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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Why Swamp Republicans won't kill Obamacare

Here is why Republicans will not kill Obamacare:
The law gives the federal government power over health insurance. Which means money and power for Washington -- and too many Republicans are swamp critters now.

Obamacare will knock down campaign contributions, and get jobs for their unemployable relatives. Should it cost them their jobs come election time, so what? They will make more as a lobbyist. No one ever leaves Washington.

Remember when Reagan said Medicaid was the beginning of socialized medicine? Did he get rid of it when he finally became president? No, because Republicans in Washington wanted to keep it.

Has anyone pushed to dump the EPA, Department of Education, Department of Energy, or the Department of Homeland Security? No, no, no, no.

They exist although nothing much gets done, except the production of thousands of regulations each year.

President Trump wants the EPA Superfund to speed up its clean ups. This boondoggle has been around for 37 years with no end in sight. It's the Big Dig on steroids, except eventually they completed the Tip O'Neill and Ted Williams Tunnels in Boston.

To get Obamacare, Washington took a problem -- a few people had to pay a lot for health insurance because they had existing medical problems -- exaggerated the problem, and voilĂ , federalized health insurance.

Rather than fix it for the few, Washington took over everyone's health insurance.

By the time these Washington generals were through, they had forced the Little Sisters of the Poor to buy birth control.

This was just like Homeland Security. The reason the pilots turned the planes over to the hijackers on 9/11 was that was what the federal government had ordered pilots to do. All we had to do was reverse that rule.

But noooooooooo, we wound up with a $40 billion a year boondoggle that will never, ever go away.

What's worse is if we punish Republicans, we wind up with a Democratic Congress cooking up another gawd awful bureaucratic mess.

Either way, none of this affects President Trump. It's all on Congress, not him. His voters know enough about the separation of power to realize who is to blame.

Now to get a Trump party at the congressional level. Let's primary Republicans who support Obamacare.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. Healthcare and health insurance are not rights as defined in the United State Constitution. They are products that can be purchased by individuals if they so desire. The United States Constitution does not delegate the power to provide healthcare and/or health insurance to the United States Government. (To promote the general Welfare does not include personal healthcare or health insurance by any stretch of the Founders’ understanding.)

    All of the states have insurance commissions to regulate the insurance industry in their respective states. This has worked fairly well, if sometimes a bit irregularly, for quite some time. These commissions are still in place and capable of regulating the insurers in their states. That includes allowing citizens to purchase health insurance across state lines if they so approve. The United States constitution does provide for the United States Congress to regulate Commerce among the several States, but regulating is not the same as providing.

    As the United States Constitution does not delegate the power to provide health insurance to the United States Government, why is the United States Government attempting to usurp the power that is specifically reserved to the States and/or the People? You said it. Power.

    Healthcare and health insurance are items that an individual can obtain if he/she is so inclined. Charity work for those who cannot afford these items is laudable, and over the years worked very well. Indeed, many hospitals and caregivers provide free healthcare to the disadvantaged even today. The United States Government is not obligated to provide these items and is increasingly unable to afford to do so. Perhaps enacting laws to encourage these charitable efforts would be preferable to the government paying to provide it.

    One out of three West Virginians are on Medicaid or Medicare. This is unconscionable and unsustainable. Requirements must be much more stringent. For that matter, the SNAP program is encouraging obesity in its recipients and fraud as well. I live next to a gasoline station and convenience store and I see this almost every day. I see it at the supermarkets as well. Stop paying people not to work. Stop trying to feed them. Jobs are available if they want to work. The government should not be soaking taxpayers to support these people. They are gaming the system. Stop it.

    If they are truly needy let the charitable organizations take care of them. There are several in my area and they do a good job. They are supported by the local churches and they make sure the folks who really need it get help. They weed out the ones that are gaming the system.

    In a nutshell: Any form of federally provided and/or regulated health insurance is not Constitutional. - Elric

  2. I do hope there is enough lead time that great candidates emerge to primary the entrenched RINO uniparty leeches.

  3. As Glenn says, "We have the worst political class in history".

  4. Part of it is voters. Expanded government goodies are popular in states like Maine and dare I say Kentucky. Politicians pander to the populace in order that they can become multimillionaires in "government service"

  5. As Walt Kelly had Pogo say, "We have met the enemy, and he is us."

  6. So, who are more corrupt and incompetent. D.C.'s congressional Republicans or West Virginia's congressional Republicans.

  7. I think a lot of those swamp rats are going to be retired sooner than expected.

  8. In 2009 the people rose up to fight for limited government and to reign in wasteful stimulus spending. Our representatives and the MSM ignored us. Since then we have taken all 3 branches of government and they are still evading and fighting the will of the people. They thought they would wear us down and we would just give up and go away. But here we are still, 8 years later, and the deplorables are not making it easy for them to play their games without being challeged. We are educated now with their strategies and overused excuses in a playbook they've never needed to change before. They are exposed in direct sunlight and our force of 62 million strong keeps marching on (insert music for "Onward Christian Soldiers"). My hope is that we are wearing THEM down.

    - Tee

  9. I sure hope you're wrong, Don, but from experience, know that you prolly are correct. Hubby agrees with you.

    Big business has decided to eliminate the cost of insurance from its employee benefits package. By definition most politicians are for sale. The deep pockets support the deep state.

    It is an un-winable conflict. But Trump had no path to 270 - so I'll hold out faith and hope, the only true Christian currency..

  10. Mr Surber, you hit on the overall problem with fixing anything Democrats do -- the narrative, which is amplified and beat into the public imagination by the media. With Obamacare it was, and still is, pre-existing conditions (which isn't allowed to be addressed in any way separate from the whole thing because the Media's message is that any change takes people's insurance away -- even when it only allows people who don't want to buy insurance to not buy it).

    When there was so much criticism of Bush regarding Iraq and the Middle East, I remember Ann Coulter complaining that Bush wasn't using his pulpit to explain himself to and get the country behind him. What I thought of them, and still see, is that Republicans never take on the leftist/Media narrative (like cops are gleefully hunting and killing blacks, that ANTIFA beating up on conservatives while the politicians order the police to stand aside and let them is justified, that Islam is a religion of peace and all Christians are violent haters, that all illegals are innocent dreamers, that its tax cuts for the rich and not American business taxes are about the highest in the world, and on and on).

    I don't know if health care will get repealed or fixed, but perhaps the fight for the narrative can begin.

  11. In Alaska, they did primary Murkowski, and the RNC colluded with the DNC to get Murkowski elected in a write in campaign.
    Reuben J

    1. The Thad Cochran primary in Mississippi was rigged by the RNC so that Cochran would win the republican runoff. That was the tipping point for me.

  12. The Senate failed to repeal it today with seven Republican senators joining their Democrat pals. It's not Republicans versus Democrats anymore. Now it's them versus us.