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Friday, July 14, 2017

Snopes sticks up for President Trump

How bad is the constant barrage against President Trump by a press still angered because they failed to stop his election?

It's so bad that even the liberal is sick of it.

Snopes defended the Commander-in-Chief in an article titled, "The Lies of Donald Trump’s Critics, and How They Shape His Many Personas."

Snopes named and shamed the media.

From Snopes:
What’s remarkable is the extent to which false claims about the President revolve around body language, nonverbal gestures and symbolism, all phenomena that are notoriously open to interpretation. These lies and misrepresentations are also often based on snapshots — visual evidence presented without proper context.
Take, for example, the claim that Trump was the only world leader at a G7 summit in May not to take notes, based on a photograph posted to Twitter by French President Emannuel Macron. Here Trump was portrayed as unprepared and out of his depth on the world stage, with a “ten-second attention span”.
However, the claim was entirely untrue, with other images and video of the meeting showing that Trump did indeed have notes and a pen. Not only that, but the very image used to make the false claim clearly shows two other world leaders sitting with no note-taking paraphernalia. In this case, even the cherry-picked evidence chosen to make the point undermines it.
The site was just warming up. Trump flipped the bird to Italian PM Paolo Gentiloni?
Except that he didn’t. The original source of the claim is revealing — the Twitter account of, an anti-Trump website that encourages his opponents to send the White House postcards designed as a middle finger. 
A longer video of the discussion shows that Trump and Gentiloni spoke cordially before the incident, which undermines the implicit logic behind the claim — that Trump was expressing anger or disdain for Gentiloni. Indeed, no one has ever explained why Trump supposedly flipped him the bird.
And there was this:
And then there’s Newsweek’s claim that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi “evaded” Trump’s “notorious… bone-crunching power handshake”, about which there has been a seemingly endless supply of every imaginable kind of analysis.
“In his visit to the White House Monday,” wrote Tom Porter in June,  “Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi neatly sidestepped the challenge, swooping in for two bear hugs with the president during a joint press conference in the Rose Garden.” What’s missing from this account, in a theme repeated throughout this collection, is historical context, either by deliberate omission or due to the author’s lack of awareness.
Modi, as has long been noted, is famous for hugging world leaders, a gesture he bestowed upon Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama, as well as the last two presidents of France, among others. Rather than being an example of yet another world leader “fighting back” (as the Guardian’s Jonathan Freedland has described what are essentially firm handshakes), this was an example of India’s prime minister continuing to greet another world leader in the way he always has.
I do not want to plagiarize the site. Read it. Please.

For it shows people are sick of the poison of Fake News about Our President.

If you don't accept him as president, leave. Go on. Get out of here. You no longer are an American because the president of all Americans is now Donald John Trump. America does not need poor sports.

Non-citizens can stay, of course, if they have the proper paperwork.

Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's election.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

It is available on Kindle, and in paperback.

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  1. The Reverend Doctor Don is winning converts among the heathen.

  2. “evaded” Trump’s “notorious… bone-crunching power handshake”,

    Oh - we were told that The President had notoriously weak, LITTLE hands.

  3. I stopped using Snopes a couple of years ago when I realized it was being run by Democrat party aligned hacks. I'm stunned to learn that they are not following the Party Line on Trump. Has there been a shakeup at Snopes?

    1. I hear there has been a divorce between the once weded couple that created the site and ran it together until late last year. The divorce was...messy.

  4. If you've lost Snopes, you are starting to lose biggly.

  5. If the left has lost Snopes, what's next? I'm guessing Politico.