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Friday, July 14, 2017

The return of testosterone leadership

The headline in the Sun came close:
NEW BROMANCE? Donald Trump buddies up to ‘great president’ Emmanuel Macron and tells his wife ‘you’re in such good shape’
That's not quite what it is.

President Trump's the daddy. Macron's the son. And there is nothing wrong with that.

Trump has children Macron's age, and the United States is France's daddy, and has been for a century now -- ever since it entered the Great War to stop a carnage that saw millions of men slaughtered by a mutually destructive war machine.

The Trumps and the Macrons got along well. He complimented Madam Macron's body. She works out. She's 64. She looks like she's in her mid-40s.

Of course, some CNN journo half her age would see something wrong with the compliment and the pecks on the cheek from Trump.

This reminded me of May 2016, when two reporters at the New York Times wrote an expose that boiled down to Trump liking to date young women who looked good in a bikini.

From Camille Paglia: “Neither Michael Barbaro, a 2002 graduate of Yale, nor Meghan Twohey, a 1998 graduate of Georgetown University, had any frame of reference for sexual analysis aside from the rote political correctness that has saturated elite American campuses for nearly forty years. Their prim, priggish formulations in this awkwardly disconnected article demonstrate the embarrassing lack of sophistication that passes for theoretical expertise among their over-paid and under-educated professors.”

So Brigitte Macron offered Trump her cheek, and he kissed it, and then she offered the other. He kissed it. Big deal.

This is the direct opposite of his wife, Melania, who shuns Public Displays of Affection. American first ladies avoid PDAs.

In America, it is considered de-classe. Not so France.

Of course the real issue is testosterone. Trump has it and refuses to apologize. He attracts women -- the Croatian president was a fine example.
Despite what professors have drilled in the heads of this generation's college graduates, testosterone is not toxic. Imagine the uproar if someone dared say evil estrogen.

But liberals have spent the last half-century trying to emasculate the West.

That is a death wish.

Testosterone is essential to the survival of a civilization.

Testosterone is what sends young men into battle to protect the nation. Testosterone is what sends young men to venture beyond the horizon. Testosterone is what sends the fireman into the burning building.

Yes, a few women do so too, and they are just as brave and heroic. I applaud them.

But by volume and tradition these are the jobs if men. That is based on biology, not culture or politics.

Testosterone is also why men, on average, do not live as long as women; its motto is hold my beer.

Men are fools who do foolish things. We defy death, knowing death has the house odds.

But that same drive to show off to your equally drunk friends -- or to impress the chicks -- gets things done.

Testosterone is why we have fire and cars and anything made of electricity.

Just what do you think Benjamin Franklin said as he walked out that door with that kite under his arm as he headed for that thunderstorm?

Hold my beer.

President Trump may not drink (his older brother whom he adored was an alcoholic who warned him against drinking) but Trump has plenty of "hold my beer" moments. His supporters know that and are willing to trade off his occasional bouts of foolishness for his wisdom, courage and perseverance.

My take on the Billy Bush tape was disappointment. I expected something far worse.

Supporters are no dummies. They see the faults as well as anyone else. We weigh them against the pluses. As Joe E. Brown said at the end of "Some Like It Hot": Nobody's perfect.

The French elected Macron despite his young age. They realize he needs seasoning. Having Trump coach him makes sense.

Also, France now is in a position to replace England as our traditional European ally. Obama looked to Chancellor Merkel. Trump gets Macron.

Inviting Trump to Bastille Day was Macron's "hold my beer" moment except it worked. Trump accepted. The two men and their wives had a blast. They did not talk policy. They did not do diplomacy. They went sight-seeing. They bonded.

Trump has testosterone, something Putin has tried to fake for 20 years. I figured Putin would cave when he faced the real deal, and not some simp in Momjeans.

Of course, it helped Trump that he has the oil and natural gas now to sell to Eastern Europe, which imperils the Russian economy.

This Bastille Day trip shows a new development in U.S. relations with Europe. We turn to France.

I was hoping the Brexit would straighten out England, but the globalists are outlasting the nationalists. And really, nobody wants German nationalism. Still, we need to align ourselves with nationalists because we need people with like minds on freedom and liberty and testosterone. The Poles. The Croats. The French.

