trump over this."

    All-in-all, the picture painted was that there was nothing good in the dismantling of the insurance mandate, nobody liked it, congress was against it (why is the minority leader given a clip and no one else?), and the states were against what Donald Trump does.

  6. P.S. That was yesterday's 4 PM news I wrote about Just heard today's 4 PM Fox radio news. This time, they said "Israel is one of the few countries not upset over President Trump's plans for the Iran deal." They played a clip of someone saying that it was just another way the United States was becoming isolated. They do not like PDT.