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Friday, September 15, 2017

Presidential flocculation

What you are witnessing in Washington is flocculation, which is the process in which a clarifying agent turns certain pollutants -- colloids -- into flakes, which you then remove from the water. Readers with chemical degrees and the like can better explain it.

But when you are draining a swamp, you may wish to treat its waters first to reduce the danger of disease and the like.

President Trump is the clarifying agent.

In the last two years, President Trump has cleared conservatism of its corporate corruption, kicking to the curb many of the tax-exempt think-tanks and the people they employ.

Trump exposed the Fox News All-Stars for the hacks they are.

Or shall I say, Fake Conservatives.

For example, for decades they complained about activist judges, but when push came to shove -- with the Supreme Court hanging in balance -- they did not support the one candidate who promised to nominate the next justice from a list that included Neil Gorsuch.

Their sanctimony was a nuisance that became an amusement after Trump took South Carolina, and I knew for sure -- to quote Peggy Noonan in another context -- it was over.

Conservatism has passed Noonan and others by. Their vision of America as an open-border magnet for the world's down and out is contrary to American history, as well as the best interest of the country.

While they view illegal immigration in romantic terms, the fact is the Know Nothings gave us Ellis Island, which was used to screen people entering the country. It closed the border, at least from Europe.

Not every person was approved. And English was a requirement of citizenship, although not residency. One of my great grandpas was never a citizen. He spoke six languages. None of them were English.

That Noonan and her ilk have the same stance on illegal immigration as liberals tells a lot.

Reagan's stance on illegal immigration was clear. He opposed it.

But illegal immigration was just one clarifier.

Make America Great Again was another.

Never Trumpers wince at the phrase. They see it as xenophobic, Islamophobic, and racist.

Add sexist and homophobic and you have Hillary's basket of deplorables.

Guess what Reagan's slogan was: Make America Great.

But the best flocculation comes from Trump himself. He is boastful, bombastic, combative, and victorious.

It is the last of those attributes that is his worst vice in their eyes. They call themselves Reagan conservatives, but they are Bob Michel Republicans.

He served in the House for 38 years, including his last 14 years as minority leader. Republicans never were a majority in his tenure. He did not seek re-election in 1994 -- when Republicans won the House back under Newt Gingrich.

Michel is not to blame for what happened from January 3, 1957 to January 3, 1995, which were his 38 years in Congress. But I will note that the Great Society and other Democratic disasters -- and a few good things as well -- happened on his watch.

Winning would have stopped the excesses of liberalism.

As Vince Lombardi said, winning isn't everything; it is the only thing.

And winning brings clarification.

In this case, through flocculation.


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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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  1. come on Don, Reagan fucked the country big time with his amnesty! his real slogan was Make America Mexico Again

    1. As I mentioned before, he's not going for Amnesty, but there's a good chance he'll allow Parole.

    2. Even a week ago, I would have disagreed. Even now, I don't think it's on purpose to fk the country. I believe his whole thing is adulation...fame...and being infamous wasn't good enough. He wanted to be like Chuckie -- "He likes me! He really likes me!"

      I can't do it anymore.

    3. Think the Dems stabbed him in the back when they did not go for immigration enforcement w/c has been Reagan's devil deal w/ the Dems. Amnesty for immigration enforcement. W/c would have worked if only the Dems kept the deal.
      As to how, it would have meant a clean slate w/c meant it would have been easier for immigration to enforce the law.

    4. Reagan got rolled on taxes as well. Republicans never learn that you can't trust Dimocrats. They will never keep their side of the deal. GOC

  2. The Never Trumpers are like the French cabinet members who voted to oppose Hitler reoccupation of the Rhineland with force in the 1930s.they knew they would be out voted but would look good to their supporters. Hitler never looked back. If HC had been elected, the Dems would never need to look back either but the NT would have nice jobs writing notes to each other for Koch cash.
    As for Reagan, his achievements changed world history forever and he saved the USA from it's worst government in 100 years. He also left office 20 years ago. Most of our problems occurred after him. Our problems on the left are unrelated to his amnesty move but more related the the academy, which then and now hated his guts, and for good reason.

  3. Trump exposed the Fox News All-Stars for the hacks they are.

    Hacks is right.

  4. I'm OK with Hispos. They work like hell. Call me a filthy capitalist, but there was no greater sight than watching them descend on my pretty Windveil Blue Pony Car, like a pack of bees, and sumbitch my baby was clean as a whistle afterwards. Well, mostly. I say, deport the blacks, followed by the Muzzies. I'm only partly joking.

    1. Shady Grove road, just up from 355 for the locals. Damned good job.

    2. shame about all the drunk driving, crime, kiddie rapes, welfare cheating, and littering that comes along with the cheap car washing.

    3. Even when they march through the streets waving Mexican flags and HS's can't fly our own at ball games, because it's "offensive"?

    4. Any Hispanic waving the Mexican flag should be immediately deported to Mexico. Lf they're so proud of Mexico what are they doing here? GOC

  5. Donald Trump and only do so much to "drain the swamp". He's slowly cutting back bureaucratic departments.

    The real draining will be done by the voters, as he continues to force the Uni-party members that work for the special interests and lobbyists rather then their own constituents to expose themselves. The 2018 mid-terms will be historic. People are no longer buying the "I hate Congress but my rep is OK" nonsense. Obamacare is strangling not just those on it and those that can't afford it, but also those whose wages are lower because their employer has to pay the outrageous premiums so they pay lower salaries. What the h is Congress doing to right this wrong? Hiding behind one another.

    Even what were thought to be safe (primarily Democrat) House seats in areas of California are jump balls. Fed up voters are not going to give up after just the one election in 2016. This country is a mess and it's totally due to the politicians in Washington, DC. They are not going to continue to get away with their games (check out the accelerated write-off's Paul Ryan is putting into the tax bill for real estate - it will force a bubble that will give investors windfall profits in the short-term, but they will sell into the bubble, and the next real estate crash will make 2007-2012 look mild).

    Lot's of People PAC's are onto the politicians and will be educating voters in 2018.

    1. Dead on. The voters need replace the uniparty establishment Congress critters with patriots. And I can't find anywhere in my copy of the U.S. Constitution where the federal government has the authority to regulate or the requirement to provide health care. - Elric

    2. well said, and true.

  6. Wow, Bob Michel reference. You're kung fu is storng.

  7. The drawing looks like my septic treatment plant. More appropriate for the pices of $hit in D.C.

  8. Yup, time for them swamp critters to get the floc outa here.