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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Statue of limitations

The Marxists just lost the statue war. The Blue Meanies crossed the Rubicon when they refused to let Robert Lee broadcast a game at the home of the University of Virginia because of his name.

This was a moment when normal Americans looked at one another and said, Huh?

Not WTF, because it is too stupid an idea to warrant an F.

Not since May 1, 2006 have the Marxists been so over the top. You remember. President Bush 43 was about to serve up amnesty in the name of immigration "reform" when 400,000 Looney Tune lefties marched in Los Angeles with the Mexican flag held high.

It was the Reconquista -- except Mexico never really owned the western United States. It was largely unexplored territory that Mexico claimed but did not inhabit in large number.

The attempt to rewrite history continues. This time over improper statues.

Notice, the Marxists try this nonsense when they are out of power. When Democrats controlled everything eight years ago, nary a word was said about immigration, statues, or even gay marriage.

This statue removal is a diversion from President Trump's mopping up of Marxism on Aisle 1.

Regulations are being toppled. Forget symbolism. Trump is getting the job done. For years (decades) corporations have said the problem was regulations, not taxes (although they would welcome that too).

That is why when the American people elected Trump president, the stock market began rising.

The Marxist answer to that good news? Don't let an announcer named Robert Lee broadcast a game from Charlottesville, Virginia.


I don't know about the rest of you, but that makes me salivate at the thought of voting for Joe Manchin next year.

Democrats and their lackeys in the broadcast industry have saved America from having to listen to an announcer whose name is the same as a Confederate general.

Meanwhile, my 401-k is up 15%.

Robert Lee did nothing wrong.

The Marxists want his hide anyway because of his name. Words mean more to them than actions. Skin color over content of one's character.

But this is another Mexican Flag moment of this movement. It is the opposite of a false flag operation because a Mexican Flag moment is when the Marxists show their true colors.

The Mexican Flag showed immigration reform was not about making Mexicans American, but about making Americans Mexican.

By name-shaming a man who had nothing to do with racism, the Marxists revealed that no one is safe from their capricious and out-of-control contempt for normality.

And normal people want nothing to do with that kind of crazy.


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  1. This Muslim reads Don Surber at a bare minimum 3 times per day!
    Love u Don and pretty gosh darn sure Allah loves u, too.
    Make Isreal safe again.

  2. Sun Tzu must be smiling.

    Trump has the bad guys winning his war for him.

  3. Let's be honest and call this what it really is. A fight over the removal of DEMOCRAT memorials. Instead of talking about Confederate memorials and Confederate statues let's refer to it as "democrat" memorials and "democrat" statues.
    The democrats controlled the southern states after the civil war, or, at least after reconstruction. These statues were placed by the democrat politicians during the time they were in power. So, to be fair and honest, they are democrat statues. Every time someone talks about removing some Confederate General, say, "Oh, the democrat statue?" Maybe that stop this nonsense.
    Apparently I am not the only person who thinks these are democrat statues.

    1. I've been doing that for a very long time.
      Prior to the Civil War the south was democrat controlled.
      During several key points in the post war years, namely the lead up to WW1 and WW2, the dems were again in control of the feral government and we say military installations created and named for Heroes of the democrat party.
      Buuuuut they named a post in Alabama after union general McClellan! Who was a democrat and wanted to negotiate terms of surrender to the south.

    2. In 1958 all military personnel in the Confederacy were declared US veterans by US law. We officially buried the hatchet. So removing a Lee statue is the same as removing one of Grant, yet it continues. Pelosi's father, the Mayor of Baltimore, was obviously a racist since the statues of Confederate heroes that were just removed were installed under his administration and he spoke about the honor of the Confederate military leadership.

  4. I certainly agree that Democrats' nuttiness is losing the verbal war for them -- and I sure hope that has consequences on election day. What my mouth falls open at and I look kind of confused about is that because Democrats only listen to themselves, they, first, don't know they are losing the discussion, and, second, it's quite probable they will simply go out at night and remove all the statues that seem to offend them (which even includes Joan of Arc for some reason???).

