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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Advice for Trump from the National Review

Former Bush 41 and Reagan official Elliott Abrams has figured out what is wrong with President Trump's administration. Too many competent generals. Not enough failed politicians.

Never mind that the politicians are the ones letting President Trump down. Tom Price had no Obamacare repeal in place, and Jeff Sessions cleared the way for a special prosecutor.

Trump needs more people who have run for sheriff.

From Abrams:
Add to the generals some people who have, in Sam Rayburn’s words, run for sheriff, and who are far more likely to understand and appreciate his own talents. That won’t solve every problem, the team will probably still be fractious, there will be plenty of arguments, but the system will work better. And that will help the president and his administration — and the country.
Abrams may be projecting here.

He never ran for anything.

But in 1976, he wound up on Scoop Jackson's ill-fated campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, then worked on Democratic Senator Pat Moynihan before joining the Reagan administration -- where he distinguished himself by copping a plea with Lawrence Walsh in the Iran-contra scandal.

But Bush 41 kept him on, and eventually gave him a pre-emptive pardon for his work in that administration.

In 1997, a judge found Abrams had lied to three different congressional committees over the years, and publicly censured him.

Yes, by all means, President Trump needs more advice from a critter so unsavory that he got kicked out of the swamp. Abrams lives in New York.

From Abrams:
After nine months, the Trump administration has not “settled down.” There have been serious personnel changes, and it’s clear there will be more. Once a secretary of state is caught allegedly calling the president, any president, bad names, his tenure is a matter of months not years. From press accounts, many of them apparently very well sourced, it seems the men around the president on the top national-security team believe they have a mission: to constrain him, contain him, discipline him, box him in. This team consists of Generals John F. Kelly and H. R. McMaster in the White House, Generals James Mattis and Joseph Dunford at the Department of Defense, Secretary Rex Tillerson, and — in a different category — Mike Pompeo at the CIA.
By "press accounts," Abrams means Democratic Party talking points.

Political insiders know the accounts are crap, just as Hollywood insiders knew the Weinsteins were pervs.

In my book, "Trump the Establishment," I explained that as a businessman, Trump would surround himself with good people and let them do their job. If they failed, he would fire them. Sean Spicer pissed off the press. Reince Priebus failed to get Congress to cooperate. Price had no Obamacare repeal plan. Gone, gone, gone. Yes, it was the plane rides that did Price in, but he was on thin ice before that, and the sun was coming out.

Sam Rayburn was a Democratic Party House Speaker who was in the House for 48 years, dying in office. That puts him in the same category as Bobby Byrd and Teddy Kennedy.

When you quote favorably such an abuser of power, you say a lot about yourself -- especially with two guilty pleas in Iran-contra, a pardon for another scandal, and a censure for lying to Congress.

Great job, National Review. Now how about an investment column by Bernie Madoff?


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  1. Each post seems to introduce a bigger idiot columnist than before. This guy would fit in with the lawless Clinton or Obama regimes.

    To Abrams, I say covfefe.

  2. And Mr. Abrams comes from the deepest, darkest, dankest parts of The Swamp (TM). I'm sure he'd like to share his advice. - Elric

  3. The NROnics plowed up the bottom of their lake, and now it's really muddy and stinky.

  4. There's nothing wrong with taking Bernie Madoff's advice as long as you both get in early and also get out early.

    C. Ponzi

  5. Had read NR since the 1960's. Stopped two years ago. They jumped the shark on their way to the squishy moderate camp. Shame, in that William F. Buckley shaped my political world view.

  6. NR and Conservatives from other publications such as Bill Kristol, George Will and Charles Krauthammer need to be sat in a room and have it explained that their time has passed. Much of it is due to the totally impractical ideological theories they preached for decades that never took hold to their satisfaction, but seemed to make them comfortable livings with endless perks.

  7. I anxiously await the Weekly Standard piece applauding Abrams;s courage. Oh wait, I can't await anything in the Weekly Standard since they're behind a wall that prevents me from accidentally clicking on any of their content I find on other web pages.