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Tuesday, August 08, 2017

What other stories did the press hide?

America shocked the Establishment on November 8 by voting them out. The Establishment failed the people financially ($19 trillion debt), economically (94 million people no longer sought work), militarily (the Islamic State was taking over Iraq and Syria), and spiritually (the Establishment candidate considered half the country irredeemably deplorable).

Now we learn through emails that the corruption of the Establishment is deeper than the Mariana Trench.

Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch made no secret of their closed door meeting as the criminals investigation of his wife wrapped up. They met nearly publicly to flaunt their power and corruption to the world.

They rubbed our noses in it.

And the media was too timid -- too cowed -- too tied to the Marxist state -- to object. When you read those clutch-the-pearls columns about President Trump, remember they are written by accomplices to real criminal activity.

Jim Comey said she was guilty but he was not going to take the case to a grand jury because, um, well, just because.

From Zero Hedge:
Back on June 29, 2016, Obama's Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, tried to convince us that the following 'impromptu' meeting between herself and Bill Clinton at the Phoenix airport, a private meeting which lasted 30 minutes on Lynch's private plane, was mostly a "social meeting" in which Bill talked about his grandchildren and golf game.  It was not, under any circumstances, related to the statement that former FBI Director James Comey made just 6 days later clearing Hillary Clinton of any alleged crimes related to his agency's investigation.
But, according to a new DOJ FOIA dump just released by the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), it looks increasingly as if nothing reported about this "social meeting" between Lynch and Clinton was grounded in fact...shocking, we know.
Then comes a series of emails between DOJ officials and several mainstream media outlets that appear to reveal collusion to effectively 'kill the story."
The first such email involves a Washington Post writer who tells the DOJ's Director of Public Affairs that he's hoping to "put it [the story] to rest."
The next email came from Mark Landler of the New York Times who almost apologizes for even inquiring about the Lynch/Clinton meeting saying that he had been "pressed into service" to write about the topic.
Finally, here is an email where ABC apparently told the DOJ they "aren't interested" in the Lynch/Clinton story, "even if FOX runs with it."
You wonder what the emails were about Benghazi. The IRS. Scandals the press kept to itself.


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  1. They've been doing this for 50 years, maybe as far back as Franklin Roosevelt.

  2. So, so funny. Why blame the media for not covering supposed controversies? If you want Clinton brought down (lather, rinse, repeat), why not hold the sources capable of doing this accountable: specifically the Republican-led majority and Republican-led White House. The power is in their (small) hands to "lock her up", not the media. Surber, your worse at blaming the media than Republican Jim Justice is at blaming the noticeably-minority Democrats for not passing his tax-laden agenda. Hey Don, is it the media's fault that Trump did not appoint a special prosecutor on his first day in office to go after Hillary - as promised on the campaign trail?

  3. "You wonder what the emails were about Benghazi..."

    Thankfully, now that everything is being exposed by team red, Trey Gowdy will release all the great dirt about Obama sleeping away and Ben Rhodes calling off the support op.

    1. You guys need to get a life. There were no less than eight Congressional investigations into Benghazi, the last being a two-year, Republican-only study which produced an 800-page report and cost taxpayers $7 million. The hearings found plenty of evidence of poor judgment and the such which led to the tragic death of four Americans. What all these investigations and 30-plus Congressional hearings did not find was this: criminal activity.
      If there was indeed proof of criminal activity, are the Rs that inept that they cannot find it?
      Oh, that's right, it's the media's fault. Why isn't anyone taking Trump to task over his broken campaign promise to hire a special prosecutor on his first day in office to go after Hillary? Anyone? [crickets chirping]

    2. History teaches that the orcs and trolls of every totalitarian political movement end up being the first ones in the mass grave. Why? Because once the regime task control your usefulness ends and fools like you actually expect them to reward you. When that doesn't happen fools like you tend to cause trouble and the regime swats you like a fly.

  4. Well, they certainly hid the fact that young Barry's mentor (and quite possibly his actual father) was card-carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis. - Elric

  5. The enemedia are willing slaves for the Democrat Party.

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