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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wile E. Coyote press says Trump betrayed you

Each month, the press magically has a bunch of stories that center on the same theme.

Last month, it was President Trump as inciting violence.

This month, it is President Trump is stabbing his supporters in the back.

Democratic Party leaders this week said President Trump had agreed to make a deal on illegal aliens.

Chuck and Nancy carefully said "excluding the wall," meaning that was off the table.

The press interpreted this as the wall was falling. There will be no wall, they reported. And they laughed at Trump supporters and called us fools -- and then the House passed a $1.6 billion appropriation for the wall.

Meep, meep.

The Wall Street Journal followed up on that on Saturday with the story: "Trump Administration Won't Withdraw from Paris Climate Deal."


Who told the Journal this?

President Trump?

His spokeswoman?

His EPA director?

No, no, no. None of that. Not even an anonymous "source."

This came from (drumroll) "multiple officials at a global warming summit" including European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy Miguel Arias CaƱete.

The White House denied this, and the Journal updated its story, re-working the headline.

However, real journalism requires that you get the White House to comment before you publish as a "fact" that President Trump reversed himself. An attribution to a third party does not cut it.

So the theme is betrayal, and once again, the press does not let facts interfere with its narrative.

Last month's narrative that he was inciting violence ended with anti-Trump thugs beating up reporters.

Meep, meep.

I do not know who Acme is, but the media should sue it for peddling a dangerous product.


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  1. The enemedia (and the other media) just has no ability to get us to believe it.

  2. My guess was Trump was doing a false leak to ID leakers, but sounds like bad case of confirmation bias.

  3. I suppose it is a negative note I'm interjecting here, but I keep waiting for Trump's approval to reach even 50% (considering all the good things he's doing) -- and that it hasn't makes me think/fear/suppose that the media's 24/7 hate for and lies about Trump and his deplorable supporters is actually having some effect that can't prevent him from getting close to 50% but leaves the president (and accomplishes the goal of the Democrat media) of more people against the president than are for him. To finally give the partisan media pause, I want Trump to win 49 states in 2020 and I fear it will be close, even if he runs against Sanders or Biden.

    Trump is not evil and nothing he has said can be interpreted as evil -- but the media misinterprets anything he says to proclaim it as evil?!? Trump, for instance, is certainly not a white supremacist or racist and has never said anything that could even confuse someone into thinking he is (and has said all his life plenty that makes it obvious he is a New York, big city social liberal, while still being pro-military, pro-America, law and order ... just like the majority of Americans), but Jemele Hill states Trump is both racist and a white supremacist on a national network and acts as if it is a legitimate opinion and not a political lie, like she wouldn't have to be a raging, blind, hater to even consider what she concludes ... and about the one candidate and now president who wants to include the impoverished in a great economy?!?

    At this point, I hope how foolish the media looks all the time will also have an effect on the perceptions of the voting public -- eventually -- but I don't see the hatred and the lies letting up in the least, even though they are being identified as such pretty quickly these days.

    I do think it would help the national narrative if the Sessions DOJ would actually start investigating all the criminal acts of Democrats instead of letting only Mueller and his pal Comey investigate Republicans (while we wait for that shoe to drop).

    1. Keith, for President Trump to get a high approval rate from a poll- well, first you'd have to conduct an honest poll.

      No one does, as was proven in the last election. Most are falsely weighted in numerous ways: oversampling of Dems/Independents is a big one, and the wording of the questions asked is another.

      I no longer pay any attention at all to polls, nor do I watch TV "news."

      Even if there were an honest poll, which actually showed Trump's approval rate to be (say) 55%- do you actually think it would be published? Not a chance in hell!

      It's contemptible and aggravating, but polls and media reporting are not to be trusted. It's all #FakeNews or #LyingMedia!

      That's why this blog and a few others- like The Conservative Treehouse- are the only sources of news that I trust!

    2. Its all on who you call, the enimedia know this, and polls are scripted. They are like statistics, lower than damn lies.

    3. Keith, everything's gonna be alright, buddy. Remember, The Good Book says that the Antichrist will achieve universal acclaim. I felt like The Black Jesus was riding a rented bike, with helmet and girl jeans, down that road, but thank God for the Constitution. Trump will always have the haters; ergo, he's not the Antichrist; ergo, I can feel OK with loving the guy so damn much.

    4. I do get what is said here on the polls -- but, sort of my point and anger is that the biased polls are all there is and are made a big deal of and aren't presented hatefully but as if they're honest and so have influence.

      I just saw a couple of headlines that Colbert and Hollywood are going to turn the Emmy's into the greatest anti-Trump hate-fest that's ever been. I don't think that can help Trump or help any of the agenda we voted for him for (maybe there will be some backlash to offset the constant message that everybody who's normal hates Trump and the republicans, but they phrase their hate as Trump is an evil and proactive racist and that you have to stand against him or he'll kill all black people, and he hates fill-in-the-blank and only Democrats are moral and are going to save whomever it is, etc.).

      Of course, that was the message for almost a year before the election and the people weren't fooled enough to elect Hillary, even if the media and the snowflakes still can't believe it. I don't know if 4 years of the same message can be overcome, but I suppose there is more chance for a backlash against the one-sidedness.

  4. What's in it for us or Trump to "review the terms" of the Paris Accord as the white house says he will do? What better deal are we going to get if some European Committee of kooks has any control at all over what we do here? He should just with draw and stop dancing with his Manhattan liberal daughter. Personally I would prefer less 4D Chess and more straight forward action on this and other things. Changing your mind, or even mulling over decisions, is often necessary in life but in politics it just give your enemies an opportunity to attack a weakened flank.

  5. Replies
    1. Except for Don Surber's reporting. (Sorry 'bout that, Don.)

  6. Actually, Trump has always said he's open to rejoining it if it can be on reasonable terms for America. (An oxymoron, of course, since whole point of international climate deals to cripple U.S.) It's possible someone like Tillerson or Cohn said something about Trump being willing to negotiate to an EU official, who repeated a more definitive statement to WSJ. Still shoddy journalism. I read WSJ for several decades when I worked on Wall Street. Was, imo, best paper in world. Sadly, not true in recent years.

  7. Couple billion here, couple billion there, pretty soon you have a wall!

  8. Acme Company only makes dangerous products.
    (Acme Anvil was once a division of Sears, Yellow pages did it by listing alphabetically) It's the Wile E, that's using the products (sic) rong. {meep meep}