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Saturday, July 01, 2017

The brilliance of Trump's tweets

In a comment this morning, Keith Vlasak vented his frustration that the media continues to attack without let up, never giving President Trump the honeymoon he earned.

But Trump is a CEO -- as I keep pointing out. This explains his giving free rein to Cabinet-level officers (including Reince Priebus).

However, I have downplayed his role as an entertainer. His showmanship is an important political tool.

From Mister Vlasak:
Unfortunately it is just as frustrating for Republicans (at least for me) that after the work of the election, there has been no let up in the attacks (besides trying to get people to see how bad Ryan especially is for what we all thought we were voting for last November).
The thing is that consensus can build from conversations, from shared thoughts like ...
"Hundredth Monkey Effect: The hundredth monkey effect is a purported phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea."
Thanks to the Internet, it is possible to participate in the discussions which might change things right from home. (I've written 3 articles for American Thinker, commented a lot, written the White House to stop relying on Ryan, and shared lots on Facebook and had maybe a hundred thousand retweets on twitter over the last 9 years -- so, even if I don't count personally, I have tried and I have participated). We all can -- and we can't stop fighting Democrat/Media hate and hypocrisy if they won't stop. They've even turned to violence, by which I mean they aren't close to stopping and thinking (like how can they defend rapists and killers just because they are illegals?).
That is an excellent summary of the situation.

Trump has used a very narrow majority in the House and Senate to score 14 repeals of Obama regulations using the Congressional Review Act, which happened only once before in 2001 when Bush was able to roll back one Clinton regulation.

Furthermore, President Trump has signed 37 or so executive orders changing the direction of agencies, and placing a moratorium on the infiltration of America by Iran and Islamic terrorists in five war-torn nations.

Trump appointed commissions on opioids, and voter fraud, which will help greatly restore communities (opioids) and confidence in elections.

His historic direct flight from Riyadh to Israel showed a new alliance in the Middle East -- or at least the formal recognition of a long existing one. He went from sword dancing with the sheikhs to the Wailing Wall. The Saudis decided after the Yom Kippur war they had better things to do than hate Israel. Two generations later, the anti-Semitism may have faded.

He is finally seeking an end to the nation's longest war: Korea. We are in the 64th year of a cease-fire after three years of combat. The visit this week by South Korea's leaders (which included meeting with Korean war veterans) sent Kim Jong-Un a message that it is time to end the hostilities. The only hold-up is this insistence on reunification.

Justice Neil Gorsuch.

Progress continues, at great speed.

The media wants to bitch about his tweets?

Let them.

This is misdirection. This is the magician tweeting with his left hand, while his right hand get the House to pass Kate's Law.

That Psycho Joe and Crazy Mika tweet was misdirection. Everyone is yammering about that. RINOs are lecturing me on my duty to criticize Trump's tweet because he mentioned Mika bleeding from her facelift (actually a chin lift).

Get bent.

I loved the tweet for two reasons. 1. It put down two frenemies. 2. It had the media chasing its tail.

Both are important. Feuding with Trump is a bad move. He piked their heads as a warning. The spin is this brouhaha boosts their ratings. Maybe, but man did it destroy their credibility. That is all the media has.

Trump brought to the public's attention Joe and Mika's adultery which the National Enquirer had exposed. The National Enquirer is sleazy, which made Joe and Mika sleazy. Good job.

But getting the media to chase its tail was brilliant. Trump is moving legislation, executive orders, and commissions under the radar.

Democrats need the public's support to stop Trump. Democrats can either talk about policy or Russia. They chose the latter. They chose poorly.

And the media chose to look at the tweet, not Kate's Law. You cannot rally people against it if it is never discussed.

He cannot afford to lose three Republican votes in the Senate on any legislation. The RINOs are publicity hounds. Much as they would like to stop Kate's Law, how can they if it is not in the public's eye?

Tweet on, Mister President. That shields the slim Republican majorities in the House and Senate from  public attention, and allows them to do their work without interference from the press.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. The last time this subject was in play a commenter requested a reference to ancient history. Here it is. The dems have made everything political. At the same time they insist on Republicans no doing so in the name of some nebulous civility that Republicans alone are expected to live by. Many Retards--excuse me-- Republicans, as well as Conservatism Inc., are willing to go along with this. In the Greek games they had boxing and wrestling, as well as something called a pankration, which was a no holds barred combination of the two, probably similar to our MMA contests. Asking Trump not to tweet when everyone knows that he is so effective with it is like insisting that a great boxer stick to wrestling in a pankration. It is patently absurd.

