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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Trump just ended the argument for illegal aliens

President Trump's announcement that he will seek stricter restrictions on legal immigration changed the game. Globalists now must defend having legal immigrants here in near-record number.

He is making the Sweet Washington Ay-stablishment 'Mportant People (S.W.A.M.P.) defend ground they thought they already won.

He also changed what the immigration debate is.

One of the first fired shots came from Frank "Focus Group Said Trump Lost the Debate" Luntz, who tweeted, "41% of legally-arrived immigrants have a college degree, compared to 33% of all Americans."

Thus, Trump divided the illegal aliens from the "legally-arrived immigrants."

Guess which group doesn't have as many college degrees as "all Americans."

And actually, native born American adults are more likely to have a college degree than foreign born, according to the Census Bureau. Pew went by "recent arrivals." Hmm.

The argument from Luntz shows that President Trump has reversed the polarity of the debate. The argument for illegal aliens was look at those poor pathetic creature who cross the desert to work for food for their family.

They do jobs Americans refuse to do.

Now the globalists must argue that legal immigrants earned their way in by getting that almighty college degree you shiftless lazy native-born Americans refuse to get.

Of course, as usual, the S.W.A.M.P.'s people make the emotional argument as well.

From The Hill:
Critics of the measure say it would devastate families’ effort to reunite with their overseas relatives while providing few economic benefits.
“If this is an acknowledgement that our immigration system is broken, the Trump administration and these senators are right, but this is the wrong way to fix it,” said Ali Noorani, executive director of the National Immigration Forum. “Cutting legal immigration for the sake of cutting immigration would cause irreparable harm to the American worker and their family.”
"Congress should focus on stopping illegal immigration – not on restricting the legal immigration that grows our economy," said John Feinblatt, president of the former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg-backed group New American Economy.
Look who got thrown under the bus. "Congress should focus on stopping illegal immigration."

That tells you how important it is to the globalists to import nearly a half-million college educated foreigners every year.

I expect the S.W.A.M..P.'s people to go after his wife. Maybe even his late mother.

But the illegal immigration battle is over. We won. The deportations are under way. Sanctuary cities are about to cave.

Now to get The Wall built.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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  1. New Broom. Sweeps Clean. Operated by SuperTRUMP.


  2. Nobody has a right to immigrate to the United States, with or without their family, much less their extended family. If they don't want to immigrate alone for a while to see how things work out they can stay where they are. Also, all you need to get a college degree in some places is a wink and a bribe. There has to be some serious background checks. - Elric

  3. Just one more campaign promise shattered...

    Oh; wait...

  4. The House passed Wall funding - it's over to the Senate - working hard their twelve days this year - doubtless they'll find a way to scuttle this one too. My no-account useless boneheaded NC Senators will be no help. Tillis has actually declared he is against the Wall, and boasted of it in a Greensboro newspaper which the fool then posted to his Senate page. He obviously is tired of politics. Maybe he'd be interested in the over one hundred people left homeless in East Charlotte after an illegal became frustrated and burned down his girlfriend's apartment building.

    Quality people soon to be ex-Senator Tillis wants to bring to North Carolina. What a jerk.

    The Senate is anti-American and they don't feel they need to explain why to us - I don't expect them to do anything except try to thwart the President on immigration.

    Today Sarah Sanders responding to a comment about Senator Flake's attacks on the President: "You'd think Senator Flake would have better things to do, like maybe his job, instead of writing books and attacking the President."

    Apparently not. Did I say I hate McConnell? Sorry if I left that part out.

    Carolina Kat

  5. I think we should end ALL immigration for at least a decade. It's my understanding most immigration was cutoff in the 1920s and didn't resume again until the 1960s. That let the big wave of immigrants who came in the late 1800s and early 1900s assimilate.
    We were going through a period of industrialization and rapid technological change then just as we are now.

    As technology continues to proliferate, there's already pressure on wages as employers substitute technology for labor. It's great for the Silicon Valley oligarchs and the business owners, but it sucks for the low level workers. I read slaughter houses are now using robotic technology to pluck chickens and process beef. We just don't need as much low skill labor as we once did. So cut off all immigration for at least 10 years.

  6. Legal immigration should be based on the merits of each immigrant and not family reunion. As soon as you accept the latter a country loses control of its immigration policy. Let in one first and the never ending stream of family comes in as the "wife's brother's sister's husband's, parents etc" immigrate. Countries like Australia, New Zealand and Canada limit family reunion to children, and spouses and only parents if you are an only child to break the chain.

