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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Harvey blows away the resistance

Michael Goodwin of the New York Post senses what many readers sense, and that is the flip in American politics. While the devils in the press portrayed as a defeat President Trump's debt ceiling compromise, the president brought both sides together.

The vote was 316 to 90 in the House, and 80 to 17 in the Senate.

From Goodwin:
The numbers shout that we are witnessing a potential turning point in the Trump presidency, one that could further shake up Washington and rattle the calcified political parties.
Frustrated by the failure of GOP majorities in both chambers to pass his agenda, Trump followed through on threats to work with Democrats.
Signs suggest it was not a one-off deal, as the president already is discussing other topics with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi.
The hurricanes Harvey and Irma have brought clarity to Washington.

The people of Houston and elsewhere in Texas showed a cooperation that shamed the politicians. Guys in boats were trolling their neighborhoods searching for people to rescue. It was Mark 4:19 time.

Not familiar with the passage? Mark 4:19: "And He saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men."

A nation drunk on politics suddenly was watching people struggle to survive four feet of rainfall.

That was sobering.

America changed. Instantly.

A month ago, we were debating the removal of Confederate statues. Some were willing to risk civil war over this.

The Antifa and its Democratic Party masters thought they had treed President Trump. He told the truth and said many sides were responsible for violence. Telling the truth is a crime. The thought police and their virtue signalers went ape.

But then Antifa showed its fascist side, and Nancy Pelosi denounced them.

And then came Harvey.

And now Irma.

Reality forced people to climb down from their high horses, and get busy.

American government is built on compromise. Ryan and McConnell are good men who are lousy leaders. Hate Harry Reid all you want, but he got Obama nominated and elected, and shoved through Obamacare.

Such leadership is lacking among the Big Four: Pelosi, Schumer, Ryan and McConnell.

And really, it is not in Trump's training to mediate legislation.

But here were are. Five people -- the Big Four and President Trump -- faced the likely ignominy of a political food fight over hurricane relief. They decided to punt -- right inside the 20. December is a perfect time to discuss the debt ceiling. Congress acts only when forced to.

Shaving and lipstick are wonderful inventions. The former forces men to look at their faces each day. The latter does the same for women.

I get the feeling that after Harvey, a few senators and congressmen did not like what they were seeing each day.

Constant turmoil was not what they signed up for.

The resistance was futile, and in the end tiny, tiny, tiny.

Now it is over.


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  1. "good men", certainly not "god men". XOXO

  2. This could be the turning point that Scott Adams predicted. President Trump could end up even higher on the Republican totem pole than President Reagan. And resistance is futile: The GOPe and the Democrat Party will be assimilated. - Elric

  3. Well said, Don. I read this while enjoying Florida weather.
    As for me, I have given up on both big parties. Time for an American Forward Party that gets things done.

  4. Politicians are mosly a cowardly lot. This has always been the case but lately, given the jobs situation outside of government work, perhaps "truer than ever".
    By their own admission the R mind melded with HC to win and expected she would so never planned to do away with Ocare or fix anything at all, preferring reassuring indolence and a full belly to uncertain action with its spectre of the bread line.
    Even this morning the head of the Freedom Caucus, the bete noir ante McCain of Ocare admitted to Chris Wallace that his party had prepared absolutely nothing to help Trump deal with the debt ceiling. He was not surprised the President in fact did do something.
    The weak but ongoing Russia probe by Mueller in my opinion had initially been thrilling in its implications for a full trough with no labor or risk, and still now trickles down hope but not without some nagging fear of starvation as 18 approaches.
    Yet today also, HC withdrew herself permanently as a candidate for elective office. A relief for many, perhaps not all R included. If Trump is now the only serious game in town, the R may consider shedding their tails and whiskers to climb up on the royal coach they once saw as a pumpkin.
    Personally I'm not so sure as Don, but things are different now than even three weeks ago. Trump is warping space and time.
    We are indeed seeing a faint avatar of the JFK era wavering in the void.

  5. President Trump is trying to do what is best for America. Those lined up to thwart him, in my opinion, are less than good people, much less! Perhaps they will come around once they figure out a way to make a profit off it...

  6. The unmasking of the do-nothing's has been a joy to Watch.

  7. 319 to 90 and 80 to 17 would indicate a goodly number of Republican votes. Looks to me like Trump jumped on them, took them to the ground, and tied up their votes.

    1. Yeah Sam, from what I read, ALL of the nays in both houses of horrors were Republican. Primary their asses. They probably voted against Obamacare repeal also. This is a sick group of Tories we're about to take down, and they will not go quietly. Primary their asses.

  8. But now the Uniparty can get together behind Trump's back and do nothing for anybody but themselves, which of course is what they've been doing for 50 years or so. Only something like a hurricane can force them to do something for Americans.

  9. The First Rule of Loaves: When offered half a loaf, take it.

  10. In defense of Ryan and McConnell, the Washington Generals didn't need much leadership to lose to the Globetrotters, either.

  11. "I don't care who you are - that there is funny!"

  12. I wish it were so, I really do, but unfortunately the S.O.B.B.'s will re-emerge once the winds die down.

    But at least they will be reduced in stature.

  13. Another great article, and I certainly agree with its conclusion, but I suggest that good - evil is on a different axis than competent - incompetent.

    I don't see Ryan or McConnell as good men. They've been bought, and their loyalty is to their owners; not the plebs who voted them into office. They are seriously worried (or should be,) because President Trump has exposed them for the shams they are, and they may lose their tickets on the Gravy Train.

    Harry Reid is evil. He's very competent and managed to get lots of bad legislation passed, but "good" is not a term I would ever use with that thug. Ryan & McConnell aren't in the same league with Reid, and are far less competent as well as being less evil.

    Time to clean the sewers, and remove all these rats!

  14. When you get em by the balls the heart and mind soon follows!!