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Monday, August 28, 2017

Why was health agency pushing the climate change lie?

I will flat out call it a lie.

For 30 years now, the United Nations and other Marxists have pushed the unhinged theory that man is causing the world to burn out of control. That is what global warming (now called climate change) is all about.

No serious scientist would back this quackery if not for the billions in taxpayer money governments use to pay of scientists in the guise of funding research.

Not one prediction has come true.

For example, more frequent hurricanes!

The United States just ended its longest recorded absence of hurricanes -- nearly 12 years without one landing.

President Trump is reining in federal agencies that are pushing this lie.

Lenny Bernstein of the Washington Post is all upset.

From his story:
A unit of the National Institutes of Health has removed references to climate "change" from its website, deletions that one environmental group criticizes as "cleansing" but an NIH official describes as minor.
The revisions occurred on the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences site. A headline that read "Climate Change and Human Health," for example, was altered to "Climate and Human Health." A menu title that read "Climate Change and Children's Health" in June now appears as "Climate and Children's Health." Links to a fact sheet on "Climate Change and Human Health" also were removed.
"The cleansing continues," said David Doniger, director of the climate and clean air program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. "But they're not going to be able to erase the science, or the truth, by scrubbing websites."
Doniger is a lobbyist.

That is what his group is. Paid, professional lobbyists for a Marxist agenda that has government in full control of industrial and residential use of energy.

Back to the story.
The changes were revealed in a report by the Environmental Data and Governance Initiative, a group of nonprofits and academics who monitor what they call "potential threats" to federal policy and scientific research on energy and the environment.
But Christine Flowers, the NIEHS director of communications, downplayed any danger Wednesday. She said she made the changes as she added and moved information on the site over a period of months.
"It's a minor change to a title page," Flowers said of one headline alteration, "but the information we provide remains the same. In fact, it's been expanded."
The phrase "climate change" still can be found several times in the text below the headline that now reads "Climate and Human Health." Also still available is a "Climate Change and Human Health Literature Portal."
Similar word changes have been made on Interior Department, Transportation Department and Environmental Protection Agency website pages that mentioned climate change. Scientists inside and outside the government have questioned the motivations because of top Trump administration officials' doubts about how much human activity influences global warming.
After 30 years of getting it wrong, anyone who is not a skeptic is either a fool or a liar (in some cases, both).

President Trump is draining the swamp.

That's the climate that needs changing.


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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. As the alarmist tax gobblers point to Harvey as proof of the horrible effects "climate change", expert weatherman Joe Bastardi reminds us of the New England Hurricane of 1938 and the midwestern floods of 1993. Those floods covered a far greater land area and more devastation.

    Let's also mention that the climate alarmists were unable, even a few days out, to estimate the intensity of the storm or where it would have the most impact so the Mayor of Houston told people to stay put even as the Gov. and Trump were advising evacuation. Yet alarmist tell us they can estimate such things with precision decades in advance world-wide.

  3. 12-year absence of major hurricane landfall

    1. Which prediction by the AGW crowd do you think this fact destroys more? That the hurricanes will be more frequent or that they will be more powerful (both were predicted)

  4. Forget Trump supporters take on the issue. In political discussions with anti-Trumpers recently, when I've gotten around to asking them about 'Climate Change' almost all of them have started to laugh. Same thing I've gotten from people in their late teens and 20's for years now.

    This is another example of the divide between the Political-Industrial Complex - which includes the media - and the average American.

    President Trump will do what he will do. The anti-Trumpers will fight him tooth and nail and as we're witnessing, never give him a lick of credit for improvements to the average Americans quality of life. When he is out of office in 2024 (hopefully to be replaced by Governor Abbott), the anti-Trumpers will immediately step up and take credit for what he did.

  5. There was a massive hurricane in Galveston in 1900 in which over 12,000 people died, mostly from drowning. "Isaac's Storm" was a best seller written about it. There are other accounts too. Back then, the weather people only had barometers to predict a storm and this one developed very quickly. It's an interesting read.

  6. These are trying times for people who don't like to panic at every new prediction. How dare these pols back this shameless manipulation of the economy! Thanks Trump, for bringing sanity into the conversation. Ironic.

  7. All the references by agencies to global warming/climate change is simple marketing.

    The "research" always adapts to look into the impact of "whatever is the priority of the current funding". The actual work doesn't change, but the project goals include the proper wording so that the project can be said to be relevant to whatever the current funding priorities are.

    When people complain about the changes, look to see how their power will be impacted if funding goes elsewhere or the PR changes.

  8. Not one prediction has come true but that does not stop the shameless rent-seeking swamp dwellers. MAGA

  9. One other possibility, Don:in the pay of a group promoting AlGoreBull Worming.

  10. Shysters and rent seekers pushed the AGW crapola. The goal was a massive redistribution of wealth from the US to the Third World and China. Always follow the money.

  11. In political discussions with anti-Trumpers recently, when I've gotten around to asking them about 'Climate Change' almost all of them have started to laugh.


  12. The AGW mob are today's The Scientific People, which Alfred Bester described way back in the early '50s. They are a modern Cargo Cult; the gods they worship wear white lab coats and speak in tongues on TV. They know no actual science, but are true believers in Science!

    "Quant Suff!" The Scientific People roar!