    They just keep doing whatever they want -- without any consequences (except over and over at the ballot box). Only, who needs a majority or even to win an election when you and your fellow Democrats can just do anything anyway?

  5. Robert Lee looks Korean.

  6. "One Million Lee's Sue Leftist Organizations For Racial Vilification"

    There's your headline.

  7. I've never seen or heard of such unexcusable confabulations of mid-1800 history from both sides. It's gobsmacking. It's gaslighting. As stated, they are also insane.

    What's infuriating is no one even attempts to correct their lies and indictments of "racism."

    I'm tenth generation American. My relatives were all farmers homesteading below 38 degrees. That's where farming WAS. Farmers provided food to the North. Of them all, one fought for the federalists. The rest fought for the South. Many were caught up in what post civil war writers called "the great unpleasantness" and they either tried to move westward to AL, OK territory, or TX, or families stayed and fought and died for reasons other than slavery--they didn't have any slaves; They had lots of kids. They joined regiments in their STATE and essentially took the side of their community.

    The crux of the issue was states sovereignty, and we've gotten to the high water mark of progressivism/Marixm where people can't understand the issue.

    It sucks that about 80% of the population as turned in to a bag of rocks.

    1. I have been thinking about the controversy over the Confederate Memorials and wanted to make a point. I am not interested in debating the causes or morality of the Civil War.

      I want to make a point about something far simpler and frankly, to me, amazing.

      My family on my mother’s side have lived in N. Florida since before it was a state. They fought for the South in the Civil War as members of the 5th Florida Infantry Regiment.

      The Regiment was raised in Tallahassee, FL (where I now live), in 1862 and
      mustered 1,000 men. The Regiment was grouped with the 2nd and 8th Florida to
      make up the Florida Brigade that served in the Army of Northern Virginia.

      They fought at 2nd Bull Run, Sharpsburg, Antietam, Fredricksburg, and Chancellorsville.

      They were a part of Picket’s Division at Gettysburg, and took part in Picket’s Charge.

      After Gettysburg, they fought at The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Petersburg.

      When the 5th Florida surrendered at Appomattox Courthouse, there were 53 men left.

      Over a 3 year (+/-) period, they suffered 95% casualties. And still they stayed, and still they fought.

      The most amazing thing is that the 5th Florida was not anything out of the
      ordinary. At the surrender, the 2nd Florida had 68 men and the 8th Florida had 32.

      I would bet that most other Regiments, Union and Confederate, had the same story.

      Amazing. Absolutely amazing.

  8. Well, another vile comment from the Z. I went to a military academy. The thing at Chancellorsville - yeah, you basement Totino War heroes - is still being studied today, here and abroad. Top 5 audacious decisions in the history of war. No way Lee wins that. No fucking way. Ridiculous. IT HAD NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. Bobby Lee was the greatest general in American history, and you go tearing him down, your ass is gonna get flanked, good and long and hard. Y'know what I'm sayin, Liberal Yankie Wankies?

    Spoken born in ND, grew up in MT.

  9. Could you imagine the dilemma ESPN would have had if Robert Lee would have been black, and not Asian (who don't really seem to register on the left's victim scale). They would have absolutely been tied in knots.

  10. I know two men named Jeff Davis. I guess I should disavow them!!!! NOT.

  11. Teh Lefties at ESPN have pooped their panties, and BOY, does it show!

  12. I doubt it matters if--if-- the Left has 'lost' on this issue. Statues continue to come down. Meanwhile, who would have thought we would go from gay marriage as the shibboleth to unisex public washrooms, or from renaming buildings to tearing down statues? Only the Left knows what the next controversy is going to be that lets them claim moral superiority over the majority. I'm guessing pedophilia, but I've guessed that before.