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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Apocalypse in the swamp

Bobby Mueller has an unlimited budget and nearly unlimited power to harass the president and his White House staff. The cost of lawyers may bankrupt people caught in this corrupt, amoral, and likely unconstitutional witch hunt.

But now, six months after launching Mueller's Monstrosity, the Washington elites have a problem. Trump is clean. The Clintons and Obama are the ones who smell like the the Oakland Raiders laundry.

The public is learning what online conservatives -- real ones not on the Salon-approved list -- have known all along.

1. The Russian dossier was BS. Opposition research paid for by Republicans and later Democrats.

2. DNC staffers -- not the Russians -- leaked incriminating emails because they supported Sanders, not her.

3. Uranium One is a big deal. Allowing Russians to take over one-fifth of our uranium production in exchange for millions in donations to a fake charity foundation is a scandal. Also, the Russians gave Bill more than a half million for a speech. Nice doggie.

4. Obama knew about No. 3 and approved. So far, no kickback to him has surfaced.

5. The fix was in at the FBI. Comey provided cover for Hillary, as the FBI destroyed evidence that would incriminate her.

There is more.

The sewage is rising. Hope floats. So does crap.

Donald John Trump is the Washington Establishment's worst nightmare.

His election separated the Americans from the swamp critters.

People in Washington that conservatives once admired have shown themselves to be fakes. Frauds. Counterfeit.

PolitiFact -- which called Trump a liar in 2016 for pointing out Hillary's involvement in the sale of one-fifth of the uranium production -- now says "Clinton role still unclear."

Hillary receives the same revisionism PolitiFact gave Obama over his trillion-dollar lie: You can keep your doctor. In 2008, PolitiFact said it was true -- and won a Pulitzer. Then after it passed in 2010, it said it was half-true. In 2013 -- after Obama was re-elected -- it called it the lie of the year for 2013.

Five years after the fact.

Dams are breaking. The media is bailing on Hillary. Hollywood is bailing on Weinstein. Republican senators are bailing on next year's primaries.

Trump did not run for president for fame or fortune. He had both. He ran to save America. He is.

One year ago, they told you he would lose.

You proved them wrong.

Hang in there. It gets better.


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  1. I'm not tired of winning yet ---- not the least little bit!

    1. There are those who think the WaPo story, breaking this open, was the DEM party's way of throwing HRC under the bus, and hopefully out of the Dem's future.

      I think that is a good assumption!

      But the DNC movers and shakers must NOT forget that she has enough knowledge in her head (if she can remember it) to put lots of folks in the "crowbar"motel.

      Is "Arkancide" in her future??


  2. If given a choice, I, for one, would much rather be in the same room with the Oakland Raiders' laundry than be in the same room with the Clintons and Obamas. - Elric

  3. Very well said, and the bottom line is that yes, President Trump IS saving America. Thank God!

    One small point, though: "Obama over his trillion-dollar lie: You can keep your doctor. In 208, PolitiFact said it was true -- and won a Pulitzer."

    It only seemed like Obama was President since 208 while we had to endure him. He's a zero, and that's what is missing!

  4. When you start digging a hole, and the edge is higher than your head, you had best stop, because if it caves in you are toast. We may be about to see the mother of all cave-ins.

  5. I am loving what is happening. The net is snaring everyone at one time!!!! I hope that item 4 above can be resolved favorably with something surfacing, although the Obama regime will be caught up in the unmasking and Benghazi scandals.



  6. "Clinton role still unclear."

    "Unclear": adjective
    Synonyms: cloudy, murky, dark, dim, dull, fuzzy, gloomy, shadowy

  7. Gents......Gents...... there's no way the Clinton's and Obama pay the price. Not going to happen. That being said..... transportation is a real dangerous thing. The corruption is too wide spread.

    Cynical? You betcha. Uranium and pedophilia are the big dogs....and there's literally no way pizzagate is allowed the light of day..... unless the Lord of the Heavens becomes involved.

    1. Come on, Lonestar, if I wanna do a dance on the grave of the modern day Democrat Party, I'll damn well do it. Nine months. Nine FREAKIN months. Life is short. Have fun. And no, Poopsie, I ain't tired yet either!

    2. Not a problem, Z. The fix is in. Personally, she should be shot for treason...with a few others....but, you know what....she can't keep her mouth shut...can she? Arkancide.

    3. I hear ya. Count me among the longtime cynics. I'm just gettin a rush outta this.

  8. ....."Donald John Trump is the Washington Establishment's worst nightmare.....His election separated the Americans from the swamp critters".....

    Exactly! This is what the political elites, the elitist media, and the rest of the hard left, and their rabid brainless supporters will NEVER understand!

    The 60 million plus of us who elected Trump are those Americans who wish to make America great....and respected again. The rest are the political and media elites who want only power and money for themselves plus the usual riff-raff who want "Uncle Sugar" to take care of them!

    This is a "modern day civil war" for the soul of America......that we can't afford to lose.

    The media is worthless as anyone with a brain can easily see!


  9. I caught the network news this evening ABC and CBS. Neither said a word about the "investigation". Not a big Fox fan but they are carrying it. The only place talking about it is blogs - like Don!!

  10. One way we know Mueller is not an honest broker above all others - that he is conflicted and won't recuse.

    The longer he stays, the worse it looks.

  11. It may not be illegal to hire someone to write Dossier fiction about your opponent and spoonfeed it to your lapdog press.

    But it is if you arrange a Tarmac Meeting to spoonfeed it to a FISA Court to subvert an election and wiretap your opponents.

    As for the Uranium Deal, the Clintons solicited and took bribes.

    Mueller, Rosenstein and Comey knew all about the bribes. Holder and Lynch, too.

    But Obama didn't do the Uranium Deal for the Clintons' bank account.

    He wanted Putin's help in pulling off the Iran Deal. Providing uranium, anti-aircraft guns, heavy water transfers, political cover--Obama traded our uranium for Putin's help in giving nukes to the Ayatollah. That's the main reason Obama ran for president.

    They're meltinnnnnng.

    Thanks, Mr. President.

  12. Stop the presses! We've got the scoop on the tight Mueller investigation: Trump is clean. Sure he is. That's why the no-knock warrant for Manafort. Madam Cleo knows. Every candidate tries to build a Trump Tower Moscow while running for president. What could Mueller possibly find?

    1. Must've missed that Manafort was working for the Podestas. Maybe that's why Trump fired him. The rest is your imagination running wild.

    2. Snark is not a satisfactory substitute for accuracy. Are you even trying to be persuasive, or are you just lashing out?

  13. First, the Weinstein story. Now this. I wonder why the MSM is suddenly running stories it has been suppressing for years. Could it be that the Deep State itself is trying to "Lock Her Up," to keep her from interfering with the upcoming campaigns?

    1. Thought the same thing myself. This woman is like a vicious STD. She keeps popping up no matter what happens. And, I swear, it looks like she's planning to do it all over again! That's how nutso she is. I think the left knows how toxic she is and they just want her gone.

  14. Just one correction: There is and never has been any proof that the original funding in the drive to destroy Trump was funded by Republicans. I'm not saying they didn't want him destroyed, just that the only Republican involved may have been John McCain. Not GOPe as a whole.