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Saturday, September 16, 2017

They wrote off Trump. Again

Patrick Buchanan just wrote off Donald Trump.

He joins Bill Kristol, Billy Crystal, and Chrissy Teigen.
Buchanan had been supportive of Trump, mainly because he saw Trump as an isolationist.

But of course, Trump is neither an isolationist nor a neo-conservative.

I like Buchanan, and his latest turn against Trump makes sense if you look upon Trump as a politician.

Which I don't.

From Buchanan:
Trump’s debt-ceiling deal cut the legs out from under the GOP budget hawks. But amnesty would pull the rug out from under all the folks at those rallies who cheered Trump’s promise to preserve the country they grew up in from this endless Third World invasion.
For make no mistake. If amnesty is granted for the 800,000, that will be but the first wave. “There are reasons no country has a rule that if you sneak in as a minor you’re a citizen,” writes Mickey Kaus, author of “The End of Equality,” in the Washington Post.
“We’d be inviting the world. … (An amnesty) would have a knock-on effect. Under ‘chain migration’ rules established in 1965 … new citizens can bring in their siblings and adult children, who can bring in their siblings and in-laws until whole villages have moved to the United States.
“Today’s 690,000 dreamers would quickly become millions of newcomers who may well be low-skilled and who would almost certainly include the parents who brought them – the ones who in theory are at fault.”
Trump is risking a breach in the dam. If the populists who provided him with decisive margins in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania feel betrayed, it’s hard to blame them.
Buchanan then says this could be Trump's "read my lips" moment.

Two things are wrong with the analogy. The first is that it is based on assumptions and presumptions.

The second, this is Trump.

Political gravity does not apply. His voters realize that he is America's last hope. There is no one else. Either he pulls our chestnuts out of the fire, or they burn.

But Kaus makes an excellent point. Barack Obama allowed hundreds of thousands of people in under his Fake Law Dreamer program.

DACA too overrides the rule of law.

But deporting 800,000 DACA illegal aliens is problematic, as Scott Adams of Dilbert fame wrote:
If we believe initial reports from Pelosi, Schumer, and Trump, there will be some sort of deal for greater border security in exchange for allowing DACA folks to stay in the country. But realistically, the DACA folks couldn’t have been rounded up and deported without a civil war. So President Trump traded an imaginary asset (the idea of deporting the DACA folks) for something potentially real in terms of greater border security funding.
Buchanan ended his column:
Secure the border. Halt the invasion of low-wage workers, here legally and illegally, from the Third World. Tighten the labor market to force employers to raise wages in our full-employment economy. Provide tax incentives to companies who site factories in the USA. Impose border taxes on the products of companies who move plants abroad.
Put America and American workers first.
Will any amnesty of undocumented workers do that?
The answer is it could.

It depends on which illegal aliens we keep.

Trump must reserve the right to deport MS-13 gang bangers, convicted felons, suspected terrorists, and assorted minor criminals. Those who cannot speak English should go. Those on welfare should go. Those with fake IDs and the like should go.

But among those 800,000 human beings are potentially good Americans.

This group is the last group that should be deported.

We have 11 million other illegal aliens who came here to break the law. If they work, how did they get Social Security numbers? If they don't, why are they on welfare?

We shall see how this turns out.

I find the harsh stand against compromise puzzling. Eight years ago, Obama refused to work with Republicans on health care. He made a mess.

Getting Pelosi on board carries a price, but she may have an idea that makes her worth it.

President Trump will decide that.

I trust him.

Oh, and those who say he's getting rolled and he is a terrible negotiator might well look at their bank statements. Is it in eleven figures?

Trump went from being a billion dollars in the hole in 1995 to plus $10 billion today.

From "The Art of the Comeback":
One day, while walking down Fifth Avenue, hand in hand with Marla, I pointed across the street to a man holding a cup and with a Seeing Eye dog. I asked, "Do you know who that is?"
Marla said to me: "Yes, Donald. He's a beggar. Isn't it too bad? He looks so sad!"
I said, "You're right. He's a beggar, but he's worth about $900 million more than me." She looked at me and said, "What do you mean, Donald? How could he possibly be worth $900 million more than you?"
I said, "Let's assume he's worth nothing (only from the standpoint of dollars) -- I'm worth minus $900 million."
This was an interesting period of time, because as I told the story I realized in my own mind that what I was saying was true. I also began to realize that I had better get back to work!
I ended "Trump the Establishment" with the words, "Never bet against Donald John Trump."


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  1. Is the title of your next book TRUMP THE BETS?

  2. The president has to ask permission to deport felons? This doesn't sound like a promising starting point for a negotiation. How about offering to write stern letters to lynch mobs and right wing death squads saying that if they don't stop they will be receiving another even more sternly worded missive co-signed by the missus.

  3. Oh, and those who say he's getting rolled and he is a terrible negotiator might well look at their bank statements. Is it in eleven figures?

    As my Dad used to say to the younger people working in the shop with him -

    "Those that think you have the bosses eating out of your hand....would be wise to count your fingers".