  7. Most people (60%) want all immigration stopped for a while. Luntz is a shill for big business.
    I used to drive like a maniac when I was young. When people asked me why I drove so fast I would reply that I drove fast when going uphill because the car could slow down quickly, if something happened in front of me, with the help of gravity. Then they'd ask why I went fast downhill, and the answer was because it saved gas.

    The immigration people have gotten away with using the same arguments for years. They want skilled people because our educational system isn't turning out enough smarties, and they want low skilled people because they will do the jobs our overly skilled people won't do. Bottom line is they want to replace all of us with cheap, compliant labor.

    This is easy to see when you go to the hospital. Why do we have all of these foreign doctors? The system won't accept qualified white males and the women and minorities they do accept end up being minimally productive. Old manpower studies always prove to be wrong when you quit turning out quality physicians. And the big mega systems want docs who will do as they're told. So more minorities, only these will do some work the others won't do, and will live under conditions that the regulations and lawyers have made intolerable. Turns out some of them do this so they can make up the difference in fraudulent billing or dealing drugs. Check out the names in the big ring arrested in Florida recently.

  8. If Luntz' numbers were correct, more than 50% of them wouldn't be on welfare. 78% of Somalis are on welfare.

    Luntz is also the guy whose polls and focus groups said Trump would lose right up to and including election day so there's that.

  9. The red states have been the dumping ground for the Obamadreamers. The Obama regime made damned sure the most undesirable illegals got dumped in places like Twin Falls, Idaho (where two Somali "youths" brutally raped and degraded a five year old girl) and Amarillo, TX where he dumped over 4,000 Somalis on a city of 200,000, etc.)

    The best way to make them move to bleu states is the same way you rid yourself or a pet of parasites -- make it so inhospitable for them that they move on to a more willing host. Put citizenship and residency requirements on all state and local government services such as welfare, medical care, schools, drivers licenses, etc. If those Obama helping charities like Lutheran social services and Catholic charities want to foot the bill let them but not one penny of tax payer money should be given to them. Put in strict penalties for those who break the law. For example an illegal alien caught driving without a license and insurance automatically goes to prison for a year and is then deported, if they sneak back in and are caught again it's life in prison.

    They will soon figure out the grass is greener in bleu states and deport themselves to those states and cities. I really don't care if illegal aliens rape, rob and murder bleu state and bleu city people. It's what they want.

    1. I'm Roman Catholic and I'm afraid Catholic Charities has been overtaken bdy the social justice bunch of knuckleheads, as has many of the parish and diocesan boards and employee roles.
      Kinda like regular public schools have been.
      I do like the idea of putting these poor displace persons in Chappaqua, or in that judge in Hawaii's house, or just in DC. That'ed be cool.

    2. Here in Montana, we tried to limit welfare to illegals with an initiative. The commies on our Supreme Court unanimously threw it out.

  10. A college degree from India is worth approximately the value of the paper it's printed on.

    1. I remember many years ago when there were some riots in Pakistan over discussions about rising the passing grade above 45%. Brown has that beat; pass or fail grading.

    2. I remember many years ago when there were some riots in Pakistan over discussions about rising the passing grade above 45%. Brown has that beat; pass or fail grading.

    3. I remember many years ago when there were some riots in Pakistan over discussions about rising the passing grade above 45%. Brown has that beat; pass or fail grading.

  11. When I was a kid, aliens had to register annually (around 1 Jan, if I remember). There were ads on the radio and TV reminding everyone of that starting in December.

    Although a US Citizen by birth, since I was born overseas I had to get a Certificate of Citizenship to prove I was a citizen when my dad was stationed overseas in the early '60s. Otherwise I could run into some real problems trying to get back into the US, and even could be viewed by the country within whose borders I was born as a citizen of that country and subject to its laws, and even be drafted into their armed forces if they wanted to do so.

    Part of the oath I took was that (paraphrasing here) I forswore any allegiance to any foreign prince or potentate.

    Now, it seems you can hold dual citizenship, multiple legal passports, and are not required to have any specific allegiance to any country.

    There's something wrong with that. I don't know how or when the rules changed. Maybe it was teddy kennedy's crap from the middle '60s.

    Whatever, we should go back to one citizenship, one passport (if any). You're either an American, or you're not.

    You're either legally in the US or you're not.

    Annual registration would be a good idea, too (at least a postcard if not in person since over the Internet would be too easy to spoof your location.)