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Friday, August 11, 2017

Trump may get a 53rd Republican senator

I do not like West Virginia's Senator Joe Manchin, D-All For Himself.

But rumor has it President Trump will move Rick Perry over to Homeland Security, and then pick Manchin to run the Department of Energy. The deal apparently hinges on Governor Jim Justice appointing a Republican to replace Manchin.

I would not trust Justice or Manchin with their own money.

Manchin is a cap-and-trader. Justice owes the state millions in back taxes.

That said, if we can cut deals with Saudi princes for the sake of the democracy, why not a couple of West Virginia Democrats?

Oh wait, Justice switched parties a few days ago.

From the Hill:
If Manchin were to take over at the Energy Department, West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice, a former Democrat who earlier this month switched to the GOP, would be able to appoint a Republican to replace Manchin in the Senate.
Such a move would expand the GOP's majority in the chamber, potentially boosting Republicans' efforts to repeal and replace ObamaCare. A repeal and replace bill failed by one vote last month after three Republicans voted against it.
Perry, the current Energy secretary, has also been floated as a possible replacement for former Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly. Kelly became President Trump's chief of staff in July.
The Trump administration has said revitalizing American fossil fuel industries, including West Virginia’s dwindling coal sector, is a key goal. Under Perry, the Energy Department is conducting a study of the reliability of the electric grid, which some green advocates worry is a way to advance coal and natural gas over renewable sources.
Manchin's chances of re-election next year are slim.

Bob Byrd could weather the storm, but Manchin is no Bob Byrd. He lost the Democratic Party nomination for governor to Charlotte Pritt in 1996.

For Manchin, energy secretary will help his portfolio.

For Justice, appointing a Republican will ingratiate him to his new party, which he tried to humiliate during the state budget process.

For President Trump, he gets to cancel out a RINO's Senate vote with a real Republican.

My first choice would be Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. He's done a great job turning a political hornet's nest into a modern law firm.

Republican Congressman Evan Jenkins would be my backup choice. In 2014, he knocked off Democrat Nick Joe Rahall who held the seat for 38 years.

Or Justice could appoint himself, which would make Mitch Carmichael -- a real Republican -- the governor.

I was not pleased with Trump welcoming Justice into the party, but I said my piece and moved on.

Now I see where Trump was going.

Usually I scoff at all this talk of him playing eighth dimensional chess.

Not this time.


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  1. As long as John McCain, Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski hold seats in the Senate, the Republicans can never have a majority voting position there. And just as soon as Manchin takes a cabinet position (and I doubt that he would), any of the above Senators can jump the other way - and that might apply to Shelley Moore Capito as well.

    1. collins' ratings in maine are tanking -- really really bad. looks like people are finally sick of deadlock, and are open to replacing deadwood senators.

  2. I will gladly trade Joe Manchin for either one of my senators. I'll even let you have 'em both.

    p.s. I live in California.

    1. Ew. That would be like trading for Colin Kaepernick. Gotta pass on your offer, but my deepest sympathies for living with Thelma and Louise. DubVee would be more than happy to have you!

  3. I take it with a grain of salt, but if it happens the choice probably won't be worse than Murcorrupski or McNasty.

  4. Jukin Jim's choice can be ANYBODY, right? Doesn't have to be a pol. Just a WV resident. If so, then let me be the first to beat the drum. Don Surber For Senate. A Favorite Son and a man of the peeps. Dream big, my brothers and sisters. Other suggestions:

    Kevin Pittsnogle (we'd have the tallest Senator!)
    State Sen. Craig Blair (good guy, way strong on 2nd Am)
    Mary Lou Retton (America's Sweetheart)
    Bob Huggins (boy would THAT be fun!)
    Jerry West (with some serious arm-twisting by Mr. T - Mr. Basketball is notoriously shy)

    1. Only if Don promises to keep putting out three columns five days a week. I wouldn't even mind going back to the scoreboard format, if we had to compromise.

  5. The very last person on Earth that should be leading the Homeland Security is Rick Perry. Behind CLinton anyway. Rick Perry murdered an innocent man named Todd Cameron Willingham while Govt of Texas and should be in PRISON, not putting others in prison..

  6. As always, The Donald is always thinking.

  7. The Dems and the enemedia (but I repeat myself) will NEVER convince themselves that Trump CAN play 8-dimensional chess. They "just KNOW" he can't!

  8. This may help with the healthcare vote, but in the long run I'd be scared of the scandals that Manchin will create at the DOE. Look at his record in WV and the actions of his daughter as CEO of Mylen. I live in WV, so I know...

  9. A better move would be to put McConnell in the Cabinet and get a decent Majority Leader. But for that to happen, Trump would need to establish a new Cabinet Post. Call it the Turtle Post, maybe?

  10. Is mcturtles wife in a cabinet post? If so, fire her and put him in.

  11. This is even more interesting after pondering for a bit. I would be interested in hearing more.