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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Will CNN denounce Antifa for assaulting reporters?

For months, CNN has wrongly accused President Trump of inciting violence against reporters by daring to call the news media out on it lies, distortions, and prejudices.

But the people beating up reporters are the anti-Trump crowd. So far Woolf Blitzer and his brethren have not demanded Hillary Clinton and other members of the Resistance to denounce this form of fascism.

No, the fascists have the tacit approval of CNN, which ran a story on August 18 under the headline, "Unmasking the leftist Antifa movement: Activists seek peace through violence."

From the article:
Antifa activists, who operate without any centralized leadership, told CNN that their goal is peace and inclusivity. They often denounce capitalism and government. Since Trump entered the world stage, they've condemned his push to tighten immigration rules and what some view as his tendency toward racism.
While Antifa members don't fit a single category, they say many are millennials and many live on society's fringes: undocumented immigrants, transgender people, low-wage workers, those who don't conform to the traditional 9-to-5.
And their methods are often violent. Antifa leaders admit they're willing to physically attack anyone who employs violence against them or who condones racism -- as long as force is used in the name of eradicating hatred.
That's pretty good journalism.

We found out what the loopy thinking is.

What was missing was a grown-up denouncing this violence. Where was the quote from the Southern Poverty Law Center? Where was the denunciation from the Democratic Party? Indeed, where was someone to call out this violence?

This is CNN.

I remember Wolf Blitzer accusing Trump of endangering reporters.

From that bag o' wind Blitzer on October 26, 2016:
CNN's Wolf Blitzer pleaded Tuesday with Donald Trump's campaign manager for her to ask the GOP nominee to dial back his harassment against the media, saying it endangers reporters.
Kellyanne Conway responded by saying that part of the responsibility lies with reporters who tweet "negative" against Trump.
Throughout his campaign, Trump has lashed out at the media during his rallies, calling reporters a variety of insults including "dishonest," "sick," and "corrupt."
"Are you comfortable with the attacks he's launched against the news media? (Trump calls the media) 'low lives' and uses all sorts of ugly words, are you comfortable with that?" Blitzer asked Conway.
The CNN anchor continued: "You know what worries me -- and I'm not objective on this because I'm on the Steering Committee on the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, and I really believe in a free press and I'm sure you do as well -- but the working journalists, the embeds who are traveling with them all the time, they go to all these rallies, they're in this pen, he points to them, he sort of eggs the crowd on to go after them. They're a lot of young journalists, they're scared sometimes."
"I respect them all," Conway began to answer before Blitzer cut her off.
"He shouldn't be doing that. I mean, can you talk to him? And say to him, 'Mr. Trump, we only have a few days left, these are hardworking young journalists, they deserve to have some security,' if you will, because some of those Trump supporters out there, they get pretty nasty with what they're screaming at these young people," Blitzer said.
Fake News meet Fake Indignity.

If Blitzer really cares about protecting the safety of reporters, why is he not standing up to actual attacks on reporters?


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  1. The poor dears who wrote "Activists seek peace through violence" must be Severely Educated.

    That's the only reasonable explanation for this kind of shameless idiocy. You need to be brainwashed not to see it.

  2. "Meet the Press" becomes "Beat the Press", and the ratings go through the roof.

  3. If Blitzer really cares about protecting the safety of reporters, why is he not standing up to actual attacks on reporters?

    For the same reason his ilk will not call out radical Islam, there's actual danger in confronting them.

    1. Boom. Ten points for Gryffendor on that comment. Why do not "peaceful" Muslims organize to excise the cancer of ISIS? Why do not "peaceful" Proggies organize to excise the cancer of Profa? Because...they secretly give high fives to each other after every new story of burning people alive and kicking people in the balls. They love it. These so-called humans will no longer respond to love or reason. They will, however, respond to a CZ-75 hollow point. It will be their last response, at least on this earth.

  4. Is Blitzer the "Woolf" Pelosi was referring to when the former Speaker of the House, current minority leader and member of the house for 30 years reminded us the Constitution doesn't allow you to yell "Woolf" in a crowded theater?

    Was she warning us not to question fake news?

  5. Most of the CNN/MSNBC/etc. reporters wish they were part of the masked, armed mob.

  6. Commie News Net may be the last to go, butthe dam is beginning to break.

    When the news anchor in Berzerkley is shocked, shocked, you know it's only a matter of time.

    1. That was fascinating! Thanks for the link.

      Maybe at least that one left-wing TV anchor is beginning to understand!

  7. As I said to the Trump Supporters at CPAC 2016, where we was treated as pariahs, We Got This. We Got This. It's the will of the REAL people, y'all.


    1. Um, Domo Arigato, I guess...peace, brother. Ready to slay some Norks? Alright alright alright!

  8. " centralized leadership..."? Who's printing their signs and busing them in for their attacks? Inquiring minds want to know.

  9. Short answer to the title question is no.

  10. I keep reading george soros funds these freaks. Does anyone have evidence that'll hold up in an investigation? If so, what "standing" does it take to file charges (criminal or civil)?

  11. "Peace through violence"... if that is not truly Orwellian I don't know what is. I guess we should start erecting statues of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot.

    Question: What idiot could not see such a sham for what is it... hatred, bigotry, fascism, totalitarianism wrapped in a box with a bow put on it.
    Answer: CNN and the rest of the MSM.

  12. Fake News Media thy name is hypocrisy. GOC