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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Three reasons not to buy a robot

My dream was a self-driving car to ride along the country lanes of the Greater Pocatalico River Valley on sunny autumn afternoons when I am too old to drive.

I also dreamed of having a robot take care of all my chores, excluding napping of course.

Now I realize, that is a nightmare.

Far from giving people independence, Twiki the Robot will put you under the corporate thumb.

Here are three reasons not to buy a robot: Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.

Three more: Facebook, OnStar, and Twitter.

They are tracking you by the keystroke.

OnStar -- GM's car tracking service -- can disable your vehicle.

Amazon gave us Alexa, who can spy on you as well.

Anyone ever sit there helplessly while Microsoft updated their PC or laptop?

Facebook, Google and Twitter will sell you out in a minute.

All of these are private enterprise.

Imagine what happens when the government decides it needs to regulate the industry.

Computers are bad enough. No thanks on the robots. I'll struggle along in my dotage somehow.


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  1. All of the companies you named are already in bed with the government and censoring un-PC items without the need of being regulated. As for old age, I'm trying to get my daughter to become a registered nurse and marry a doctor. - Elric

  2. This is so sad. I've always been a technology lover, while my wife (R.I.P.) always wanted to get as far away from tech as possible. She got her way, and I got to chop wood; now I'm back in civilization, but it's getting less civilized all the time.

    I'm finding that technology- even before we get to Robbie the Robot stage- is turning on us. Can't trust it at all. "Danger, Will Robinson."

    Still, there's hope. Not much, but then President Donald J. Trump didn't have a chance either, did he?

  3. Rousseau was right about one thing. Advancements in the arts and sciences don't make us better people, and since they can't do that, probably don't make the world a better place, either.

    Put our lives on a long time scale. They are infinitesimally small. Increasing them by a bit with medicines and procedures may make us feel better, but in the big picture make no difference whatsoever. That said, I wouldn't want to give up what we have, I just don't think it is worth one moment of worship. This is where I differ from people like instapundit who constantly ask for "faster, please", especially when it comes to life lengtheners. Our moments on this globe are little more than qualifying exams for something else of more substance.

    I used to read a libertarian finance blog where this kind of worship was going into overdrive about long distance trucking going robot in a few years. He was celebrating this and denigrating everyone who disagreed with him. As far as I can tell, these libertarians are making the same mistakes about telling the future and deciding what it should be that their Marxist nemeses used to make in regard to market forces and prices.

    There are so many unaccounted for variables and circumstances that problems have the potential to mount exponentially.

    If it so happens that we eventually get automatically assisted driving, housekeeping, etc., it will be with a high level of human compatibility, and not the current "we've seen the future so let's force it on everyone" attitude.

    1. Doc, you need to get in NR's face. I'm serious. If I got quality stuff like that from them I'd re up. That is just really good writing.

    2. "Advancements in the arts and sciences don't make us better people, and since they can't do that, probably don't make the world a better place, either."

      Two words: indoor plumbing.
      Two more words: modern dentistry.

      -Mikey NTH

    3. Two names: Jesus and Aristotle. Both had neither.

      One of my majors in college was chemistry. I don't worship it and neither should you. If you read the post you'd know that I don't want to throw anything away. I just said it didn't make us better people.

    4. Mikey, ya left out modern medicine. I've had recent experience with that.

  4. If robots ever achieve sentience, I got twenty sez they won't see any logic in Leftism

    Robo-Cons. Future Shock for Leftards. You know it makes sense.

    1. Darn it, Dave! Now you just made me go and break out some early Devo!! (Shaking my fist) DAVE!!! KHAN!!!

  5. I'm trying to figure how to get a well endowed 30 something blonde to drive me around, but unless my social security starts paying better.............

    1. It's all in the right pick-up line.

      "Hey, sweetheart, come over here and sit on my wallet."

  6. I'm saving my nickels for a hot-looking robot that can walk, talk, clean house, make dinner, be a sentry and bodyguard, chauffeur, and do it without any questions or backtalk. If it can do that and provide sex as well, that's just icing on the cake. Nah, I won't live that long. - Elric

  7. You realize, of course, that those Three Laws of Robotics preclude the chance of ever scoring any make-up sex.

  8. The "Internet of Things" is frighteningly easily hacked.