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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Why Trump picked on the NFL

President Trump unloaded on the NFL players who are dissing the flag.

This led to a chorus of self-righteous rhapsodies about free speech from people who two days ago were screaming for the firing of Clay Travis for daring to say Boobs on CNN in front of a lady.

So what gives?

Why did President Trump suddenly attack a bunch of losers (Colin Kaepernick's career record as an NFL quarterback is 28 wins, 30 losses) who disrespect the flag?

Well, why not? What did it cost him? Normal people rolled their eyes when Kaepernick went full Black Panther on the league.

Within hours of the presidential mockery of the kneelers, all the sportswriters, athletes, league commissioners, and the NAACP had dumped on him.

The president also disinvited the Golden State Warriors from a celebration of their NBA title after Warrior star Stephen Curry said he opposed the celebration

LeBron James called the president a bum. James also said he would not go to the White House if his team won, his team being the Cavs this week. Next season, he likely will be with the Lakers as he bought a house in Los Angeles.

There was a logic behind the president's attack.

Most Americans think the NFL players are a bunch of big babies who make millions and then disrespect the nation.

Because of a few scandalous videos, many people believe NFL players beat up women in their spare time.

Knocking the players who disrespect the country is easy money.

But why did President Trump choose this weekend to show the players the same lack of respect a few of them are showing the country?

John McCain.

The senator from Arizona just killed the Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare.

President Trump changed subjects. The president taking on the NBA and the NFL became the story. Instead of talking about the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare, the media was talking about Trump taking on unpatriotic ingrates who beat up women in their spare time.

Trump is not difficult to figure out, if you use a little observation and logic. He's a normal man.

Well, for being a billionaire president.

But if you are an emotional basket case after two years of seething hatred toward the man, you won't because you have conditioned yourself to fall for his diversions every single time.

Me? I go with the flow. I would rather think about how big a fool Stephen Curry is than worry about Obamacare.

Oh and I will not be watching the Browns game today.

It won't be on the local channel.


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  1. Don, I think you're stretching things here. Brooke Baldwin is hawt, yes, but she ain't no lady!

  2. LeBron is the most disappointing -- and to talk about President Trump being divisive??? It would go without saying that President Obama, no matter what he believed he was doing by sending out his DOJ brown shirts to invariably take the side of criminals and rioters against communities of any color and cops, also of any color, was the most divisive president in recent memory. And, yes, I do get Malcolm X saying (paraphrasing) that blacks have to stick together, adding that it doesn't mean they be silent and uncritical with each other in private, but the fight for equality is the bigger issue and should unite every black to stand together. And since that makes sense, I might grumble but figure LeBron had to join in the lie about "Hands up, don't shoot," protest -- which he did.

    But now LeBron is blindly ignoring that it was Curry and their new star, whose name escapes me, who questioned whether, I guess as good Democrats, they should boycott the White House to try to generate them some Trump hate. LeBron ignores that to criticize the president for saying to Golden State that the White House visit is a national appreciation of your accomplishment, it's an honor from the people, which the president, irregardless of his party, race, sex, gender orientation or whatever is to carry out on behalf of the nation -- but if it's only about politics to you, if you would spit on your fellow citizens wanting to acknowledge your championship and nothing else, then the honor is lost, don't come, don't try to use this for political manipulation. Why is that point of view deserving of criticism when it should be what every American representing the people in political office should think?

    I suppose today will be all about how the bravest, greatest human beings to ever walk the face of the earth are today's millionaire NFL players, who are so selfless that they will stand up against America and against neighborhoods being protected by cops, which means turning total rule of bad neighborhoods over to the gangs (because cops are so bad?). I mean, gee, the rich and the gangbangers of America are lucky to have such heroes fighting for them against we the people of every color, sex, religion or not, etc., etc.

    1. Agree, Janet. Great post, Keith.

    2. I would say the days of championship sports teams visiting the White House are now over, at least during the Trump era. This is a harmless "tradition " I never understood, so good riddance to it.

  3. LeBron James should learn from Jim Brown while he is still on Cleveland.

    Curry has been a whiney obnoxious person since their first championship.

    President Trump speaks for me.

