Saturday, August 26, 2017

Odd admission by National Review

Rich Lowry, editor of National Review and co-founder of Never Trump, made an odd admission that President Trump is accomplishing a major conservative goal.

A hint: Trump is beating up the successor to the Evil Empire.

Cannot stand the suspense?

Well, here it is:
The Media Is Trump's Evil Empire
Lowry likely thinks he is mocking President Trump by assigning President Trump an inferior enemy.

But while Stalin and the Soviet Union were evil, sided with Hitler at the start of World War II, and slaughtered 50 million of his own people over time, that Evil Empire never really posed an existential threat to the United States.

Khrushchev wisely backed off in the Cuban missile crisis.

We fought that evil because we were the only ones who could. We were never in peril.

But the refusal of the national media -- including Lowry -- to accept the results of the election last November does imperil the nation.

Fake News about urinating hookers and the like undermine the ability of Americans to make the peaceful transition of power, which is a hallmark of our democratic republic.

The one notable exception being 1860 when Southern elitists refused to accept President Lincoln.

Lowry's publication is part of the vanguard of reckless belligerence that takes far to lightly the possibility of violence.

From Lowry:
The media has become for the right what the Soviet Union was during the Cold War — a common, unifying adversary of overwhelming importance. Before the fall of the Berlin Wall, religious conservatives and libertarians could agree that, whatever their other differences, godless communism had to be resisted. This commitment was the glue of the GOP coalition, and the basic price of admission to conservatism.
Now, a policy of containment, preferably rollback, of the mainstream media occupies that central role. Trump may not know how to get anything done, may not have a well-developed philosophy, may not be delivering on his agenda, may not be an admirable person, but he's a righteous, unyielding warrior against the media. And this is the one non-negotiable. To put it in terms of the famous Isaiah Berlin essay, the fox knows many things; the hedgehog knows one thing — CNN sucks.
I find his blithe dismissal of Reagan benighted.

His purpose in standing up to the Soviets was not to unite "religious conservatives and libertarians," but to stand up to evil.

Likewise, President Trump is both developed philosophically and delivering his agenda on time and under budget.

His batting average for Supreme Court justices may be the highest ever. Reagan gave us Scalia, true, but also O'Connor and Kennedy. Likewise along with Thomas, Bush 41 gave us Souter. Lastly, Bush 43 gave us Alito -- and Roberts.

Standing in the wings awaiting retirements are a score of the best judicial conservatives in the land.

Trump also disposed of 860 regulations in his first six months. That is the best use of the bureaucracy of any president in my memory (going back to Nixon).

Lastly, Trump has slashed regulatory budgets and staff.

In short, he has done all those things Lowry and his staff have bitched about for years.

But of course, as we have seen since Trump began his campaign, National Review is Establishment.

Trump threatens them by accomplishing all those things used to raise money for National Review and the various think tanks that employs so many of its writers.

A liberal court provides a steady flow of Fake Issues that National Review and its staff can use to dupe donors in Dummysville to donate again.

Did we ever overturn Kelo?

No. The boys in DC complained and moved on to something else.

And yet, there was National Review last year railing against Trump for trying to use eminent domain to against a widow in Atlantic City. (She won the case.)

All talk, no action.

Consider the threat the liberal media poses. National Review built its niche in part by taking on the media.

Finally, a champion for the cause dares to challenge the media.

Lowry winces.

From Lowry:
Some in the media are happy to play along with the role Trump allots them, as long as it serves the twin goals of self-referentiality and ratings. CNN at times appears to be a network devoted to covering things that the president says about the network. Prior to Trump’s rally in Phoenix, CNN relentlessly promoted the event. Then it took the whole thing, and devoted the rest of the night to blow-out coverage of commentators pronouncing themselves outraged and dismayed. At the end of the day, what had really happened? Nothing much, but at least something entertaining had filled the air.
Trump might well have been hate-watching much of it, pleased somewhere beneath his anger and disgust that he had, once again, proved to have the right enemy.
That enemy includes National Review because it refuses to acknowledge that President Trump is getting the job done.

Lowry wrote his piece in Politico. How telling. Politico serves his true audience: liberals. He wants to be their go-to conservative. Tough, but eventually rolled.


