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Saturday, September 09, 2017

DeVos is restoring student rights

The hysteria over an imaginary campus rape epidemic triggered by a false and libelous story in Rolling Stone has ended.

Grownups have replaced the Obama administration, and its misandric policies that stripped constitutional rights from men accused of rape.

From the Hill:
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is revamping Obama-era guidance for colleges and universities on how to handle sexual assaults on college campuses to better protect students who are accused of committing assault.
DeVos announced the policy change while speaking at George Mason University’s Arlington campus Thursday. She said the Obama administration helped elevate the issue of sexual assault and issued guidance with good intentions, but good intentions alone are not enough.
“Justice demands humility, wisdom and prudence,” she said. “It requires a serious pursuit of truth. Survivors, falsely accused students and educational institutions both K-12 and higher education. A conversation that excludes some includes none.”
DeVos said the system established by the prior administration has failed too many survivors, and that victims of false accusations lack of due process on campuses.
Colleges are ill-equipped to handle criminal prosecution.

The federal government should tell colleges to turn any accusations over to the police.

The restoration of the presumption of innocence received condemnation from activists who want to strip males of their rights.

Sadly, the Washington Post lent credence to their demand that society strip men of their constitutional rights.  Yale Law student Dana Bolger and Alexandra Brodsky, a lawyer at the National Women’s Law Center, wrote:
The demand for safety and women’s equality in education used to be bipartisan. A Republican administration signed Title IX into law in 1972. Republicans and Democrats alike have issued policies and regulations to effectuate Title IX’s equality mandate. And Supreme Court justices appointed by presidents on both sides of the aisle have reaffirmed schools’ obligations to ensure that sexual violence doesn’t get in the way of a student’s right to learn alongside her male peers.
Women are the safest people in America.

Men are three times as likely to be homicide victims.

All we seek is truth, justice, and the American way.


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  1. All the people angry at DeVos should be falsely accused of a sex crime.

  2. Some of the trickle down from this could end up hitting corporate HR depts. Remember, universities are private corporations, no matter if they get state monies. Companies want to take the easiest road when it comes to conflict resolution. They look around for precedents as examples. Being able to fire someone at will over an allegation with no basis in fact is very comforting to a CEO. Problem solved. Giving back rights to the accused is not something that corporate America is going to like. This is more about bucks than justice. And why conservatives need to stop being the buttboys of business.

    1. Unfortunately, there's too many feminists entrenched in HR. Basically, the young White men are going to have to work in small groups....produce a killer product....and then move on. That's the down side of what's happened in college.

      Normal young men with functional Testosterone despise feminism. Low Testosterone manginas are essentially feminine. The college system has been destroyed. Two generations of young White men have been hated. This is going to produce a very bitter harvest.

    2. Whether a person(s)- man/men or woman/multiple women - is accused of rape or sexual harassment in either a university or private business setting, should the person(s) be found innocent, he/she/they should have the same rights as the person accusing him/her. They should be able to bring charges against the accusing person(s) - whether it be in court for monetary damages, or at the business/university for a mark on the accuser(s) record.

      As someone that has been accused of sexual harassment two times on bogus charges and found innocent, it still completely ended my career at those 2 companies. The companies didn't want any bad publicity, so they moved me out of my position and in effect neutered me. This happened to dozens of people I know as well - male and female.

      If one doesn't like their boss or co-worker, just accuse them of something. In a way the Duke lacrosse rape case was the extreme example. While the parents of the students were able to sue the school, most of them had the financial resources to do so. The case had gotten national publicity, there were around 20 people involved, and their attorney's knew the school had the deep pockets to pay. In the case of the average person, unless they have a friend/relative that is an attorney and will take the case on consignment, they have to front money to an attorney as well as pay costs for court filings up front. (Worse yet, many attorney's will take on cases that they know are not winnable just to bill - further piling on the falsely accused.) Most people are getting by week-to-week, and don't have money to front.

      Bottom line is that persons making the accusation in the average case have no price to pay at all. In fact, if they want to go further, they can front money and then sue the business/university for their findings. This has resulted in bogus sexual harassment and some rape charges in just about every company/business/school that I know of (just look above at the picture of the young girl with her sign). It has literally become commonplace in America. It is a major reason why organizations hire people - including H1-B visa people - on contract through 3rd party firms. They can let a person go by simply making a phone call to their employer and saying that they want the employee off the premises ASAP - and the 3rd party firm is responsible for anything the employee has done.

      Whereas rape and sexual harassment are truly crimes that can affect the recipient for life, there has to be a balance here. Most schools and businesses don't have the resources to do the job properly. As the article notes, the accusations should be turned over to some sort of professional policing agency.

