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Friday, July 28, 2017

Trump ends debate on sanctuary cities

As readers may know, Attorney General Jeff Sessions took steps to halt payments of Byrne Justice Assistance grants (federal money given to local law enforcement agencies) to sanctuary cities.

Viewers of CNN, Fox News and MSNBC are less likely to know, as are readers of various anti-Trump newspapers. These media outlets inundate their audiences with Fake News about Trump's outrageous tweets, Trump's outrageous interviews, and Trump's outrageous speeches.

Well, they are going to say and wrote something nasty about him. Why not limit it to tweets and statements?

Trump is entertaining, and the criticisms are petty.

By threatening to fire Jeff Sessions -- and maybe Trump will -- the president distracts the press. Why risk a serious debate over substance when you can get your critics to chase after a transgendered soldier? That's a fun issue. It lets everyone bloviate, pound their chests, and virtue signal. Everyone feels fresh and vindicated.

Here has been our debate so far.

Bradley Manning was a traitor!

Navy SEAL in a dress was a hero!

Transgender operations are expensive!

We spend more on Viagra!

$1.3 billion over the next 10 years!

Meanwhile, ICE is rounding up illegal aliens in sanctuary cities, and the story cannot break through all the fog of war.

President Trump tweets and the media goes ape, and the administration does as it damned well pleases on the other fronts that matter.

Greg Ip - chief economics columnist for the Wall Street Journal -- noticed Trump is succeeding:
Six months into his presidency, Donald Trump’s detractors portray him as a do-nothing president with no big wins on issues such as health care, taxes and infrastructure.
That may be true if the benchmark is legislation, but that is an incomplete benchmark. To gauge a president’s impact you have to go beyond the laws he signs to the vast authority he wields through departments and agencies that apply the law. On that score, Mr. Trump is on track to do a lot. On finance, the Internet, immigration and drugs, to name just a few issues, Trump appointees have begun nudging the economy and the country in a more conservative, pro-business direction. Whether that is good or bad is to a great extent in the eye of the beholder. What isn’t debatable is that the imperial presidency, after expanding under Barack Obama, remains just as formidable under Mr. Trump.
President Trump is doing this under the noses of a banshee press that screeches into the night that he is insane.

He is crazy like a fox.

Ah, but isn't this a distraction from his success. The argument is that this is keeping good news from making the papers and the cable news shows.


He could cure cancer, and the press would report how many oncologists he put out of business.

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  1. My wife was watchin NBC news this morning with all the Scaramucci stuff and the ongoing Republican Party failure theater. I mentioned to her that none of that stuff was what really mattered and that everything important being done was what they aren't talking about. It's hard to describe the look on her face when she realized this was true and began looking at the screen the way she does when watching one of those movies on Lifetime about some woman whose man done her wrong.

  2. Most of the rest of the country don't think and talk like Scaramucci does and I am genuinely disgraced by it. I think he might have distracted the Senators during the repeal vote. My niece and spouse pay $1K/month for Obamacare on a combined $50K annual salary with a $11K deductible. This is very real for many people.

  3. Trump treats the press like the Japanese treat Western tourists.

    "Let's see if we can get the round-eyed devils to eat whale blubber fried in squid ink!"

  4. So Trump doesn't want his "successes" to be known, thus he tweets about a policy change that is not written; caught our top military leaders totally off guard; and cites false statistics as his reason why.
    No wonder China is buzzing our military planes; Russia is arming the Taliban again; North Korea is testing IBMs; and the Dems and Republicans are finally unifying ... at least in terms of sanctions against Russians (that Trump can't singularly overrule) and Trump's wussy bullying of Session.
    Maybe Trump ought to have new Communications Director Scarmucci give some interviews.
    Pray for Pence, he will soon be cleaning up this "bull-you-know-what" (Jim Justice).

    1. The military knew exactly what is goin' on. They requested it! They don't have a written out order from the top of the chain of command. YET. From Mattis. Who doesn't have clown around with this fake issue any longer.

    2. You have no idea what you are writing. The military currently has an ongoing study on this very issue and prior findings found the transgender issue to not be affecting troop readiness or morale. Were the previous findings to suit Obama? Maybe so but you are STILL missing the big picture.
      Why couldn't Trump wait for the most recent Pentagon study (due in December) on this issue before making a policy announcement?
      Instead Donnie, without consulting the military or Congress, tweets a major policy change with no plan and thinks it's funny to once again whip the nation up in a frenzy. Trump is distracting America again but it's not to hide the fact that our adversaries are punking us around the world.

    3. "The military currently has an ongoing study on this very issue and prior findings found the transgender issue to not be affecting troop readiness or morale"

      Like the open homosexuality survey, right?

      If you've stopped here at all, you know we're all agreed surveys are a dime a dozen and usually are to vindicate the commissioner's agenda

  5. Obama ruled by executive order for almost six years.

    1. Good one quack. Obama issued fewer EOs than Bush 2, Clinton, Reagan and Nixon. Trump is on pace to surpass them all. Geez. How about a incoherent post about the Greeks instead?

    2. It isn't about the number of EO's, but their content. Obama used them to rewrite laws, e.g., DACA and DAPA.

  6. "By threatening to fire Jeff Sessions -- and maybe Trump will -- the president distracts the press."

    What I've been saying all along.

    And, no, I don't think Sessions is going anywhere.

    1. I don't think he will fire Sessions either. Trump knows how to fire people. Look at Spicer. You knew he was fired when Trump said he asked him to stay on, but...

    2. "There will be holy hell to pay if he fires Sessions." - L. Graham.
      Trump won't fire Sessions as he cowers when people stand up to him. Obama sanctions Russia and Russia grumbles. Trump sanctions Russia and Russia expels US diplomats and seizes U.S. properties.

  7. Mr. Ip may get fired for saying good things about Trump.

  8. Let's spend our military budget on "gender changing operations." That's the way to protect the country.
    The direction obama took our military is the reason countries feel comfortable buzzing our planes and testing ibms'.

  9. No, no, no. The really important is who the Cool Kids are in the junior high clique today. That's what we're all dying to know!

  10. McShame needs to go back to Phoenix and piss off.

  11. The U.S. has confirmed North Korea launched another missile. Getting ready for an incoherent tweet from the what-do-I-do-now Dimwit in Chief. You know, to throw off the fake media.

    1. You are getting very annoying,but that is why you are here.

    2. Good to know I am in your head. And let me tell you, there is a lot of room here.

    3. And you are also a coward.
      TG McCoy..
      Anon doesn't cut it..