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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The joy of Hillary's book tour

What a time to be a conservative. Not only did we elect Donald Trump president, but we now get to hear the lamentations of their women as Princess Hillary makes her excuse-laden book tour.

The interviews by dowager journalists who over-identified with her are a hoot. The lame excuses diminish her. The firebrand feminist is reduced to Damsel in Distress, denied her birthright by the deplorable American people.

Check that. The irredeemably deplorable American people.

Small wonder that her favorables are falling. It is not that she is a loser. It is that she is a sore loser. But the media seems only vaguely aware of that as they send their Jane Pauleys to give her sympathy.

Listen to the song of her people.

HILLARY: "Losing is my biggest regret, and losing to someone who was not qualified and did not have the experience or the temperament to be president of the United States. That is my biggest regret."


This is eating her alive.

She is replaying her loss over and over and over again.

Tamara Keith of NPR interviewed her and wrote:
Clinton had plans — so many plans — for combating the opioid crisis, for helping people in coal country, for creating jobs through infrastructure spending and more.
"I talked about it, but I didn't really convey the emotional resonance," she said.
While Trump was sending a signal to voters by talking about making America great again, bringing back coal jobs and building a wall, Clinton's detailed plans didn't break through.
Inadvertently, Keith let the truth seep through. The American people did not like her plans. They liked his.

What was her plan for West Virginia? She wanted to turn coal miners into computer programmers.

But coal miners did not want to be computer programmers. They wanted to be coal miners. President Trump said OK, I'll re-open the mines.

This left Hillary flabbergasted. All she knew about coal mining was the song "Sixteen Tons."

Keith wrote:
In an election decided by fewer than 100,000 votes in three states, Clinton argues any number of factors could have decided the election.
In an interview with Jane Pauley, Hillary blamed Comey, Russia, Wikileaks, Facebook, Fake News, voter ID laws, and misogyny. And Bernie.

In her mind's eye, being out of touch with the American people and eight years of failed Democratic Party policies had nothing to do with it.

I said throughout the campaign that this was an ideas election.

The media said it was about personalities.

Who got the election results right?

But the media has not adjusted. The media is just as much in denial today as she is.


From Politico's book review:
While Clinton seeks to exonerate herself and takes rhetorical shots at others in "What Happened," she’s also more introspective than usual, opening a window into her thinking and her emotions at pivotal moments on the campaign trail. In a refreshingly earnest passage, she explains why she made a second bid for the presidency in 2016. “I ran for president because I thought I’d be good at the job,” she writes. “I thought that of all the people who might run, I had the most relevant experience, meaningful accomplishments, and ambitious but achievable proposals, as well as the temperament to get things done in Washington. … In short, I thought I’d be a damn good president.”
It’s an honest admission from a candidate that, fairly or not, was criticized for failing to be “authentic.” All serious candidates run because they think they’d be great at the job, but few state it so plainly as their reason.
What Happened?

She still does not have a clue.

Neither does the media.

My readers do. You are very, very smart people. I have met a few of you. You include doctors. Engineers. Even a physicist.  I have had to up my game since retiring, and I appreciate it.

I don't believe in karma. But this is schadenfreude. Oh, how I love to see our enemy driven before us.


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  1. "In short, I thought I’d be a damn good president.”

    62 million voters disagreed.

  2. There was that moment when she said, before a live audience in, possibly, West Va? something like, "And we will close those coal mines!" and the people gazed at her in shocked and somewhat hostile silence, and mz clinton, surprised and clueless, said to her assistant, "Isn't that right, Tim?" Perhaps she thought she was speaking on wall street at the time and took the wrong pages, but watching that, I thought, Wow, was that the wrongest possible thing to say.

  3. I don't get the point, if there is one, with the book and the tour, unless as therapy. They don't need the money.

    Maybe it's the fact that they know that no one else is going to step up and try to vindicate them at this point and it is an attempt to have the last word. If future historians have to rely on her for the record, she gets to write it.

    Unfortunately for her and her fawning legacy media, we have this electronic thing, and a few authors of our own.

  4. Hillary's greatest accomplishment was getting Trump elected. so she has that going for her.

    but my god, what a pathological monster she is. lying, lying, lying. it is very sweet to see her melting down over and over again in public.

