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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Not being president exhausts Low Energy Jeb

President Trump is doing so much as president that he is wearing out poor old Jeb Bush.

"It's exhausting," Bush told Univision.

Poor thing.

Please clap.

From the Washington Examiner:
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said Tuesday that the first six months of President Trump's time in the White House have been "exhausting" while also criticizing Trump's Twitter habits.
Bush, a former rival of Trump's during the 2016 Republican primaries, told Univision that it feels like "the whole world has been turned upside down" under Trump and gave him an incomplete grade for his first six months in office.
"It's exhausting," Bush said. "I mean it's an incomplete grade in the sense that not much has been done. But it feels like the whole world has been turned upside down. He's created controversy where there is no need for it. He should lead. All of this tweeting and the pushing down people to make himself look better is not helping."
"In the world, he has not dealt with a major crisis yet, but there are three or four brewing," Bush said. "I hope and pray for him and his family and I pray for my country and I hope that he assumes the mantle of leadership that he has not yet done."

Slow down.

Maybe Jeb should take a nap.

Of course, Low Energy Jeb may already be asleep because he is missing what is occurring.

We have a few crises right now.

Under President Trump, the Islamic State is on the run, Iran is on the wane, and the outcome of the Korean War -- now in its 67th year -- is about to be settled.

Once upon a time, losing politicians were for the first six months of a presidency gracious and supportive of the winning candidate.

But swamp critters have no decency and began taking potshots from the get-go.

Just as Obama spared us a second Clinton presidency, Trump spared us another Bush presidency. Not that the first two were bad, it is just that we know that Jeb was not up to the job.

I hope Jeb gets some rest. Not being president is so exhausting.


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  1. A Republican Presidential candidate commisioned Fusion GPS for opposition research on Trump. Fusion GPS who does work for Russia and Putin also did research for the Democrats. The result of this was the ridiculous Piss Dossier.

    Supposedly the Repub was Jeb!

    Trump is the most vetted and known entity ever to run for office save for maybe our early Presidents.

    If there was any there ... there ... it would have been our long before now.

  2. What was telling for me was when
    Trump had the challenge in the debate with Jebbi and what I believe was Trump's effort to look at Jebbi as a potential VP. Instead of Jebbi saying "Hold my coat Marco, step outside! you can't say that about my mother!"
    which is what Trump wanted.
    Instead Jebbi ran to and behind Mommy Bush "Moooommmmy! Twump is saying bad things -make him stop.!!" that ended it right there... TG McCoy

    1. Jeb: My mother is the greatest woman in the world
      Trump "She should run"

    2. Trump never gets credit for fabulous timing. He did the same with Hillary in the debates:
      H: It's good that someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law in our country."
      Trump: "Because you'd be in jail."

      Ba dum bump!

    3. Poopsie, that is one campaign promise I keep waiting for. So disappointed......

  3. Jeb! needs to order himself a bigly supply of Nugenix. - Elric

  4. A lot of people say that one of the best things about President Trump is the absence of one President Clinton. But I say the absence of another President Bush is equally provident.

    What a loser. Trump's defeat of Jeb Bush was "an act of love" - at least in the way JEB defines that term.

    1. Low energy JEB! was never going to be President. He was merely the 2016 "Gracious Concession Speech Giver" chosen by the GOPe.

  5. Mistah Trump, he got a way wit' words.

  6. I just love it when these failed candidates think they know so much more and would be so much better than our victorious President DJT.
    Jeb's sour grapes make me taaaaaahred.

  7. "But swamp critters ... began taking potshots."

    Mr President! Get your stomach away from that window!

  8. All of those whiney losers with their sour grapes make my day. Maybe they should start a cuddle group.

  9. Jeb would have been acceptable to the Deep State because he would have been no threat to them.