  2. Moving his legislation through under the radar is a good metaphor. I've got one for what he's doing too.

    Let me tell you a tale.

    During a medieval war, all trade caravans were subjected to search and seizure of any contraband that might aid the enemy war effort.

    One particular nut kept crossing the frontier, but all the guards ever found in his horses' panniers was sand, so he was allowed to proceed on his way.

    After the war was over, the former frontier guards met "The Crazy Trader" in a tavern one day.

    "Look", they said, "we know you were smuggling something, but we never could find it. The war's over. Will you tell us what it was?"

    And the trader just looked at them, smiled, and said, "Horses".

  3. And energy independence and an exporter Of energy. Take that, economy!!!

  4. The overwhelming negativity is still frustrating -- but I am glad for all that has been accomplished and should note that the feel-good about SCOTUS overturning the leftist courts on the temporary travel ban was worth the wait. I can see your point that the distractions are allowing some good things to happen under the radar too (and more than some, considering how much of what Obama did to America has been undone already).

    Eventually it's all going to be out front, though. And then a win or a loss on both an economic package (which looks promising that something will get passed) and a budget more in line with Trump's than the continuing resolution was (which is going to rely more on Congress and that thin majority) can get Republicans as enthusiastic in 2018 as we'll need to be.

  5. I'm so old I can remember when Trump was "worse than Hitler." Now they are worried that his tweets are unpresidential.

  6. "He piked their heads as a warning. The spin is this brouhaha boosts their ratings. Maybe, but man did it destroy their credibility. That is all the media has." That's what they USED TO have, but NO MORE.

  7. Roosevelt had his fire side chats....Trump tweets. Direct, unadulterated, exactly so. Yep, Trump is crude. So what....he's a fighter. If the enemedia wants to fight, well....let's just say all of their dirty laundry is subject to exposure. Have you noticed how Trump is moving the "window"? Thing is, things are escalating fast. He attacked Mika at a real weak spot....her vanity. More to come, I'm sure.

    Sooner or later folks are going to realize that Trump was preparing for this fight years ago. Can you imagine his private intelligence sources? That he knows all exactly who is involved in "pizzagate"? I don't believe he's nearly as off the cuff as he appears.

    1. He fights and he fights dirty, but he doesn't fight dirty until they throw a sucker punch or hit below the belt. He fights as dirty as they do but only as dirty as they do.
      Remember the movie "The Mechanic"? The version with Bronson? When he takes his apprentice to the karate tournament where the old ways vs new ways takes place?

    2. The end was great. That young actor ended up a druggie. Too bad.

  8. Honeymoon? Heh. Conservatives don't get a honey moon. Some times there is a break in battle while they reform replenish and regroup, but it is by no means a honeymoon.
    Did Lincoln get a honeymoon before the democrats pouted and went home? they left before he even took office. That shows that even 150 years ago democrats were unwilling to work with conservatives. Remember, the prior three administrations had been either democrat or pro-slavery Whig.
    Made certainly did not get a honeymoon after Hooker resigned, the democrats threw every thing including the kitchen sink at him and still lost.
    Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance. President Trump is playing 3D chess, and the dems, as always, are playing tiddley winks. President Trump didn't learn 3D chess in December. He has played the fools for democrats for nearly fifty years and they still think they have game.
    President Donald John Trump is Johnathan E in Roller Ball. They change the rules, he comes out on top. They eliminate the rules he comes out on top.
    GOD, Bless President Trump, and make us a nation worthy of the gifts you have given us.

  9. It appears to me that Trump is honing his opponent’s rapier to turn it against the offender; ie., use Rule #5 of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” to ‘ridicule, mock, insult’ as the most effective weapon in the Radical’s armory. Whoever has the largest Whiteboard will win this game.

    Jim Carlson

  10. Totally with you, Big D. Mr. T might just get me to rejoin Twitter, the way he posterized Zbig's daughter. And I'll say straight out: There's more than a little bit of "You can't hit a girl!" hypocrisy going on over this. Riiight...except if her name is Sarah Palin. Then, punch away. And have you seen the results of Drudge's latest poll? Ha and Ha Ha.

  11. "Democrats can either talk about policy or Russia. They chose the latter. They chose poorly."
    The chose poorly, loved the Indiana Jones reference Mr. S!

  12. So Trump's tweets upset some people, do they? Awwww.

    Well, cry me a river! I'm loving it! All the right people are being upset, depressed and demoralized, which invigorates me no end!

    It also makes for a wonderful, wonderful 4th of July weekend!

  13. Don- DaTechGuy has quoted you favorably (unfortunately he doesn't seem to include a link back here, which is too bad.)