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Friday, September 29, 2017

Why they say Dr. Seuss is racist

A Cambridge, Massachusetts, school librarian went NFL on a donation of Dr. Seuss books from First Lady Melania Trump.

Librarian Liz Phipps Soeiro has a graduate degree in library science. That was her undoing.

She did not just turn down the free books -- saying her school system has plenty of money (Cambridge voters, keep that in mind next election) -- but Soeiro added that Dr. Seuss was racist.

Her study of library science led her to that conclusion. She has read some of the academic papers and popular reports on him that reached that conclusion.

Was he?

Theodor Seuss Geisel's early advertising and political cartoons in the early 1930s contained racial stereotypes, Business Insider reported.

Here is one example.

Now why would socialists bring this up 26 years after his death?

Because he cannot defend himself.
Dr. Seuss is disposable. He served his purpose in pushing watermelon environmentalism with the Lorax. (Carbon dioxide promotes plant growth; it does not cause trees to die.)

Socialists found a new use for him as a villain.

He drew pictures we would not publish today, therefore reading no longer is fundamental; it is racist.

Soeiro knows this because she believes whatever new liberal claptrap comes along.

But most people don't keep up with the latest demand of the day, so they don't know when liberals have reversed course. Decades of peddling Dr. Seuss as the top children's author has made him an education icon.

Now suddenly he is a racist?

The public does not see Soeiro as an expert on race and Dr. Seuss. They see her as kook.

A nutball.

The Miley Cyrus of librarians.

It does not help that she pales in comparison to the first lady, who is about a decade older.

Looks matter.

People see this woman who does not look as good as another woman turning down a gift to children for a whacko reason -- Dr. Seuss was racist -- and think one thing: Jealous.

This is the same mean, nasty, kookiness that has marked the Antifa resistance throughout this year.

Does Dr. Seuss drawing a 1930s stereotype of African "cannibals" matter today?

No. The product he advertised -- a mosquito spray -- no longer exists. The only way one can get offended by his drawings is to look for them online. And if you have to look that hard to be offended, then you really are living a pretty good life.

Now about her profession. It is based on sexism. Melvil Dewey invented the Dewey Decimal Classification System, which is the foundation of American libraries. He began teaching library science at Columbia.

Dewey also accepted mainly women as students. He demanded they send pictures of themselves in their applications. He flooded the trade with young, single women so he could sexually harass them. He also was an anti-Semite.

Here is one of the many reports on that.

There also is a report that the Dewey Decimal System is homophobic. Here is that report.

Soeiro works in an industry rooted in sexism and Antisemitism.

Thus borrowing a Dr. Seuss book from a library is "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic — Islamophobic — you name it," as Not My President Hillary said.

Today, reading Dr. Seuss at a library is deplorable to lefties like Soeiro.

Next week, who knows? They may need him again.
You see, all men have feet of clay and die. Once they die, they become disposable. Heroes become villains.

Democrats once loved Robert E. Lee and built tributes to him throughout the South. They they saw the winds of demography change, and now want to tear down Lee's statues.

Someday, they will go after Martin Luther King Jr.'s statue.

They are godless. They seek power. They believe in nothing but the here and now.

I do not defend the racism of Dr. Seuss. I ignore it. I concentrate on my own sins now.


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  1. Her action has nothing to do with racism. It was intended as an insult of FLOTUS. If the Gift had been offered by MIchelle Obama, it would have been accepted with much thanks.

    1. this is correct.

    2. Just another SJW that deprives the people she claims to be working to better. Rejecting support for the recipients of the library because the person offering it did or once said something that was not from the pure 100% acceptable manta.

      Ms. Soeiro would have been far more powerful if she come of age in Hitler's Germany.

      - Ken

  2. MLK's sin was his desire to see people judged not by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.
    If we did that, we might not be able to label all white people racist without a scintilla of proof

    1. Oh, MLK had sins much worse. He was not a democrat, but an evil republican so he was an uncle Tom and a tool.

  3. People see this woman who does not look as good as another woman turning down a gift to children for a whacko reason -- Dr. Seuss was racist -- and think one thing: Jealous.

    Yup, that was my first reaction. Jealousy is a powerful thing.

  4. Amen, Don. You always have great analysis! Hope you have a top-down weekend.

  5. The statement just tells me she went to one of the poor liberal arts colleges and was properly indoctrinated in the stupidity of the agenda.

  6. My parents- who were both educators- always maintained that Dewey was an early socialist/communist, as well as being antisemitic; I never thought to seek confirmation until now.

    I was surprised not to find any evidence of this. Perhaps I misunderstood what my folks were talking about; I'm quite sure they had no liking for the man anyway.

    I think Don's got it right, the librarian (who certainly isn't "Marian, Madam Librarian" from The Music Man) was simply jealous as well as being a soft-headed leftie.

    1. I think it was a different Dewey who was the socialist. I was confused about it and looked into it a few years back, but that's all I remember.

  7. Stand back, all - she has a MASTERS DEGREE IN LIBRARY SCIENCE! Clearly, she is an authority on what is racist and what isn't.

  8. She must have dug really hard to find that cartoon, which tells me she was looking for a reason to send the books back. Time that could have been spent doing something that actually made her library better. But I'm not judging...

  9. She has a library card but is afraid to use it. I'd label her a thankless bitch except for my feelings about dogs.

  10. To quote Dr. Seuss in "Hunches in Bunches."

    "That mind of yours," I heard him say, "is frightfully ga-fluppted. Your mind is murky-mooshy!"
    Will you make it up? Or won't you?
    If you won't you are a wonter.
    Do you understand? Or don't you?
    If you don't your a donter.
    You're a canter if you can't.
    I would really like to help you.
    But you are hopeless, so I shan't."

  11. Dewey was a man of his age. This is, of course, ultra BAD, now. His system, homophobic? Again, a man of his age. Almost anything that WAS good is now bad, Bad, BAD.

  12. MLK wanted a colorblind society. But now being colorblind is racist.

  13. Liz is a liar. She celebrated Dr. Seuss in 2015. It was only when the books came with a Melania letter on White House stationary that she suddenly "woke"

    Was Seuss racist? There is one cartoon from the late 20s that is racist. There are plenty of anti Japanese cartoons he did during WWII that were definitely anti Japanese. You can argue that he did not attack Germans and Italians the way he attacked Japanese Americans. True that. But Seuss was a good Democrat and that is what Democrats like FDR and his supporters did.

  14. "He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone."

  15. There was no bigger racist ever than Margaret Sanger, for chrissakes. Aborting black babies and sterilizing black women was her mission in life.

    Yet this library probably has a "Margaret Sanger Day" every year.

  16. Liz just got her 5 seconds of fame.
    She's about to realize those 5 seconds are expensive.