    - Ken

  4. Put all illegal aliens - "dreamers" incuded - on double secret probation. Then mandate and strictly enforce E-Verify. Jail and fine everyone who hires, rents to, provides medical care or any taxpayer-funded services to illegal aliens. Put the financial screws to them really hard by simply enforcing the current laws and they will be lining up to self-deport. Oh, and give Canada a heads up! - Elric

  5. Like Scott Adams, the first time I watched candidate Trump give a speech I told my girlfriend that he would win the nomination and win the Presidency. And like Scott Adams, I understood that the positions he was taking were not what he would be able to get through Congress in regards to illegal immigration. (Sorry Ann Coultar. Life's faucets are not either totally hot or totally cold.)

    In the early 1990's, UCLA estimated there were between 3-5 million illegals in LA county alone. After Obama left our borders open am I to to believe that 20-some years later there are only 11 million illegals in the entire country? Or that while the Trump administration has radically curtailed illegal invasion from the south that more illegal aliens have broken into our country since the Inauguration?

    Does any reasonable person not understand that when the car is going 100 mph in the wrong direction one doesn't quickly stop and make a U-Turn?

    The trouble with ideologues on all sides is that they take extremist positions - particularly neo-Cons - and complain when their theories are not implemented. So they pout, posture, write snotty indignant columns, and raise money from wealthy donors that know that these people are key to not just keeping the status quo intact, but to getting the car up to 120 mph.

    1. As with Opioid crisis, the illegal alien invasion in this country is totally out of control (and they are interrelated). President Trump is on it. Don't know when Pat's column was printed, but President Trump has made it clear that he will not sign anything to do with chain-migration or citizenship for the "Dreamers". If the Dems/GOPe want to go into the 2018 mid-terms.....

      Sorry, but reversing decades of the out of control invasion of our country is not as simple as driving up to the take-out window and shouting, "hold the pickles and ketchup on my burger". Anyone that thinks differently has no more maturity then the immature crazies demonstrating in the streets. Extremist positions are why this country has allowed itself to be invaded, continues to be invaded, and why we find that the country we grew up in no longer exists.

      Like President Trump, Scott Adams is truly brilliant. Take 14 minutes and learn what is really going on.

      - Ken

  6. Who cares what that anti-Semitic butthole Buchanan thinks?

  7. Don I have posted this on the treehouse in comments, but I hope it will be of interest to you.
    Here is my assessment of what Pres Trump is doing. Bear with my logic.
    Firstly, he genuinely wants every American to have the opportunity to have a better life. That means jobs. To get jobs, he has to get the economy booming which means tax cuts, regulation cuts, bringing trillions parked overseas back, bring companies back. It also means public works which will also create jobs and stimulate the economy, although this will add to the deficit in the short term.

    He is up against the globalists in both parties but more so the Republicans, who do not want to do this. The only way he is going to get the border wall funded, tax cuts he wants, and so on, is by the globalists changing their minds (no), being forced to co operate (no), or to bargain with them something they want for something he wants (possible).

    What does he have that they might want? Nothing much, except maybe DACA. He can sign it into law if they produce a bill, or he can refuse to. He has already put a deadline on them. There is also the threat of closing the government down.

    I believe Pres Trump has decided that if he is to do the most good for the most people, he has to sacrifice his reputation on the DACA promise, in order to get something bigger. Yes the man is sacrificing himself, and like Christ, he is being flayed right left and centre and being betrayed by people who should know better.

    He is a gambler, he is gambling that he will have enough time to woo back supporters before 2020, if he can get the economy booming.

    Of course, to make the whole thing plausible, he has to show great enthusiasm for DACA.

    I don’t think the average supporter realizes just what a weak hand the President has, to do anything meaningful, with the Rinos there able to block him at every turn on the funding of anything he wants. They are even blocking their own conservative judge appointments. McConnell has refused flatly to drop the 60 rule in the Senate, which he could do, to get things through. Remember they all 100% blocked him on recess appointments. He has to dangle something in front of them, and this DACA thing, working with Democrats, is about the best hand he has. He has realized this from his inauguration, which is why he broke that promise to stop DACA on day 1. Risked losing supporters in order to keep the ace up his sleeve.

    I consider Pres Trump to be a very brilliant great man, and America is lucky to have him. Whether America deserves that luck, remains to be seen. The type of supporters he has, seem to think they don’t have to do anything except whip him and leave him when he doesn’t do something the way they think it should be done. He has flogged himself 7 days a week for over two years, and has methodically done as much as he can, yet people ignore all that he has done, and still at the least little thing, scream out. Oh ye of little faith.

