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Tuesday, August 01, 2017

A paragraph that explains Why Trump

Roger Cohen wrote a piece in Sunday's New York Times bemoaning the departure of career diplomats from the State Department. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is in charge, and he is shrinking staff.

From Cohen:
An exodus is underway. Those who have departed include Nancy McEldowney, the director of the Foreign Service Institute until she retired last month, who described to me “a toxic, troubled environment and organization”; Dana Shell Smith, the former ambassador to Qatar, who said what was most striking was the “complete and utter disdain for our expertise”; and Jake Walles, a former ambassador to Tunisia with some 35 years of experience. “There’s just a slow unraveling of the institution,” he told me.
The 8,000 Foreign Service officers are not sure how to defend American values under a president who has entertained the idea of torture, shown contempt for the Constitution, and never met an autocrat who failed to elicit his sympathy. Trump seems determined to hollow out the State Department in a strange act of national self-amputation.
From the inside looking out, the changes are disturbing -- and unfair -- and unjust -- and wrong.

They worked hard.

They put country first.

They did their job.

But from the outside looking in, the institution needs unraveling. The Department of State has failed the American people.

In the last four decades, America has gone from revered and feared to jeered.

The last standing super-power is cuckolded by North Korea, Iran, and Libya.

This is nothing personal. This is business. After eight years of Marxist apologists in the White House (Obama) and at State (Clinton and Kerry) Americans had it. No more politicians. Bring in the businessmen. If you can run Exxon, then you can run State.

What experience did his predecessors have? They were senators? They ran a staff of 50 people?

Hahaha. Exxon has 73,500 employees.

But journalists today are myopic and superstitious. They know nothing of business, but they are familiar with government. Naturally, they think government experience is superior.

Cohen's feelings do not matter.

His facts do. He ended his 2,230-word defense of the status quo ended with a paragraph that undid his argument:
My friend Chris Stevens, who did not die in Libya for a business deal, would have approved of those words.
No, Ambassador Stevens died because of bad political decisions by people seduced by their own brilliance who magically believed in the purity of the Muslim Brotherhood. They bombed the hell out of Libya, and turned it into a chaotic mess that now threatens to destabilize Italy as its refugees overwhelm that nation.

Stevens died because Secretary Clinton refused to allow the 173rd Airborne to rescue him.

Stevens died because Secretary Clinton forgot it was the 11th anniversary of 9/11.

Stevens died because Secretary Clinton made an irrational decision to overthrow Gadhafi.

And no one in that vaunted Department of State -- none of that cadre of hundreds of career diplomats stood up and spoke out against Secretary Clinton's catastrophic tenure.

The Department of State failed Ambassador Stevens, and maybe it was not the fault of those who depart or those who stay in misery.

But Benghazi was a failure. Americans want better. The false smear about a business deal comes from a man who ignored the political cover-up of a video causing this.

That lie actually made excuses for his killers. What kind of Secretary of State sides with the killers of an ambassador? Hillary is one sick puppy.

And a complete disaster at State followed by another calamity: John Kerry. His response to terrorism in Paris was to bring James Taylor to France to sing "You've Got a Friend."

Just like the French sent Maurice Chevalier to sing songs from "Gigi." Ah yes, I remember it well.

On November 8, the experts missed the election because they missed what actually happened to America. It was not one thing. It was many. America was once great. We elected Trump to make America great again.

I trust those 30-year careerists will enjoy a nice retirement. Federal pensions are enviable.

Retirement is fun. Instead of moping about the past and fretting about the future, wish the new regime good luck and move on.

At any rate, they are gone, and that is great for the country.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. I would argue that Chris Stevens did die in Libya for a business deal. Then-Secretary of State Clinton was illegally running arms from Libya to rebels (jihadists) in Syria. - Elric

  2. Damn Right, Elric!
    Supposed "secular" and democracy-promoting armed opposition rebels. Until MAGA found the truth...and stopped that support.

  3. "Stevens died" to ensure the reelection of Obama.

    State is not called Foggy Bottom for nothing. It's long been a nest of vipers.

    1. We all secretly know that Chris regretted having but one life to give for Hillary.

  4. The Arabists at State have mostly always been on the wrong side of history, Hillary just added a huge dollop of corruption to the mix and JK was still a fool as always.

    1. They don't call it "Foggy Bottom" for nothing.

  5. Clinton had that famous ad, "who do you want to answer the phone at 3 am?".
    The benghazi tragedy occurred over a 12 hour span, beginning in the evening, Libya time, which was mid to late afternoon, Washington time. Hilary couldnt handle a middle of the day crisis.
    There was a drone flying overhead, too, armed with at least one bomb, that might have saved our ambassador, but it was ordered not to fire as well.

  6. Not only do the career politicians not get it, but the left wing opinion writers don't get it...we are pissed.

  7. Refresh my memory. Samantha Power was a State Department employee, right? When she violated the privacy of hundreds of American citizens by unmasking their communications for political purposes, right?

  8. You're not a well person, Mr. Surber. When was this time more than "four decades" ago when America was "revered and feared"? When we were sending 50,000+ of our boys to die in Vietnam? When Israel attacked the USS Liberty without consequences? When Cuba turned Communist?

    I also notice that you focus on Benghazi and Obama's term, but fail to mention Reagan withdrawing from Lebanon after the Marine Corps barracks bombing, or illegally selling arms to Iran, or a Korean flight out of JFK being shot down by the Soviet Union without consequences.

