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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

CNN says it is unethical for Trump to wear a hat

Move over Melania's killer stilettos. The Fashion Police at CNN (and they really want to power to arrest the president) have decided it is unethical -- immoral -- for the President of the United States to wear a hat that says USA on it.

President Trump wore such a hat on his visits to Texas following the hurricane.

CNN is livid over this because CNN is a smoldering cauldron of perpetually enraged people driven crazy by the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president.

From CNN:
President Trump has appeared on camera several times to support victims of Hurricane Harvey.
What has also received air time? The "Official USA 45th Presidential Hat," for sale by Trump's campaign for $40.
The watchdog group Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, points out that the president has been pictured wearing the hat, both in red and in white, in two official photos released by the White House. He wore the white version on his trip to Houston Tuesday.
"Even removed from the hurricane, it's pretty inappropriate," CREW spokesman Jordan Libowitz said.
The issue at play here is free advertising for Trump products, according to CREW.

The story went on to explain that he violated no law by wearing a hat that said USA.


The only sane sentence in the story was this:
The White House did not respond to a request for comment.
It's a Wantroversy. They want it to be a controversy.

But as Freud never said, sometimes a hat is just a hat.


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  1. Some day President Trump will probably wear a hat that says, "Russia," and wink mischievously.

    The media will spontaneously combust, and I'll laugh and laugh and laugh!

  2. Obama the gun salesman.
    CNN the hat salesmen.
    Kelloggs the Post Toasties salesman.

  3. CNN can eat that hat, and get indigestion. Poor babies!

  4. Jordan's sister Fawn died in that tragic kiln accident. Or maybe it was his mom. Oops, not possible. Anyways, Otter used it and abused it, the story, to get into that hot girl's pants. Otter was awesome. Almost as awesome as Mr. T.

  5. Don - you need to trademark wantroversy. Nice word and appropriate.

    1. Agree, Schlongy. Big D is the Mike Eruzione of bloggers right now.

    2. Thanks but that honor goes to Instapundit

    3. My personal blogroll:

      1) Don Surber
      2) Powerline
      3) Instapundit
      4) all the others

  6. Give 'em the hat and next they'll say that the face is unfair exposure and want it covered by a paper bag with a picture of Obama's face on it. Don't ask where they'll stop. They never do.

  7. I think it is unethical for cnn to use the word "news" in their name. But, that doesn't stop them.

  8. I suspect Trump thinks the same thing I did, which is CNN should perform a physically impossible act upon itself.

  9. Time was, young punks made fashion statements that p*ssed off old dudes.

    Turn-around is fair play. And a cast-iron b*tch.

  10. So the Deep State has a "watchdog group" they call the "Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington"? I hate the bastards but do enjoy their sense of irony.