  8. The commies at Politico are threatening the socialists now: Do not deal with Hitler! The Right's former storm trooper Buchanan, whom even B Buckley denounced, is warning Hitler to not deal with Stalin! At least Don has gotten some good posts out of the turmoil. What will Trump do? Well he is a rich liberal yesterday conservative today Republican with a (true) heart of gold. The DACA will stay to all get their advanced degrees in Higgs Boson physics and no chain migration will be in the law. But then the SC will get involved after the law is attacked by liberal activists and lo, the chain saw will very likely be ruled unconstitutionally cruel by the weepers in black. In fact this has has already occurred with just a bare hint Kennedy could still actually do his duty, so I could wrong of course. But who wants to be a meanie? Remember Gay Marriage...
    In the meantime a happy hour tax bill will have been passed that mysteriously juices the economy only a little, causing the debt to stroke out.This is because the rich, who pay 85% of the taxes, won't be helped.Even the NYT was complaining the wealthy weren't spending under their Dark King of RFs. Because of this one fact, Trump and the US will struggle some. Indeed the lie will be put out that the rich got richer Because Schumer will never sign on if State taxes are not deductable and he will blame Hitler. Inspite of sounding angelic, Middle class tax cuts alone do zero. All marginal rates have to fall, as they did under St Reagan, to be effective. After all 50% of Americans already pay no income tax at all
    Will the Apples of the world repatriate money? Not if there is a better deal elsewhere, to do anything else would be corporate malfeasance. Interest rates are higher all over the world compared to the US. Why waste 25-30% of your back up savings when you can keep them and get 2x Tbill rates or more on them doing nothing too risky. The world is not safe now, may never be, NK, Iran, ISIS, Bezos, huge debt burdens everywhere. The Democrats will never give Trump the 15% rate he needs to become king for 6 more years. They prefer to create a desert and call it peace, as a great man one said.
    Don Will have plenty to write about for a long time.

  9. Buchanan is not to be fobbed off lightly. His history books are quite insightful (although the knee-jerk Buchanan-haters would never think to actually read one). But he falls into the "slippery slope" formula. That's great for dictators, but hardly applies here. Trump has to work with Washington, an entire bureaucratic and legislative monolith which is completely opposed to him. The Republicans thought they had him over a barrel - he HAS to work with us, since there's nobody else, and we can be as stubborn and mulish as we want. But the Dems, disgusting as they are, are the alternative, and if the R's won't budge, the D's will, since they want to win something. And that's something Trump can use. And that's fine with me, as long as the D's don't win too much.

    If Trump has the self-control (which I think he does) to maneuver with the Dems to get something useful without blowing it all by yacking about his plans, he'll likely succeed. He has four years during which he can withstand the more hysterical criticism; all will be forgiven if he gets something majorly useful in the end.

  10. Sarah Huckabee (or whatever her name is) gave the press a few points

    “end to sanctuary cities, expedited removal, more immigration judges, supporting things like the RAISE Act"

    Chuckie gets a legal DACA.


  11. The problem with making a deal with the Dimocrats is that they never uphold their end of it. Never! He better get that "increased border security" first (the wall) before he gives amnesty to the Dreamers. If he lets the Dimocrats roll him like they did Reagan and Bush 41 on taxes he will lose his base. GOC

    1. Dems in 1986 close the border after amnesty. Reagan did amnesty, but no border closure.

  12. I don't want ANY of the illegal alien invaders to be allowed to stay. Why should they? Again, if they are working they are using someone else's SS and taking a job from an AMERICAN. If they are on
    welfare and living from a life of crime and dropping anchor rats why are they such a catch? Those are the ONLY two ways they could be existing here, in MY country. If I was in charge, there would be a 20 year stop on ALL immigration. Permanent on koranimals.

    1. After having the same WV drivers license number for thirty years I was notified by the WV DMV that I had to come in with beaucoup documentation to prove my identity. It seems someone used my SSN (probably just made it up, but it happened to match mine) to get a license somewhere else. When I showed up I was livid. The lady tried to be nice and diplomatic, but I kept insisting that she tell me what precipitated thos fiasco. She finally told me that it appeared an illegal alien had used my SSN to apply for a drivers license in another state. We need to deport ALL illegal aliens. To hell with amnesty, even a limited one. - Elric

  13. I stand with Trump. He is doing what is possible first. After our IRMA power outage, the crews fixed the lines that affected the most people first. Then they went on according to "how many people does this help" You can't fix it all at once. But I am seeing a fustust with the mostust attack from the best president in my 53 years.

  14. I've sort of come to the conclusion that Trump's primary motivation is to be loved. The Republicans have spurned him. So now he will get his love from the Democrats.

  15. Which is more likely?

    Scenario 1: DJT just conned the Dem leaders into supporting the wall-funding budget now by noncommittally hinting at a DACA "deal" someday... maybe... assuming a bill ever makes it to his desk (which it won't, if this session goes like last time).

    Scenario 2: The guy who built a 10 billion dollar company, wrote "Art of the Deal," single-handedly defeated the political/media monolith to get elected, stared down China and put us on pace for 3% growth-- and who has been assumed to be "corrupted" or "compromised" by his supposedly-loyal base at least once a week since he took office-- got played for a sucker by Nancy (Which President is this?) Pelosi and Chuck (Crying on TV makes me look as manly as Obama!) Schumer.

    Show some backbone, people.

    (I posted this in the comment section of a video of Ann Coulter crying that Trump betrayed her. No replies.)

  16. There are thirty million of them. They have to self deport but will not if we grant amnesty.