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  1. I may be wrong but as I recall from my reading of history there were a number of Southern elitists who did not want to go to war, but everybody got dragged along into it by the Southern Democrats. - Elric

    1. The slave owning, Democrat plantation owners. Owning slaves and plantations gave them power over everyone else in the south eastern U.S..

      150 years later the Democrats still own slaves and keep them on plantations. Those plantations do not have flowery names like Magnolia or Roseland. Their new plantations are called Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, etc..

  2. Rich Lowry can go fornicate himself.

    1. National Review and Playboy Magazine: two irrelevant rags whose time has passed.

  3. NRO is morphing into a mini Southern Poverty Law Center, more out to gain donations to fund the people in NRO than promoting its supposed ideals.

  4. Lowry will have to displace David Brooks to win the title of Top Tame "Conservative".

  5. I try to hide my shame... but once I actually subscribed to that piece of trash. Their masquerade has now been revealed: they are just establishment shills, out for the $$.

    Thank you Don, for going where I no longer tread; as I said on Twitter, I hope you've disinfected yourself properly after that journey into the gutter known as NRO!

    1. Don't feel bad, did I. As it's been talked about before, Mr. T has this beautiful, amazing ability to show the true colors of people. Some of the most important folks I've ever met, starting with my wife, also have this skill. They reveal the world as it is, not what I hope (or fear) it's like. Thank you Mr. President.

  6. And like Bill Kristol interviewed on MSNBC by Brian Williams, both maligning DJT. F$%K Lowry, Kristol, J. Goldberg and all the other Establishment Twits who refuse to acknowledge the existential nature of the election, and remain blind to the administration's challenges and successes

    1. And their cruises be plagued with rotavirus.

  7. An underreported story is the sheer obnoxiousness of the Dems in the Senate:

    Lankford’s Proposed Senate Rule Change Could End Gridlock on Trump’s Judicial Picks

    “At the current rate, it will take 11 years to fill the executive branch.”

    RTWT for the dirty tactics being used. Then there is the "blue slip" technicality also being employed by senators like Franken - that is another obstructive tactic.

    They are running out the clock in an unprecedented obstruction of the Administration. If it was the Republicans doing this you'd have the MSM howling every day. But since it is the Dems doing it there's almost nothing being reported.

  8. So who is Dr Strangelove in this Evil Empire Media scenario?

  9. Steve in GreensboroAugust 26, 2017 at 7:06 PM

    Further to O&I Dave’s comment, I am glad to hear we have retargeted our nuclear weapons toward the editorial offices of NYT, CNN et al.

    I recommend Trump send a tweet to the Enemedia something along the same lines as he sent to the Norks. Shape up, ladies (this means you Shemp Smith and Anderson), or you had better be ready to duck and cover when you see the flash.

  10. I feel like kissing NRO like Michael Corleone kissed Fred, and say "you broke my heart."

  11. How conservative was the National Review? It was founded by Buckley who worked for the CIA. It pushed an interventionist foreign policy. It was big state and big military.Today it looks like the NR was the Deep State taking over the conservative movement.

  12. Rich Lowery writes to his target audience knowing they will agree with what he says. NRO is a sold-out enterprise that has outlived its original purpose. Progressives are turning all the media they influence into arms of propaganda. Here is an interesting perspective:

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. The Dem media is not as evil as the USSR was, or as communism is -- but it remains more evil than almost any other "institution" in the USA; and throughout the OECD developed world.

    The desire to use gov't force to "do good" leads to a huge amount of evil, in practice.

  15. If Trump is such a failure as President, why are people when it really counts for them, so optimistic about the country? I'm talking about the stock market. On Election Day 2016 the Dow closed at 18,333, now it is about 21,790 and has been over 22,000.

    A "poll" of Trump's popularity is somebody calling 500 or 600 people and asking a few questions. The stock market represents tens of millions of people betting their money and their future that the country has a good future. If they think the country has a bad future they take a safe 1% from a bank.

    It can't just be Trump voters who are investing in stocks with the anti-Trump people cashing out. People all across the political spectrum, as well as institutional fund managers have to be optimistic too. And this is where it really counts! If you make the wrong decision your 100,000 in the market could easily shrink to 70,000.


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