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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Deplorable Obama Plan

The short shelf life of Charlottesville surprised me. On Sunday, I advised readers to hang in there, but I am pleased that the attempt to associate all Trump supporters with a crazy driver from Ohio failed quicker than I thought.

This is another sign that the media has no power, and the Democratic Party has no plan.

Well, no power where it counts, and no plan that will work.

The media wants to keep this dead-end story alive, just as it wants to keep the Russian nothingburger going. Reporters are demanding the president visit Charlottesville.

From the Daily Beast:
“Why the hell would we do that?” one White House official bluntly said, stating that whatever the president did in Charlottesville at this stage would be “used against” him by critics and media voices. The official also conceded that it was unlikely that this president would be able to deliver rousing, healing oratory that is demanded in such a dire situation. Trump, the fear went, could potentially worsen matters by being there.
What the media and the Democrats do not get is that while the 24/7 hate on Trump works in the 19 1/2 states that voted for Hillary, it gains them no ground in the 30 1/2 states that elected Trump president.

And the Democratic Party plan to have a full-court press on Trump is not working.

Republicans won four special elections to replace Republican congressmen.

Democrats won one to replace a Democratic congressman.

Until Democrats reach out to people in those 30 1/2 states, they will carry at most 19 1/2 states in 2020.

The banshee media screeching about nonsense such as the emoluments clause, 25th Amendment, and a military coup made the media a laughingstock, not President Trump or his electorate.

The hysteria shows the media learned nothing from being wrong all last year.

From Victor Davis Hanson:
Given that Trump’s base in the key swing states of the Midwest (the so-called Democratic “blue wall”) has not weakened, there is no real reason yet to think Trump could not win the Electoral College again in 2020 in the same fashion as 2016. In 2004 and 2012, we were told respectively that an unpopular George W. Bush and a sinking Barack Obama might lose reelection; instead they both were re-elected largely with the same election calculus and an even stronger base of support that carried them to victory four years earlier.
As in 2016, many of those who voted for Trump would prefer that he curb his tweets, clean up his language, sleep eight instead of five hours, and follow all the conventional-wisdom admonitions offered about his misbehavior. But that said, nearly half of the country is probably still willing to overlook his eccentricities for several reasons.
Trump now has a presidential record of eight months. Despite the media’s neglect of it, one can sense changes by just getting out and traveling the country. Even in rural central California, one can feel that it really is true that there is a 76 percent drop in illegal immigration, and immigration law is being taken seriously as never before.
It was no accident that the National Council of La Raza without warning dropped its racialist nomenclature and is now UnidosUS (“Together, US”). Why is the Democratic Party now feigning a focus on class, not racial, issues with its new “Better Deal” FDR/Truman-like echo?
The same pragmatics about changed attitudes are reflected in dozens of local roadside canteens in my environs that have taken down their showy Mexican flags and are now waving even larger American ones. Cement trucks and construction cranes are ubiquitous on the roads in a way not true over the prior eight years. Talk to business people, and they are citing new projects and investments, not voicing anxieties about higher taxes and more regulatory hostility.
In the article, Hanson correctly identified the last election as a revolution -- a revolt against a government (and its media concubines) that failed to secure the borders, secure the economy, and secure the future for America.

The tweaks he mentioned are cosmetic. The failure of Democrats in Congress to give an inch may resemble Republican tactics in 2009, but who won the White House in 2012?

If Democrats think they will pick up 63 seats in the House next year, I want what they are smoking.

At some point, Democrats have to win, or donors eventually stop betting on them.

So what is the plan? More of the same. Next month, Obama will cluelessly return to the national stage -- unaware of how irrelevant he is.

As President Trump erases his predecessor's legacy, Obama fades in stature.

He made history by being the first black president. And increasingly, that is all he is. His color.

And while he will forever remain popular among black people in general, the fact is people recognize they are better off without him. The wallet speaks louder than words.

Democrats are making a big deal about business executives leaving some council because they want to disassociate President Trump over Charlottesville.

That fails because politics is outside their sphere of expertise. They know business. If they abandoned him because he actually hurt their business, then that would be of some importance.

But they do not. They are just being PR weasels. Trump is good for business.

Look, the Democrats have to win over the deplorables.

Implying it was racist to oppose Obama worked for a while. And maybe Kamala Harris can make it work again in 2020.

But I doubt it because Obama did not bring the racial harmony we thought we would get by electing a black president.

Instead, we got the racial division that Marxists push.

Tell me, why after being called a Nazi because of Charlottesville would any Trump supporter switch sides?

That is what Democrats must do: Get the deplorables to flip on Trump.

Please, roll out Obama -- and remind those Trump voters who voted for Obama just how little he gave them.


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  1. "... while the 24/7 hate on Trump works in the 19 1/2 states that voted for Hillary..."

    What IS the atheist version of preaching to the choir called, anyway?

  2. The bottom has already fallen out of the Democrat fundraising barrel, while the Republicans are raking in the bucks bigly. I fear that securing the border and the economy will be accomplished only temporarily. To secure our future we will need to completely dismantle the Deep State. It will not be a walk in the park. - Elric

    1. "To secure our future we will need to completely dismantle the Deep State."

      Set a thief to catch a thief.

  3. "This is another sign that the media has no power, and the Democratic Party has no plan."

    Y E S ! ! ! !

    Why people disagreed with your Charlotte article Monday.

    Who hasn't known for months that according to the media and the entertainment industry, every single thing that goes wrong is President Trumps fault, and everything good happened in spite of him?

    It become a running joke months ago!

    For 25 years I listened to Vin Skully do Dodger baseball. In his generation, announcers were reporters that respected the game and the fans. Today's announcers want to lecture the fans, drown us in statistics, and joke around with their partners. The game is secondary.

    As a retired newspaperperson, you must see the same difference between those staffing the positions in media today, and those that used to staff them even 20-25 years ago.

    As Harry Truman said (probably referring to McCarthy) - the American people can be bamboozled for a bit, but in time they figure out the truth.


  4. "Reporters are demanding the president visit Charlottesville." Just like they demanded that Obama visit Chicago after every gang shooting? Wait! What??

  5. I figure that whatever the reporters and enemedia are demanding, no way should Trump do that. (I'm pretty certain Mr. Trump figured that out last year.)

  6. In RE Charlottesville and Durham:

    Groups that are confident they are winning do not enforce ever more strict levels of orthodoxy in their own enclaves.

    -Mikey NTH

  7. "He made history by being the first black president. And increasingly, that is all he is. His color"

    That's all he ever was and even he tacitly admitted it.

  8. The good part is that Charlottesville has exposed at least an additional 100 or so digital "grass roots" con artists out there (that we used to read), and the media...well, they are not toast, but rather, burnt.

    The biggest loser (aside from the driver) from yesterday was Antifa, who now have industrial strength FBI and DOJ looking right down their smartphones and computer game consoles.