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Sunday, July 30, 2017

They signed the Paris agreement -- then bought our coal

Remember Larry Groce's song "Junk Food Junkie"?
Yeah, in the daytime I'm Mister Natural
Just as healthy as I can be
But at night I'm a junk food junkie
Good lord have pity on me
So it goes with Europe.

In the daytime, they're Mister Climate Change -- just as renewable energy as can be.

But at night they await shipment of their coal from overseas.

U.S. exports of coal rose 60%, Reuters reported.

From Reuters:
The previously unpublished figures provided to Reuters by the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed exports of the fuel from January through May totaled 36.79 million tons, up 60.3 percent from 22.94 million tons in the same period in 2016. While reflecting a bounce from 2016, the shipments remained well-below volumes recorded in equivalent periods the previous five years.
They included a surge to several European countries during the 2017 period, including a 175 percent increase in shipments to the United Kingdom, and a doubling to France - which had suffered a series of nuclear power plant outages that required it and regional neighbors to rely more heavily on coal.
"If Europe wants to lecture Trump on climate then EU member states need transition plans to phase out polluting coal," said Laurence Watson, a data scientist working on coal at independent think tank Carbon Tracker Initiative in London
Don't worry, Europe. We'll keep secret your need for coal as a backup to all that wind and solar energy you pretend are all you need.

Don't forget, West Virginia coal is the best. Doesn't pollute like that brown coal the Germans and the Poles have.
Both the coal industry and the Trump administration said the rising exports of both steam coal, used to generate electricity, and metallurgical coal, used in heavy industry, were evidence that Trump's agenda was having a positive impact.
"Simply to know that coal no longer has to fight the government -- that has to have some effect on investment decisions and in the outlook by companies, producers and utilities that use coal," said Luke Popovich, a spokesman for the National Mining Association.
Shaylyn Hynes, a spokeswoman at the U.S. Energy Department, said: "These numbers clearly show that the Trump Administration's policies are helping to revive an industry that was the target of costly and job killing over-regulation from Washington for far too long."
But hey, my moral and intellectual superiors tell me coal is dead.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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  1. Terrific piece.

    ""Since 2009, when Germany began to pursue renewables aggressively, annual CO 2 emissions are down a negligible 0.1%.

    Meanwhile, the U.S. experienced year-over-year reductions in CO 2 emissions in 2015 and 2016, and CO 2 emissions have fallen a dramatic 14% since 2005.""

  2. That's why I voted for him, America first. It is so refreshing to have a leader who loves America and is smart.We are in good hands. Also when you see someone with smarts , you become aware of the opposite - the swamp.

    1. America First is best for everyone. Unless our own house is in order we can't help anyone, even through trade.

  3. Every night in Livingston the coal trains come through blowing their long sighing whistles beyond Dawn.
    When your citizens get cold some how that virtue portrait you were sitting for needs a touch up before it can be displayed in the Grand Palais or the Jihad Bunkerplatz.

  4. Not only did Trump save coal, he may also have saved Europe's ass. I can't wait for Winter to come. Let's see if the Euroweenies can generate sufficient electrical power without burning coal AND still meet their Paris Accord targets.

    1. Europe can also buy oil and gas from us, instead of Russia.

    2. Its starting with LNG going to Poland

    3. Its starting with LNG going to Poland

  5. Old King Coal is a merry old soul; a merry old soul is he.

  6. I go up the Detroit River and I see the big piles of coal at the steel plants, and the big piles of scrap metal and taconite, and think "Thank God for the Golden Scalp Weasel."

    -Mikey NTH

  7. Hahaha. Great posts from all (Mikey, I'm stealing GSW fo sho) and an excellent pull from DJ Jazzy Don, goin back to the day when making fun of liberals was allowed on popular media. As Professor Glenn likes to say, I don't wanna hear another goddam word about my carbon footprint. We now have a very real stick, the fruits of our fracking and minin, with which to beat other countries about the head and shoulders if they get out of line. The Nork response should include every possible way to starve those bastards of energy. Another win for Mr. T! Yea Mr. T! Hit em again, hit em again, harder, harder!!!

  8. China, which supports the Paris BS just set a new record for imports of North Korean coal.

  9. Don is correct about the quality of West Virginia coal being far superior to European mines. But higher EU sales are more likely to come from Powder River Basin coal than Appalachian coal, where mining costs are but 20% of getting coal from underground mines and WV sulfur content is inferior to sulfur-free PRB coal.

    Sadly we have inadequate coal-handling port facilities to meet sudden new demands - on both coasts. It is a shame since world coal prices would likely push profit margins to over 70% for PRB coal.