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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Barbra Streisand imagines the reign of Hillary

Barbra Streisand, one of the last living relics of black-and-white television, wrote a nice piece imagining what Hillary's presidency would be like.

From Streisand's imagination:
President Hillary Clinton would not have withdrawn the United States from the Paris Climate Accord. We are now the only country not to join except for Syria. 
Rather than eviscerating the State Department and ranting and raving at the United Nations, President Hillary Clinton would have promoted diplomacy. American’s rivals abroad would have respected and worked with President Hillary Clinton. 
It goes without saying that white supremacists would not have found any encouragement from President Hillary Clinton.
Immigrant fathers and mothers and their children who had worked hard for years, and tried to contribute, would not be rounded up and put in jail. 
Trump is eviscerating protection for gay and transgender people. 
Trump wants to eliminate funding for the arts.
President Hillary would not have made it easier for mentally-ill people to buy guns. 
Trump has even rolled back the nutritional requirements for school lunches in a replay of Reagan’s “ketchup is a vegetable.”
And on and on and on.

I get it.

Streisand isn't imagining what Hillary would do as president. Streisand is imagining that President Trump is doing all these awful things, and she is saying Hillary would not do that.

She even blamed President Trump for the first hurricanes to land from the Atlantic in 11 years: "Hillary would have developed an employment program to repair our infrastructure while keeping climate change issues at the forefront of her policies. We are left to wonder if Trump will continue to ignore the scientific reasons behind the unprecedented stream of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes hitting our shores this year."

OK, but what would Hillary do?

Streisand mentioned vaguely an economic plan.

Would it drop unemployment to 4.4 percent while increasing the GDP by 3% and stock prices by double-digits?

Forbes estimated her wealth at $370 million last year. If she invested in stocks, she likely would be a half-billionaire today.

Streisand's only argument for Hillary -- other than she would not accomplish what Trump has accomplished as president -- is that Hillary is a woman:
Finally, we would have had our first woman president.  All of our daughters and granddaughters would have seen the example of a courageous and confident woman leading our great nation. President Hillary Clinton could have forged a strong alliance with the current world’s most powerful woman, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany. Women leaders would not have had to bear the daily indignities of working with a President who disrespects women and brags about sexual assault. The Women’s March on Washington would not have been in anger and sadness, but in joy and happiness.
That's it.

Streisand's argument is we should have voted for Hillary because Hillary is a lady.

That is all she has to offer.

A girl Obama.

I am sorry. That no longer is good enough. The world is too dangerous a place to choose presidents by demographics. Even the subways don't accept tokens these days. Why should the American people?

If you want to be president, then you had better offer me something more than your biology.

I get that Streisand had to put up with a lot of guff because she is a woman and is Jewish. Guess what? Life ain't much any easier for a man or a gentile. You have to perform, and you have to deliver.

Streisand did for decades, and God bless her.

The reason Streisand's wealth measures in nine figures is that she was good enough to pass the test.

Hillary didn't. She gets the consolation prize. A "best-seller" and a lifetime supply of Chardonnay.


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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. "Streisand's argument is we should have voted for Hillary because Hillary is a lady".

    Hillary is a lot of things, but she 'ain't no lady'.

    1. And neither is Streisand a lady.

      You're slipping, Don Surber.

      And I'll leave it up to God as to whether or not to bless these women, but I won't say, "God bless her" towards either of them.

      - Mark S.

  2. hillary is a woman but she's no lady. That implies a degree of refinement. Perhaps president hillary would do for women what president obama did for blacks.

  3. Great minds think alike. "Lady" my ass.

    Evil old crone is more like it.

  4. On what proof does the "a" missing Barbra make thes claims? Hillary did nothing in 30 years in public life. Not as a First Lady. Not as a Senator. Not as a Secretary of State.

    She was an abysmal failure at all but lying and stealing - and may fail at that if Jeff Sessions ever gets up from his nap.

    If wishes were horses, Barbra, we'd all ride.

    I'd like to buy a vowel.

  5. Hil and Babs are making the case that voting for a female POTUS is dangerous. What male candidate that lost an election acted in like a spoiled psychotic child lashing out at anyone and everyone? Which is totally in character with what has been described in books by over a hundred people that worked with Hil.

    Perhaps feelgood Ms. Streisand can work with her professional ghost writer to lecture us on how Hil would be working "diplomatically" with the dictators and totalitarian governments that tell us they're going to drop nukes on us and scream "Death To America" as one in their parliamentary bodies (here's looking at you NFL kneelers). Babs would undoubtably join with Maxine in paying blackmail each year in the form of hundreds of billions of dollars to those 2 countries (with more to follow) because that silly old Constitution is so outdated and should be a living document as the modern world has become so complicated. Hil on the other hand would simply overthrow a country near them to show them how tough she is (while ignoring the VA chaos as it doesn't treat the injured veterans returning). Tens of millions of displaced refugees would become political pawns while thuggish, tyrannical warlords would take over the countries and work with NK and Iran to get nuclear weapons so they too could blackmail the US (not so funny versions of Woody Allen's 'Bananas' movie).

    If you have a Margaret Thacher or Golda Meir out there, GREAT! But Hilary is simply a psychotic Teresa May. Remember when Hillary said that as POTUS she would have her husband run the economy because, "he understands that stuff" (really breaking that glass ceiling)?

    With Babs, Maxine, Elizebeth and other women showing the way, American's of all genders that want to continue to live in a free country that will not be invaded and stripped of its resources within the next week, would be better off sticking to male candidates as POTUS. (Excluding candyman Bernie that promises you endless dreams, but you'll need to come up with the cash).

    Golda Meir said "we don't negotiate with terrorists". And she didn't. IF she had, there wouldn't be an Israel today.

  6. I just love it when some old Hollywood has-been sits in her mansion and lectures us on our carbon footprints.

  7. It says it all when you see her regard Michelle's rabbit-food edicts as a good thing.

    The poor kids voted with their feet. Then when they were prevented from doing so by school nannies they started up actual black markets in salt, pepper and sugar. Eastern Bloc countries had lots of black markets like that.

    1. What? No Tabasco sauce? That's about the only thing that made C-rations palatable. - Elric

  8. Don, this is twice in 24 hours you've been incredibly over-generous in your comments. First Brooke Baldwin, then Killary, both of whom you've called a "lady." How does that meme go---"you keep using that word....and I don't think it means what you think it means."

  9. "Even subways don't take tokens..." That's CLASSIC, Don!

  10. Stressin' Streisand's got a 1000-yard stare.

    And to think people say she can't see the nose in front of her face.

  11. How do you think she got crosseyed? Staring at that schnoz whenever her eyes are open. - Elric

  12. ""Hillary would have developed an employment program to repair our infrastructure while keeping climate change issues at the forefront of her policies."

    I just love that. Sheer blather. The essence of liberalism.

  13. Barbra Streisand lives up to her initials.