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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

The news the media buries

The appointment of Kenneth Smith on Monday was bigger than the appointment of retired Marine General John Kelly as President Trump's glorified office manager.

Trump did not appoint Smith. Mexico did. This is one of many signs that President Trump's agenda is progressing.

From the Wall Street Journal:
Mexico appointed its chief negotiator in coming talks to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement, giving the role to a career bureaucrat with 20 years of experience in trade negotiations who heads the trade office at Mexico’s embassy in Washington, D.C.
Kenneth Smith, a 47-year-old trade expert with a master’s degree in international economics at Johns Hopkins University, will lead the day-to-day technical negotiations in the talks between Mexico, the U.S. and Canada, Economy Minister Ildefonso Guajardo said Monday.
Mr. Smith has a reputation for knowing the ins and outs of Nafta. He formed part of Mexico’s team that negotiated the pact in the early 1990s and coordinated implementation of Nafta at the Economy Ministry from 2002 to 2007. Since 2013, he has headed the trade and Nafta office at the embassy in Washington.
Ah yes, NAFTA. That pact that took effect 23 years ago. It was supposed to create jobs and curb illegal aliens.

The media swore up and down that Trump was crazy to threaten to pull out -- and that Mexico would not re-negotiate.

From the story:
A successful renegotiation of Nafta is critical for Mexico, which sends almost 80% of its exports north of the border. Exports represent around a third of its gross domestic product.
It's called the driver's seat.

President Trump is sitting in it.

The media is chasing all these distractions about who is in and who is out at the White House, which is fine. Ignoring the news undermines their credibility not his because we are at the point where months of hysteria about Russia are proving to be time wasted.

Because the media was wrong about Russia, any bad news is just a media obsession.

Also Russia has become proof of the anti-Trump media, which makes him a victim of a Vast Alt-Left Conspiracy.

But the media -- which got the election all wrong -- has talked itself into thinking it is so awesome and all powerful that they can bring down a president.

The media moguls think if they report only the bad that the good news will cease to exist.

But the good news is out there.

U.S. exports of coal rose 60%, Reuters reported. The big increases are by England and other European countries. It is part of the plan to make money, and to weaken Russia by making America the chief source for energy in that market.

Novelist Thomas Wictor had a nice tweetstorm about what's happening in the Middle East.

Now I do not buy that the Scaramucci firing was a set up by him and Trump as some have said.

Scaramucci turned out to be a nut case. He sold his company, his wife is divorcing him, and all that was for a job he lobbied for over the months -- and held only 10 days.

That is really sad.

But I can see why people may think it was planned.

Trump does use distractions all the time to keep the media sniffing in all the wrong places.

Wictor is on to something.

That first foreign trip by Trump was historic. Rookie presidents usually start out with a day trip to Ottawa or Mexico City.

He hit the heart of Islam, Judaism, and Roman Catholicism -- then went to NATO to demand financial support (which he got) and on to the G7 summit.

His direct flight from Riyadh to Israel was a sign of peace in the Middle East. The Islamic Civil War may have ended. If true, the world will be safer.

If Obama had done made such a historic trip, we would be hearing the media's hosannas 24/7.

Of course, Obama would never do that because he is a Marxist twit who believes in the Muslim Brotherhood.

But at least Obama kept Hillary from being president. Twice. Heh. Obama's legacy is Donald Trump, much as James Buchanan's legacy was Abraham Lincoln.

How is The Donald doing?

Follow the money.

My 401-k is up 15% since Election Day.

After Obama's election, we had what I call a "buying opportunity."

We live in an age of Fake News as the dinosaur media struggle to escape the tarpit.

The country however moves on. President Trump is changing the world. For the better.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Scaramucci always seemed sensible when he was on FBN; I'll be glad when somebody can explain what really went on with him. When I first heard the news this morning I thought it was more fake news.

  2. As I've said before, Mr. Trump is a flash-bang grenade, going off all over and distracting the enemedia and keeping their attention focused away from what he's doing.

    Alt-Left: I prefer Ctrl+Left (they just looooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to control), which I found here:

  3. Thank you! I like good news columns like this -- because the news media is so much hate and negativity about nothing!

  4. Once they break down to hydrocarbons, those tarpit dinosaurs burn clean and efficient in any internal combustion engine.

    And there's nothing like the oleaginous l'il MSM reportersaurs for lubrication.

  5. The media and Deep State don't want NAFTA re-negotiated because they are afraid the American public will get a better deal.

  6. This really burns my butT, why is it still that NO ONE will tell us whether these Rep Schultz'S IT people are US citizens and had a clearance or one high enough to be able to access these congressional computer/E-mails/server. IF THEY ARE NOT US CITIZENS WITH SECURITY CLEARANCES, THAT IS A MAJOR NATIONAL SECURITY VIOLATION!!!
    I couldn't even work independently under a contact with the DoE because they would not recognize my military secret clearance; I had to be escorted for 10 months until the DoE investigated me from SCRATCH to get a clearance.