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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Dallas paper defied Trump last fall, now lays off ad staff

Lats fall, the Dallas Morning News defied its conservative roots and endorsed Hillary. Its editor, Mike Wilson, defiantly stood up to readers, telling Poynter:
"Certainly we've paid a price for our presidential recommendation, but then, we write our editorials based on principle, and sometimes principle comes at a cost."
He won't pay the price; 45 staffers in advertising will. Management canned them to cut costs, outsourcing their work.

And what principle?

The newspaper marketed itself as conservative for decades.

This guy comes along (and his publisher) and the newspaper backs the most Marxist candidate for president since Eugene V. Debs.

But what irks me is not the hypocrisy, but that for all their pomposity about the First Amendment, members of the newspaper's editorial board did not pay the price.

Others did.

From the Dallas Morning News:
A. H. Belo Corporation, parent of The Dallas Morning News, announced plans Friday to outsource much of its advertising creation and production work to the parent of USA Today.
The deal with Gannett Co. marks the expansion of an existing relationship between the two media properties and will result in the layoff of 45 workers. The employees, who work in advertising, accounting and finance, and personnel, were notified this week.
About a dozen employees will remain until early October, said Grant Moise, executive vice president of A. H. Belo and and general manager of The News.
Newspapers are on the ropes, and yes, likely this move would have been made if the newspaper endorsed Trump.

But good gosh, throwing loyal newspaper subscribers overboard like that at a time when your enterprise is in dire straits is a slap in the face to employees who are out on the street. They did all they could to make the enterprise a success, while management blew its credibility by endorsing Hillary. 

Mike Wilson is not a conservative. He should not be editor of a conservative newspaper.

He is a phony who worked to get Hillary elected, which would have cost conservatives the Supreme Court and the judiciary for the rest of my life.

As for the rest of the staff at the Dallas Morning News, time to get a job elsewhere. No loyalty, no business sense, no principles.


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  1. Most people become creatures of their environment. The place I live used to be a town with a university. Now it's a university with a town. Before 1970 the politics here were republican. Now they are Marxist. One thing that has been unfortunate to see is the changes in people as they become changed by the things around them. There was a reporter here who used to call me up when he was reporting on health issues and I would talk to him. The way his stories were written over the years began to change and I would ask him why he wrote certain things. He would respond that his editor wanted the story to come out a certain way and he felt compelled to do it for fear of losing his job. After a while it was evident that he had been converged. I stopped taking his calls.
    Dallas has been drifting left for decades, and the people working at the paper have become creatures of the downtown environment there. Problem is most of their actual readers are in the suburbs and rural areas where those chameleons never go. What they haven't understood is that they are not a newspaper with readers, but readers who don't need a newspaper.

  2. I can remember reading the Morning News for years. I live in rural Texas. The change was so severe as to be dismaying. So I went elsewhere. Dallas isn't really American anymore.

  3. Another case of newspaper suicide.

  4. I took the Dallas Morning News for years and couldn't imagine discontinuing it. But the paper's ideology and journalistic standards got worse and worse over time and I eventually (and enthusiastically) dumped it. I've never regretted it.

  5. Now Mike Wilson can better enjoy cocktails with his peers at industry gatherings.

  6. The Dallas Morning News conservative? For years? Ha.

  7. Gannett. Say no more.

  8. The Lee Enterprise Billings Gazette is our local paper, and it is virtually unreadable to me now, with lefty bias on every page.