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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Left never liked the Boy Scouts

President Trump went where Barack Obama dared not go: Glen Jean, West Virginia. Obama shirked his duties and failed to attend the quadrennial jamborees in 2009 and 2013.

For shame.

But Trump went, and was honored to do so.

Trump pointed out that 10 of his Cabinet members are former Boy Scouts. A few are Eagle Scouts.

They are men of honor and integrity -- squares in a world that needs stand up men. You start by building square boys.

The press seemed alarmed that Trump
From CNN: "Trump to Boy Scouts: 'We could use some more loyalty' "
From the Hill: "Boos for Obama as Trump speaks at Boy Scout jamboree"
From Time: "President Trump Brags About His Election Victory During Boy Scout Jamboree Speech"
From the Hill: "Dem senator: Trump's 'icky' Boy Scout speech left 'my stomach in knots'"

They crack me up.

The BBC got outright indignant:
Parents have expressed anger after President Donald Trump delivered a highly politicized speech to tens of thousands of Boy Scouts.
Mr Trump started by saying: "Who the hell wants to speak about politics?"
But his speech to the Jamboree in West Virginia railed against Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and the "cesspool" of politics, drawing whoops and cheers.
One parent wrote: "Done with scouts after you felt the need to have my kid listen to a liar stroke his ego."
Did the BBC ask any parents in 2009 or 2013 how they felt about Barack Obama stiffing the Boy Scouts and ignoring their jamborees entirely?

This is the same pack of that hounded the Boy Scouts for decades as "homophobic" because they tried to protect their wards from openly gay Scout leaders.

But forcing the Boy Scouts to have a few gay leaders was just an excuse to go after a group that develops some of the best leaders in the world.

There is a reason the jamboree is in West Virginia. The Scouts used to hold their jamborees on public land, but the Left -- the cowardly Marxists that they are -- protested and politicized the process of site selection.

Philadelphia tried to evict the Boy Scouts from a building the Boy Scouts gave the city.

The ACLU sued to stop government agencies from sponsoring the Boy Scouts.

There is a reason for this hatred of the Boy Scouts by the Left.

"Boy Scout values are American values," Trump said.

That is why the Left hates him.

That is why the Left hates the Boy Scouts.

And that is why the Left and the rest of the Democratic Party can write off the Boy Scouts for the rest of their lives.

By the way, West Virginia hosts the World Jamboree in two years. It will be awesome.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. I'm having to listen to "The View" at work and Whoopi is telling everyone that Obama did address the Boy Scouts and how it's shameful for Trump to talk about things political in front of them. As if there's anything in this country nowadays that ISN'T political!

  2. All I need to know is that an America loving, America first speaker is considered icky by the left.

  3. It wasn't just cheering, "WE LOVE TRUMP", the Lefties hate, it that the kids booed Little Barry.

  4. President Obama did address the Boy Scouts by video conference. Obama was a Boy Scout himself. That means Obama is - by Surber's rationale, "... Men of honor and integrity -- squares in a world that needs stand up men. You start by building square boys."
    Was Trump a Boy Scout. Nope.

    1. LOL -- where did ALL men of honor were Boy Scouts
      Go back to selling cookies

    2. I am unable to find any authoritative information that Obama was a Boy Scout.

    3. According to, "Barack Obama was not a part of the Boy Scouts of America; rather he was a member of Gerakan Pramuka, the Indonesian Scout Association."

    4. I wasn't aware that Kenya had a Boy Scout organization. Good to know.

    5. Darn it Dan, you beat me to the punch - with a better post, I might add. That's funny as sh--. Is Indonesia even a country? I've heard it is but never see them at the Olympics...?

    6. That's your best comeback? No wonder I win this blog ... bigly.

    7. OK, OK, OK. I'll order. Two boxes of Samoas.

    8. Back in 1968 the Boy Scouts only admitted males. Barry might have been a camp fire girl?

    9. Win this blog...? By throwing bullshit at the wall that didn't stick for two seconds (as if Obama would ever be a proud anything American). You're a real killer there, Ace.

  5. The left hates the BSA. They've pushed gay Scouts, gay Scout adult leaders, and transgenders into Scouts. About the only thing left the left hates is the Duty To God.

  6. Saw a reminder online of the 2000 Democrat Convention where they booed Eagle Scouts who took the stage. Class act. It took them eight more years before they could bring themselves to boo God.

  7. The left has always thought of the Scouts as HitlerJugend, and their wild cheers for Fuhrer DT will only confirm that opinion, although some in their contingent perhaps thought of them as potentially fresh prey slipping away,
    The general line of attack now seems to be DT should not have given a political speech to them. But by refusing to go in person to give a speech because of their no gay Leader stand at the time, Obama had already done the same thing in his usual slimy cowardly way.
    But what is so bad about addressing young men about politics? I wore an "I like Ike" button when I was 12 even though my whole family were stained blue at birth and had already voted for Adlai twice. My mother, who thought of Republicans as evil incarnate, to be kind, was a cub scout den mother. She never objected to my button.
    We coddle our young too much, both boys and girls, or perhaps we see them as incompetent too long to make their own decisions. But we all change as we grow up. I for example became an Antifa fascist and have never ever cast a vote for a D. Some of the Scouts cheering Trump now will undoubtedly end up loving Ben and Jerry's, someday go on to undermine the country with fellow Bernie clones, so why worry now unless it is all that prey that might escape the left's nets for ideology, serfdom, and other prey.
    But more likely the fear that DT will look like a man speaking to young men with respect, as if they were men already, like his father did to him, anathema in the age of the basement millennial

  8. Had to dig that à la mud cooking when it rained.

  9. I feared for the BSA when I found out gates was President. He lived down to his reputation.

  10. After being in the boy scouts in Rhodesia, I went to one meeting here. Too tame. Learned all my woodcraft from hunters and a dad who was a survivalist.

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