    3. Unfortunately, there's too many feminists entrenched in HR.

      So true.

      Every HR department I've gone into for 20 years has multiple offices with framed proclamations including a 'Mission Statement' citing their commitment to "Diversity".

      It's like walking into an office with the Communist Flag next to a picture of Joseph Stalin, and a framed proclamation reading:

      "Show me the man, and I'll show you the crime." - Lavrentiy Beria, head of Joseph Stalin's secret police.

    4. The reason why the H1-B visa is such a mess is simple....most college graduates are worthless. PC and social promotion. I've seen it first hand. A Black RN who can't spell....who can't chart a simple days worth of reports in under two hours.....who supposedly maintained a "A" average all thru school? Nope.....that's why the Filipinas are so popular....they're actually educated.

      Can you imagine how hard it is to fire a Black female RN who is truculent? Anyways, it's best to avoid hiring an American graduate nowadays. They're indoctrinated marxists....the best Daddy's money can buy.

    5. The reason why the H1-B visa is such a mess is simple....most college graduates are worthless.

      Yes. We're all equal, LOL.

      I'm against illegal immigration. On the other hand, I have a relative that manages the rehabs of major hotels and apartment buildings for a national concern. He told me that although he doesn't want to, he hires lots of illegals. Said it wasn't the money. He's under pressure every day to finish jobs on schedule and within budget (which he's done for decades). He said that when he explains what needs to be done to too many American employees, they either ignore his instructions, or start arguing with him and other workers on what should be done and how it should be done. The illegals simply smile or nod, and do the work correctly ASAP. While I didn't work with illegals in offices, what I did see my last 20 years were employees that were forever complaining and politicking. A very small percentage knew how to do the job, were interested in learning, and most resented their salaries in comparison to mine and others....while I was routinely working 50 and 60 hour weeks on salary, oftentimes doing their work to hit a deadline.

      Democracy only works when all involved respect others rights. Today we have a population that wants to make it up as they go along - including whether they and the rest of the country need to be bothered with following the US Constitution. As Clarence Thomas says, there is too much of an emphasis on individuals "rights" in America, and little weight put on the responsibility citizens have in order to keep their rights.

    6. May I add:

      Filipino's are the best people I've ever had the honor of working with. Yes, they are educated. Most are also religious. They respect people and their traditions, love being in America, love being alive, and most have a great sense of humor - in which they don't have to insult and belittle others (as American TV comedians do). I seldom have heard them complain about anything. They just want to get the job done, grow in their professions, and go home to their loved ones.

      I have friends that moved to China and opened up businesses there for the same reason. They all say the Chinese people are so eager to work, learn and grow.

      What I'm also seeing is that 4 year college degrees become more worthless by the day. Many people with 2 years and/or trade school degrees are much more focused in carrying out their responsibilities. They don't spend all day looking at their phones, and resenting the bosses, users and customers for infringing on their fun. It's so difficult to try to work something out with someone that cannot explain the issue as they are always talking about their feelings - i.e. " I'm like you know....".

      90% of 4 year college graduates I run into are irresponsible, immature morons. It's only through ironclad discipline that I'd avoided becoming an alcoholic.

  3. Part of fixing the problem is making false reporting just as serious as the crime.
    There is a difference between reporting something and lacking evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, and the distinction needs to be drawn.
    When evidence exists that no crime happened, prosecute them and make their name public knowledge.

  4. If I were going to college today I would think long and hard about being alone with any girl I have just met or barely know. But I would also not knowingly be with any radical feminist leftist commie antics Hillary supporting female.

    1. About a year ago, a black writer from the New York Times wrote in an article that white people would not sit next to him on the bus or subway. He interpreted that as a society that is "racist", and wrote how appalled he was with white people refusing to accept him.

      What he didn't understand is that many black people think all white people have excessive amounts of money and are marks to be sued. So they claim anything. The worst I've seen is when I spent 2-3 months in Atlanta working on a project. I've never seen so many white people absolutely scared of their fellow black employees. Especially the white females.

      As for college girls - I've been working out at a local college for almost 10 years now. When I started, 2 friends around the country that work for the government warned me not to talk to any of the girls. While I get hit up a lot by some very attractive young ladies, I just smile, make a little small talk, and move on.

  5. she was suffering from a psychiatric disability known as feminism that is such a bad disorder it often causes women to falsely accuse people of serious crimes repeatedly.
    She shoukd be required to register as a fake rape accuser to the police and the internet for life unless she cam demonstrate she no longer clings to the man hater fantasy known as feminutism

  6. "All we seek is truth, justice, and the American way."

    And due process. GOC