    1. Think about Jim Brown, building a career when there really was vast inequality; enough to be damned mad about. And look at the stead-fast man he still is. He's a model for all of us.

  4. I think the person who really needs to step up to the plate here is Dell Curry, Stephie's dad. A Christian, from what I understand. Pull your son aside, Dell, and explain to him in no uncertain terms that what he is doing is harming our faith, hurting the believers. And maybe give him a good whuppin, Adrian Peterson style. Spare the rod, spoil the child. We all know what happened to Tiger after his dad Earl passed.

  5. McCain is way past his pull date.

    1. Yup, Sam. The Manchurian Candidate. There, I said it.

  6. I watched college ball yesterday. Cleaning out the garage this afternoon and dropping the sports package on cable tomorrow. Don't need this aggravation out of prima dona entertainers.

  7. Gee. There may still be some sportsmen out there, but this takes us back to the adage "Jocks are Jerks."

  8. "Because of a few scandalous videos, many people believe NFL players beat up women in their spare time."

    It ain't just a few videos. Many NFL thugs DO beat up women in their spare time. Here's a long (but only partial) list:

  9. To paraphrase Marie Antoinette, "Let them eat overpriced stadium hot dogs." - Elric

  10. LeBron James bought a house in LA? Watts, to be with his homies or some coastal enclave to be with the other 1%-ers?

  11. A very small list of African Americans athletes who stood for the flag:
    Jesse Owens
    Jackie Robinson
    Bill Russell
    Satchel Paige
    Jim Brown
    Kareem Abduhl Jabbar
    George Foreman
    Michael Jordan
    Warren Moon
    Carl Lewis
    Serena Williams
    Venus Williams
    Wilma Rudolph
    Jackie Joyner Jersey
    Dominique Dawes
    Althea Gibson
    Arthur Ashe...

    Please feel free to add to the list...

  12. The NFL only supports certain free speech ...

  13. Sorry Don...Trump fumbled this one.

    1. Sorry Papa. The last line of Trump The Establishment is...what, you haven't read it? Get out.

    2. BWAHAHAHAHA, you called that one wrong!

      Trump trapped them in the coffin corner.

    3. Only in the choir loft you sit in,

      "Sorry Don...Trump fumbled this one"

    4. LOL Jeremy! Coffin corner. Classic.

  14. NFL owners are un American!!! They only care about the all mighty dollar. They need to take public political demonstrations out of the game. The NFL is only an entertainment venue, just like movies. We the middle class, white males and females and police supporters will boycott in mass!

    1. A boycott may put the NFL in some financial difficulties. But all they need to do is start accepting EBT cards and they'll have a goldrush. - Elric

    2. Need a national organization to campaign against any taxpayer funded stadium, arena, or park for professional sports teams.

      Taxpayers don't need to be told how "oppressive" we are by millionaire players and coaches along with billionaire owners as we pay for their buildings to do business in.

      Do taxpayers fund buildings for restaurants, industrial parks, strip malls, etc.? Do the qualified people that work in those areas make millions of dollars a year because the owners get buildings for minimal cost.

      And stop all the outrageous tax breaks NFL owners get.

      Power back to the citizens.


  15. Well the big game this week is between the Patriots and the Braindamaged Zillionaires (and their carnival barkers). I'm putting my money on the Patriots.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. I'm not sure folks remember , but Curry belonging to a Pentecostal church originally was supportive of the North Carolina ban on transvestites using the ladies room. He received some pushback and disavowed his morals to get back in line with the rest of the herd.

  18. Trump's next tweet should be about eliminating the anti-trust exemption the NFL has and treating public funding of stadiums and arenas as taxable benefits for the team owners and leagues.

  19. you know how you fix a cold, bitter marriage headed for divorce? You pick a fight. All that pent up resentment blows up and your filth gets aired out. The truth comes out. No polite tongue biting. All on the table. Then when the dust settles, the heat is dissipated, and everybody is embarrassed and humbled, a hand is extended seeking reconciliation. A chance to talk calmly and productively. Truthfully and constructively. Trump is MAGAing. Curry will be invited back and I wager he'll accept.

  20. I have a different take on why Trump did this. News stories the past week showed a bunch of 8 yr olds taking a knee. The trend is spreading, the NFL condones and Trump had enough.


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