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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Maybe National Review was always this bad

Theodore Kupfer -- "a National Review Institute William F. Buckley Fellow in Political Journalism" - had a unique take on ESPN commentator Jemele Hill calling President Trump a “white supremacist.”

And by unique, I mean totally off the wall.

Wrote Kupfer:
Yet after Hill’s tweet, the president’s press secretary chimed in, appearing to recommend that Hill be fired. And over the last twelve hours, the president called football players sons of bitches and scolded a basketball player and his team. If people are genuinely upset that politics has entered the arena, they should know who to blame.
Sure, blame the victim.

Hill calls him a “white supremacist,” and it is his fault.

Stephen Curry refused to go to the White House. Trump rescinded the invitation. But somehow once again, it is also Trump's fault.

One of the few things I know about good writing is it has to make sense. Kupfer's argument doesn't.

I am not saying the president is not enjoying this distraction, however, he didn't start this feud.

He will finish it, and the track record shows the other side will be the worse for wear.

I expect conservatives to make better arguments than this.

But the magazine's willingness to allow Hillary to flip the Supreme Court liberal for the next 40 years, its willingness to devalue American citizenship to where any "undocumented person" can vote, and its willingness to continue the bureaucratic strangulation  of the economy are testament to its inherent Fake Conservatism.

The good news is we elected President Trump without any help from National Review.

The better news is we will re-elect him without them as well.


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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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  1. So it's Trump's fault that ESPN and NFL ratings are collapsing? Oh.

    You'd think that CEOs would have worked it out by now. Chick-fil-A and Ivanka's clothing line sold lots when they were criticised by the Left. Kelloggs faceplanted when they went SJW, and now ESPN and the NFL are doing the same. How odd.

    1. Did those CEO's major in business or modern dance?

    2. In modern dance they teach you not to face plant on the opening step.

  2. There's no turning back for NR. Go to the comments sections, there are way more leftists there agreeing with the writers than there are conservatives. Sad, I used to really enjoy Goldberg and some of the others.

    1. I did, too, until 2016, when they went crazy.

  3. Not only will we re-elect him, but in 2024 we'll elect our country's first female president----Ivanka! Bwahahahaha!!!!
    Well, maybe not, but it would be hilarious if it happened; if that wouldn't be enough to stick Killary six feet under, I don't know what would. Other than a wooden stake through the heart (if she had one), I mean.

  4. ....."Maybe National Review was always this bad".....

    No, I don't think it was always this bad. I was in high school in the early 60's and my dad was a subscriber. He told me that William F Buckley was a true "wordsmith". I always had a pretty good interest in the written word so loved to read his work, always fascinated by the language he used so well. I enjoyed it very much back in the day.

    I think Reagan was the last "people's POTUS". After that we started a slide to the left, the "deep state" having more and more influence with each passing year.

    Conservativism was...well...."conservative". But in reality NO true conservative would see a place for "royalty" in America. But the deep state did. And the leading conservative intellectuals did also, thinking there was indeed a place in conservativism for an "elite" bunch of thinkers.....and they fancied themselves part of it. Ever since then there gold cufflinks have managed to get in the way, most of the time they were writing!

    60 million + of decent conservative hard working Americans decided that these folks no longer were preaching what we believed but something that looked more and more like a rapidly evolving liberal ideology....stage managed by the "elitists" of the deep state....which of course included the NR!

    The anti-Trump hit piece was the last breath of a terminally ill institution. I don't know just exactly how that fit into their business plan for success in the future but don't think it was thought out well.....or perhaps they don't care anymore.

    They are the enemy now, never know what's coming next. I wonder if WFB can see this all>


  5. On the subject, what I posted at Instapundit:

    "Wow. So the NFL - which markets itself as patriotic and pro-American - has had a grandstander spreading around a behavior that the fans see as unpatriotic and un-American. Trump picks at this. And instead of ignoring Trump's Taunts(c) the NFL decides to go up against him. Which emphasizes to the fans that the behavior is un-American and unpatriotic. And then the usual fringe "deep-thinkers" of elected Democrat officials call for more display of what Trump has called - and the fans see - as un-American and unpatriotic behavior.

    So a piece of the entertainment industry has wounded its own self with its audience, and the Democrats have voluntarily tied themselves to the idea of being un-American and unpatriotic. Not since the Reagan years has it been so hilarious to be a conservative patriotic American."

    -Mikey NTH

  6. I admired WFB for his vocabulary
    and mellifluous speech. I didn't always agree with him, but hey, I don't always agree with anybody. What with the ideological drift at NR, he must be spinning in his grave. - Elric

  7. When they didn't support Mark Steyn, they lost me.

    1. And it looks like Steyn will prevail. I hope he rubs NR's nose in it as only he can. - Elric

  8. Conservatism turned into failure theater and now the time lag between it and radical progressives is about three minutes. Waiting for NR to publish "the conservative case for incest and pedophilia" and have all the big names sign on to the article.

  9. There were several signals along the way, but for me NRO's 2010 endorsement of McCain over JD Hayward did it. The NeverTrump stuff of late is just crappy icing on a stale cake.

  10. I haven't visited NR's site since just before the election. Hoping they are dying a slow agonizing death. They sure had a lot of people fooled for a long time. Turns out they were "New World Order" conservatives, meaning fake through and through and toiling away for years to stealthily change the meaning of the word. When they tossed out Pat Buchanan that should have been the first and only clue people needed to discern the rot.