Each nationalism is different. French nationalism has a history of arrogance and ingratitude. Think DeGaulle.

But Macron's overture to Trump was encouraging. Our friendship goes back to Lafayette. If Macron pursues this side of our relationship, then the world will be far better and safer.

Awkward? Smooth as silk. People in Berlin, London, and Moscow felt a little pain when they saw those kisses.


Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. There's more keeper quotes here than the Urban Dictionary. It took some time. Bravo.

    BTW: The low-T sustainable algae cake hipsters (reporters) reveal their outgroup separation from cohorts. My smaller older top-level NASM certified son uses ‘you’re in such good shape’ as a pretty effective pick-up line.

    1. Keeper quotes indeed! Well written. Don't let it go to your head!

  2. Excellent analysis. I would change the last full sentence to:
    "People in THE FAKE NEWSROOMS, Berlin, London, and Moscow felt a little pain when they saw those kisses."

  3. "Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

    "Of course it is...and don't call me Louie."

    - Elric

  4. Total agreement with Russ and Schlongy, Big D. This piece is a shoo-in for the HoF. Fantastic stuff.

    Let us not forget, y'all, that even the proclaimed "feminist icon" Joni Mitchell once wrote the following words:

    Still I send up my prayer
    Wondrin' who's there to hear
    I said, Send me somebody
    Who's strong
    And somewhat sincere"

    Dear sweet Joni. She knew the score. So does Mr. T. And so does this blog and its readers.

  5. President Trump likes women? Whodathunkit? But after eight years of a president who didn't....

  6. First of all, if they think this was awkward, they should have seen my husband in France in the nineties. It was his first trip to Paris and the relatives all do the two-cheek kiss. It's cultural, but not a smoothly done thing for American men. It's even WORSE when the guys kiss the guys in greeting (as they do in Argentina - hubby threatened to don a dress in one more man kissed him).

    Our media is surely not ignorant of cultural expectations? Right? Maybe, maybe not, but they count on their audience to be.

    And the French response to the American media's attitude about Trump's remarks: American media living up to the prude stereotype.

    Don, Camille Paglia, what a quote! And two of my favorite authors in one post. Thank you.
    ~Carolina Kat

    1. Spot on. The gif shows Trump stepped forward to offer a handshake as she stepped forward to offer her cheek. They compromised and did both. Awkward? No, that's called smart diplomacy.

  7. And ya know what? At least Trump doesn't make an ass of himself at state occasions taking selfies with all the hot white blonde leaders while his wife makes a very public show of glowering on the side.

    And, hey, I remember when the Lefties threw a fir because Dubya gave Angie Merkel a playful neck rub.

    PS The President of Croatia really is a babe.

    Especially in a bikini.

  8. So we like France now even though its president is an avowed Progressive? No more need to order "Freedom Fries" at McDonalds then? Cool.
    Gee, Trump drools over every head of nation he meets in front of the cameras for the first time but give him time, he will be tweeting disparaging things about France soon. Trump is saving face after backing Macron's opponent in the recent French elections. And now Trump is open to re-visiting the Paris accord .... I guess Paris really is Paris.

    1. You know a lot about drooling I guess.
      Trump meets world leaders.
      TDS sufferers soil their diapers

    2. "We’ll always have Paris. We didn’t have, we, we lost it until you came to Casablanca. We got it back last night.” - Elric

    3. France is far from perfect, but it is a traditional ally. I much prefer a President who respects that to one who sends pallets of cash to our enemies.

  9. Brilliant, wonderful article, Don! Amazingly accurate too, unlike some other sources of so-called "news" and "analysis."

    You said, "...France now is in a position to replace England as our traditional European ally."

    That saddens me, but I think you are correct. 'Old Jolly' isn't so jolly anymore, and their very survival is at stake. I wish Brexit would proceed, but the globalists are powerful. May God be with the British, and give them strength to prevail!

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  11. "its motto is hold my beer"

    Some outfits prefer that the glass be drained and slammed down on the bar. Gives the bartender a good 10 seconds to refill it while business arising is taken care of.

    1. Or there's this approach:

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