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Saturday, October 14, 2017

A great week for America

I was going to title this, "A great week for Trump," which it was and that's nice for him.

But his great week was part of the great week America had.

I will start with Keith Koffler:
Take a look at a few actual headlines, just from today:
  • Trump decertifies Iran nuclear deal, slaps sanctions on IRGC in broadside at ‘radical regime’
  • Trump to issue stop-payment order on health care subsidies
  • Trump praises Judeo-Christian values
  • US, Israel to exit UNESCO over its alleged anti-Israel bias
This is a conservative wish list that none of the other more “normal” candidates in the 2016 primaries would have dared attempt.
Koffler is on to something. Intuitively, readers knew this last year. Republicans were in a rut. They were whipped before they entered the race.

President Trump has changed that.

Danny Vinik at Politico has noticed behind the flurry of tweets and non-troversies, President Trump and his minions are pulling the giant levers of government. Regulations are being retrofitted to push an anti-Marxist agenda.

Incremental conservatism.

Vinik listed 5 things Trump accomplished this week.
1. U.S. to withdraw from UNESCO
2. Education Department issues new priorities for federal grants
3. Trump withdraws sanctions on Sudan
4. Energy Department releases rule to promote coal power plants
5. DOJ gives “last chance” to sanctuary cities
That third item deserves more prominence. For decades we imposed economic sanctions on Sudan for sponsoring terrorism, including al-Qaeda.
Trump also made a move this week that looks very Obama-esque: lifting decades-old sanctions on Sudan that were imposed over Khartoum’s support of terrorist organizations, including al Qaeda. The State Department had announced a new strategy towards Sudan in the final days of the Obama administration, concluding that Sudan had made progress on counterterrorism efforts and on human rights issues. In something of a surprise, Trump has not reversed the policy, drawing praise from across the foreign policy establishment.
Guess what? Not everything Obama was wrong.

Progress is being made, and why shouldn't it? Trump hired the most competent Cabinet since Reagan's. (Sorry, both Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice were Peter Principled as Secretary of State.) Trump lets them do their jobs.

Price screwed up by not having a replacement for Obamacare. Price is gone.

From Koffler:
The problem with more passive, more even-keeled politicians is they get used to the status quo, even if it features things they opposed, like Obamacare or the agreement with Iran. They end up not wanting to rock the boat.
Trump is dynamic. If he sees a boat in still water, he’s going to make some waves. That’s why the American people put him in office, and not Marco Rubio. Can you imagine Marco taking all or even a couple of these actions, let alone in one day?
Once you understand that Trump is getting things done on time and under budget, then you can appreciate how entertaining his tweets and feuds are.

They serve a purpose, too. That is how you change the culture. President Jebbio McCruzney would never take on the NFL, ESPN, NBC or the NBA.

Trump took on all four while juggling three hurricane relief efforts and preparing to avoid a nuclear war.


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  1. Big D, let me be the first to wish you Merry Christmas! And I guarantee y'all, there are millions of black and Hispanic citizens who would nod in agreement. The most striking - but not surprising - thing for me thus far has been Mr. T's unabashed Christianity. He knows prayer works. Got your back on that, Mr. T!

  2. My wife and I are still extremely pleased that we supported Donald Trump almost from the beginning.

    Not only is he working extremely hard on "Making America Great" again, but is gaining support all the time. When I encounter blog entries and favorable news media stories, I read the majority of comments under those stories. I have literally seen hundreds of folks who have admitted that they were NOT real favorable in the beginning...but are onboard the Trump train now.

    We are witnessing the wooden stake as it is being driven into the chest of liberalism. Satan will have a field day when all these folks end up down below.

    Best political movement I have seen in my 70 years!


    1. Woodcanoe,
      Sir I copied your comment to notebook and will send to few of my friends,well said.God bless you and your family.

  3. American Pravda, NYT Part II – Exploiting Social Media & Manipulating the News

  4. PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP. I can't stop pinching myself to see if it's true. He's what we really need. The U.S. of A. may still have a chance. Every day seems to be an adventure in headlines. - Elric

  5. If it seems like Trump isn't bothering to rock your particular boat, Leftards, chances are he's already got a fish in the water

    A whole spread of 'em even.

  6. The lefties are self-deluded. May they stay that way!

  7. It is spreading (I agree with this guy, probably since before he thought of it.

    But he says it very well.