    Bottom-line, your a partisan hack who writes misleading propaganda. Anyone who takes your writing seriously ends up dumber as a result.

    1. You're a little off. 50K boys were sent by LBJ. IT was Nixon who actually slowed and stopped the carnage. Cuba turned communist in 1959 and was allowed to remain communist after JFK's Bay of Pigs fiasco. Korean flight was out of JFK, but nowhere near JFK when it was shot down and had strayed from Alaska into soviet air space. If you want vaunted & feared, see no more than the dissolution of the USSR in 1991. Do you think this happened because Reagan told Gorbachev "I'll have more flexibility after the election?"

    2. It's strictly anecdotal but in my experience, the only people who bring up the USS Liberty incident that aren't Jew haters are people who had relatives on board.

      For the record, Israel apologized and paid the families compensation.

      Of course nothing unplanned ever happens due to the fog of war. No, never.

    3. Nice attempt at cherry picking, Jonniboi. Amazingly a paid troll like you neglected to mention your hero Bill Clinton enabling the North Korean nuclear program, your hero Hillary Clinton selling 20% of our Uranium stockpile to Putin for a 100 million dollar "donation" to the Clinton Foundation and the 33 billion dollars your Obamamessiah and Jean Francois Kerry gave Iran. You also neglected to mention the roles Clinton, Kerry, Pelosi, Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus and their pet Google execs played in that multinational debacle known as the "Arab Spring". I bet you forgot about those meetings Pelosi and Kerry had with Assad, Amedinejad and the leaders of Hezbollah back in 2007 against the express wishes of the State Department, too.

    4. The UN and Lebanese gov't asked for a US military presence in Lebanon and that's why we stationed Marines there.

    5. Anonymous - What did I write that was "a little off" in any way? I wasn't "cherry-picking" as claimed by Nahanni - I was just reciting several things that happened that perhaps showed that life wasn't all roses and sunshine prior to "the last four decades."

      And autothreads, I agree that the people who are obsessed with the USS Liberty incident are generally anti-Semitic. I first learned about it when I looked at some ultra-right-wing propaganda newspapers that loved them some Jesse Helms. Anyway, I don't really have a strong opinion regarding that incident - I used it to point out that maybe Surber's comment that we were so "feared" 40+ years ago is a crock of BS.

  9. "Stevens died because Secretary Clinton made an irrational decision to overthrow Gadhafi."

    On the contrary, Hillary's decision was perfectly rational. The Clintons had cleaned up in Haiti, with Bill acting as UN Special Envoy in charge of earthquake reconstruction and Hillary giving required State Department approval for reconstruction contracts. The contractors were so grateful that they showered millions of dollars on the Clinton Foundation while billions of dollars in earthquake reconstruction money remain unaccounted for.

    Fast forward to Libya, Hillary's boy and Clinton Foundation employee Sid Blumenthal was urging Hillary to support a "ferocious" bombing campaign in Libya while consulting with contractors who wanted to reap the expected bonanza of reconstruction efforts in Libya.

    Is it any wonder Hillary wanted everyone to believe that Benghazi was a one-off resulting from anger over an anti-Islamic video? If it became known that Libya was overrun by terrorists and too dangerous for reconstruction to begin there would be no grateful contractors to shower the Clinton Foundation with donations.

    1. Ps. Hillary's plan for Libya is strangely reminiscent of the Underpants Gnomes business plan:

      1) Depose Qaddafi "We came, we saw, he died! Cackle, cackle!"
      2) ??
      3) Profit!

      It's likely the Obama administration thought the Arab Spring would take care of #2, but whatever they were thinking they certainly had no plan to deal with the aftermath of their bombing campaign.

    2. Yeah, but Dems never quite seen to have a handle on that problematic Step "2) ??" That's why, as last November demonstrated, for them Step 3 for them frequently ends up as "??!!!?&*^@!!"
      (See Obamacare for details.)

    3. Agree with it or not, the War Powers Act was violated by Obama in Libya with no consequences for him, just Libyans.

    4. Agree with it or not, the War Powers Act was violated by Obama in Libya with no consequences for him, just Libyans.

  10. Stevens did die for a business deal -- an arms deal to child-beheaders in Syria.

  11. Stevens died because the Hillary Clinton stripped the consulate of its US Marine security detail and replaced it with a bunch of local yokals with guns!

  12. Good column. When the USA put a Kenyan-Indonesian Moooooslim boy, with no actual work experience on his resume other than race-hustlin', you knew we were in big, big trouble.

    You can't put a man in charge of the country who hates the country. And that's Barry Soetoro.

  13. The old hanger on's are being asked to retire. That is all. The duty is so cushy they never want to leave. OUT! Make room for the younger ones to get promoted. The entire executive service needs to be gone! All of these editorials from "ambassadors" who say they are quitting after 30 years because ...Trump are retiring with full benefits. Be gone! You're failures. Leave already.

  14. And Tillerson FIRED the ass that was in charge of State Department security who FAILED at Benghazi. He was still there failing some more.

  15. Linked at Instapundit at 2:36PM.

  16. Steve in GreensboroAugust 1, 2017 at 8:34 PM

    From Cohen: "An exodus is underway" from State.

    On behalf of all patriotic Americans, I say "don't let the screen door hit you in the ass, commies."

  17. Every President makes mistakes. I'm old enough to remember reading about Thomas Jefferson's "Embargo Act" of 1807. I love Thomas Jefferson, but he should screwed up on that one. Nevertheless, his error was not driven by hatred of his country the way the Progressives "errors" are.