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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

The Wall doesn't need EPA approval

A year ago, I fretted over liberals using environmental regulations to tie construction of The Wall up in bureaucratic red tape.

But I worried for no reason at all. A Republican Congress took care of that problem more than two decades ago.

From Breitbart:
Officials with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) signed a waiver of environmental regulations on Tuesday to allow construction of upgrades to the border wall and new wall prototype projects to break ground.
The department issued the waivers to bypass “certain laws, regulations, and other legal requirements to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers and roads in the vicinity of the international border near San Diego,” according to information obtained by Breitbart Texas from DHS officials.
DHS stated the agency has the authority to waive these requirements under laws passed by Congress to enable securing the border with Mexico. That authority stems from Section 102 of the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996, signed by then-President Bill Clinton. Congress updated the law five times under the George W. Bush Administration.
The waiver allows construction to proceed in the San Diego Sector where upgrades to existing border fences are already approved. The waivers will also allow new border wall prototype projects to begin construction immediately, officials stated.
The Wall in San Diego kept out illegal aliens for their own protection. Too many were getting hit by cars as they ran across the freeway. California put up signs to warn drivers of the road hazard.

The DHS said in its press release:
The Department is implementing President Trump’s Executive Order 13767, Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, and continues to take steps to immediately plan, design and construct a physical wall along the southern border, using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve complete operational control of the southern border.
While the waiver eliminates DHS’s obligation to comply with various laws with respect to covered projects, the Department remains committed to environmental stewardship with respect to these projects. DHS has been coordinating and consulting -- and intends to continue doing so -- with other federal and state resource agencies to ensure impacts to the environment, wildlife, and cultural and historic artifacts are analyzed and minimized, to the extent possible.
Committed to the environment and committed to upholding the law.

Unlike the previous administration which polluted the Animas River and turned a blind eye to border jumping.

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  1. There's a loophole there. Upgrading the existing wall, right?

  2. It's too bad they didn't build the wall back then. We wouldn't have a lot of the problems with illegal aliens that we have now. - Elric

  3. More than 700 miles of border wall was built during the Obama administration.
    By the way, has the U.S. received Mexico's wall payments yet as promised by the Donald?

    1. Building a little bit of wall and inviting them in through the holes doesn't count for anything. The flood has slowed merely by the presence of a president whose intentions are honest.

  4. This wall will save lives. Illegals lives because the cartel coyotes make them swim the Rio Grande and they can't swim. The river is up this year from a lot of rain and BP is finding corpses downstream all over the place.

  5. Don't be surprised if some LibDem Federal judge issues an injunction against the construction on the basis that the law passed by Congress is unconstitutional.

  6. Let the building of The Wall BEGIN!

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