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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NFL ratings kneel down 23% in two years

Reports that NFL viewership dropped 11% from a year ago tell only half the story of the damage Colin Kaepernick has done to the league. Viewership in the first two weeks in 2016 was 12% from 2015.

Kaepernick is the de facto commissioner of a league in racial turmoil.

He is calling the shots.

By taking a knee during the playing of the "Star-Spangled Banner," Kaepernick has led a revolt by black players who make up roughly two-thirds of the rosters on the teams.

Most are millionaires, true. But all the owners are billionaires. They see a disparity that fans do not appreciate. I try to look at the other fellow's side.

Owners are scared of losing their phony baloney jobs, and are siding with the protesters, who increasingly are ostracizing those who love the country and the flag.

That's because fans however are mainly thousandaires.

Do you see how this works?

The people who watch the NFL programs see the protest as a rebuke of a nation that has allowed a large group of poor and middle-class young men acquire great wealth through hard work.

Last year, regular season ratings fell 8 percent. Fox was down 6%, CBS 7%, NBC 10%, and ESPN 13%.

The league's ratings this weekend did not fall as liberals flocked to watch the game in defiance of the president.

That likely will not last.

Already, players are saying they are not dishonoring the flag.

What part of "Star-Spangled Banner" do they not understand? The song honors the Battle of Fort McHenry, September 13-14, 1814, when the flag and the fort survived a night of British cannon fire.

Francis Scott Key wrote of seeing the flag still standing ("O say can you see, by the dawn's early light...") which was a sign of the American victory in holding the fort and the city of Baltimore.

As an American, I defend their right to peaceful protest (this is not free speech, per se, but just as God-given a right).

Let them, however, respect my right to criticize them and to turn my television to another channel.


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  1. Well, we are watching the Golden goose being strangled. The Black players probably don't understand that there's no coming back. White tribalism is stepping out in self defense.

    The NFL Owners were afraid to call Kaepernick on the carpet. At that point, the rest of this was inevitable. Straight out fact is this.....this is about race.... anyone that says different is naive at best. White folks are threatened by Black thug behavior. And that problem is spreading. The easiest way to stop this is to cut off the money. Trump calling for a boycott has killed the NFL. Trump's people buy the tickets and gear. What? You think Antifa spends money on the NFL? What about BLM?

    When the five Police Officers were killed in Dallas....and the NFL refused to honor them while giving BLM political cover....I knew it was finished.

    Personally, I no longer care about the NFL. It's going to take a while for it to die.

    1. Today the Green Bay Packers sent a communication to their fans encouraging them to stand up and link arms during the National Anthem.


      What is this? North Korea? Communist China?

      Here's an idea for the NFL to consider.....

      Before the game all players, coaches and the team team owner can link arms and take a knee as the Cowboys did Monday night. Then the fans can parade past, and the kneelers can kiss the fans azzes.

      - Ken


  2. As a hard working thousandaire, I concur

  3. The Negro Football League is a dead man walking. If it doesn't find a way to deal with the CTE issue, it will end up being regulated out of existence by the government just like cigarettes.

  4. The irony here is that liberals have been trying to kill the NFL for the last ten years. Now the NFL is doing all the work for them. Pete Rozelle would not have let this get out of hand like this. - GOC

    1. The irony is that while the liberals in the past wanted to kill the nfl, they are now defending it!

  5. A thousand NFL player arrests, here is the database list from USA Today going back to 2000. 2017 looks like it will be a record breaking year! About 1,000 arrest since 2000. Huge amount of domestic violence and beating up their girlfriends!!

    1. The vast majority of those arrested are black. So, while 75% of the league is black, 95% of the thugs are black. As Michael Savage says, nfl stands for national felon league.

  6. For me, my rejection of the NFL goes well beyond the National Anthem protests. I stopped watching several years ago. When the NFL made sure that Ray Lewis was not charged with a crime I started to see That they were willing to harbor criminals for the sake of money. When the NFL made sure that Ray Rice was not charged with a crime I knew that what I suspected was in fact true. And when they caved to public pressure and gave him a hand slap I was done. Then when they wouldn't let the Dallas players wear arm band to commemorate the slain Dallas police officers, I realized how leftist the NFL has become. So far as I'm concerned, the kneeling is just the NFL delivering its coup de grace to itself.

  7. Jocks are pampered from the get-go. Sometimes in jr high, through high school, through college, into the pros.
    They are, for the most part, egotistical spoiled brats who have had all their urges met.
    Generally speaking, Jocks are Jerks. NFL today is no surprise.

  8. Kneeling, as anyone can see, makes it a dead-certain deal to shoot oneself in the foot. Which they are doing.

  9. I quit watching major league baseball after the strike in 92. I quit watching the nba in the early 2000's when I believed if the players were not professional athletes most would be in jail. I quit reading any newspapers in the late 2000's when I realized they were nothing but propaganda arms for the dems and communists. I don't miss any of them. Up to this year I would watch the nfl every Sunday, Monday and Thursday. That stopped this year. I will not miss the nfl either. They need me more than I need them.

  10. Actually ratings were down for Today Night Football. Coincidently, on Monday ESPN changed the way they reported viewership.

  11. I don't understand how they interpret kneeling as DISrespecting the flag. Don't people in church kneel in prayer? Don't prospective grooms kneel before the object of their affections? Don't people about to receive knighthood kneel before the monarch? It's a sign of respect. So, if the NFL wants to save itself, they'd better start spinning the narrative that their intention was always to show their deep, almost religious, respect for the flag; so deep, that standing hand over heart did not do justice to the depth of their feeling; so overcome with gratitude and appreciation of the kindliness, bounty, opportunity, etc. of this country were they that they spontaneously fell onto their knee in a posture of submission to a higher power.
    Yeah, I'll buy that along with my popcorn.

  12. Here in The Great South Land, we're seeing the same combination of sports and social justice in the Australian Football League. Attendance numbers are not falling but AFL management is definitely getting some negative feedback.
    We are currently in the middle of a campaign over same sex marriage. AFL headquarters modified the large and presumably expensive sign bearing its logo to swap AFL for YES. That modification stayed in place for just a day.
    The AFL said publicly that it was never intended to stay up longer than that. Colour me skeptical.

  13. Unless it's an Army-Navy game and you're the chaplain, you've no business on your knees.

  14. If you don't love it, leave it
    Let this song I'm singin be a warnin
    When you're kneelin for The Anthem, man
    You're walkin on the fightin side of me

    Merle, with a little tweak in the chorus lyric.

  15. Funny watching Popovich go into the "fellow white people routine".

    1. i would love to strangle that shit headed asshole. hope kharma sends a drunk driving illegal his way.

  16. The saddest part of all of this is that tens of thousands of young black inner city boys grow up thinking/dreaming that they will be the next Kaeperdick and the NFL, or other pro sport, will be their ticket out of the ghetto! There are numerous black Americans who have made great successes out of their lives, in business, education, science and so on. But to these kids, going to school and working hard at being way too WHITE.

    The modern black America, in it's unwavering support of Black Lives Matter, and the social justice meme....has sentenced itself to a future of slavery that is far worse than we saw in 1861....with little to no hope of rising out of it.

    This entire mess demonstrates what happens when ignorance is rewarded with money!