  5. Personality DID play a part, though, and hers was more toxic. Trump's was more upbeat.

  6. When she went to Trump's inauguration with Bill she must have been weeping blood, but she went, showing real courage, I thought anyway. This book reveals whatever fortitude she had then has diminished considerably, exposing to view perhaps her own true nature of self mendacity as well as that of her media sycophants, who even now stand at attention before the Royal Tomb waving fans to cool her hot flashing brow. But, Soon they will be the manacled consorts for another RF, leaving her in darkness and eventual obscurity.
    How can she leave her granite fortress and walk again Among the living? Work for DT. Yes I sound insane, but it is the Only way. It is quantum politics, to be in two states of existence at once, the magical but actual underlying state of the world as it really is. A triumph for DT too, and, as Don might say, a move that will drive his enemies before him into the sea.

  7. Hillary used much of the United States as her whipping boy to appeal to the rest of the United States and her international donors. Coal country, rural agricultural America, the oil patch, heavy manufacturing, down and out America, normals, legal immigrants, people who work with their hands were all targets of her ire. And they spit and hissed back at her "vision" of her entitlement and plans to raid anything Obama didn't finish off. She failed. She has failed repeatedly. As First Lady policy geek with health care, as a Senator, as SOS, as presidential candidate TWICE with the entire Democratic party system behind her. She was a terrible and unsuccessful lawyer (except for crooked dealings) in Little Rock and a crappy wife in a terrible marriage to an unsuitable partner. Now she is showing failure as a mature adult who accepts the vicissitudes of life. Go away Hillary!

  8. They need to send JOAN LUNDEN. A home for Mom.

  9. Your loyal readers and commenters also include an astrophysicist, in case you were curious about the makeup of your audience.

    1. I am privileged. Really. Lot of small businessmen (and women) as well.I am blessed.

  10. It is incredible to me that she has such hubris and a lack of self-awareness. This "book" should never have been written, let alone to go out on tour promoting it.

  11. I see a lonely irrelevant old personality disordered woman with Parkinsons. She has no one who cares enough to say "enough". Sad. CDM.

  12. She will live out the rest of her days in her self-made hell. Reliving her defeat and loss of what was destined to be hers. Hahahahahaha. And as POTUS Trump becomes more popular and wins easy reelection, her hell will become more and more painful. Hahahahahaha. No one deserves this more.

  13. You will be a pitchfork volunteer on the lake of fire I can see that Schlongvester

    1. I may also be on the receiving end of some pitchforks. I have by no means been an angel all of my life, but HRC is in a class by herself.

  14. What happened? God happened.

    1. If God happened how do you explain Paul Ryan and the Türdle?

  15. I was a software developer during the dotcom wave.

    Now a 13 year veteran cop.

    At first I thought Trump was was just grandstanding, but I started to listen to what he had to say. Sure as heck was more authentic than any slick Republican out there and most certainly more authentic than Hillary who changed her speaking to
    pander for votes.

    - Texasdude

  16. Her cranial cavity is a rubber-lined room, and what's left of her brain is bouncing off the walls in there.

  17. Trump has a house in the islands, a house in Charlottesville, a house in West Palm and a house in DC--but he lives rent-free in Hillary's head.

    That's how the rich get richer!

    1. Dang! That's about what I was going to say. Hillary has to live with her campaign going down in flames under Donald Trump's guns for the rest of her life. The schadenfreude is overwhelming. - Elric

  18. She is an absolutely horrible evil and immoral soulless monster. That this incompetent lying criminal was so close to the presidency is disturbing. Good column Don, and the usual good comments from the surberites.

  19. This dame has always reminded me of Elena Ceausescu and Madame Jiang absent the charm. May she feel the contempt she's earned until she at last leaves this planet.

  20. "DAMNIT, ITS MY TURN!!!" -- Felonia von Pantsuit

  21. Let's face it, Killary hates coal because it's black. Racism, straight up, as Jeaneane Garofalo (btw, whatever happened to her?) once notably told Keef Olbermann before he went to a commercial break and spent it beating her viciously like he did his concubine Katy Tur.