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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Psychiatrists suffer Trumphobia

More than a half-century ago, Democratic psychiatrists broke all boundaries and abandoned all professionalism by questioning the sanity of Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

Goldwater was saner than Democratic President Lyndon Johnson who when asked by a reporter why we were in Vietnam unzipped his pants, showed his johnson, and said this is why.

Today, Democrats revere Goldwater as one of those sensible Republican, and ignore LBJ whose accomplishments on civil rights were remarkable.

Now Democrats are going after Trump like they did

From STAT:
leading psychiatry group has told its members they should not feel bound by a longstanding rule against commenting publicly on the mental state of public figures — even the president.
The statement, an email this month from the executive committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association to its 3,500 members, represents the first significant crack in the profession’s decades-old united front aimed at preventing experts from discussing the psychiatric aspects of politicians’ behavior. It will likely make many of its members feel more comfortable speaking openly about President Trump’s mental health.
The impetus for the email was “belief in the value of psychoanalytic knowledge in explaining human behavior,” said psychoanalytic association past president Dr. Prudence Gourguechon, a psychiatrist in Chicago. “We don’t want to prohibit our members from using their knowledge responsibly.”
That responsibility is especially great today, she told STAT, “since Trump’s behavior is so different from anything we’ve seen before” in a commander in chief.
Really? Did he start a ground war in Southeast Asia over a Fake News attack?

Did he bomb the hell out of Libya for no reason at all?

Did he agree to allow Iran to develop atomic weaponry?

He is crazy like a fox.

Retired law professor Ann Althouse had a great response:
Let them speak, and then the rest of us will speak about whether they are professionals deserving of deference or human beings like the rest of us who can't keep our political preferences from skewing whatever it is we might think about some pressing issue of the day.
My reaction is less kind. I quote the answer from General Anthony McAuliffe when the Germans asked him to surrender at the Battle of the Bulge:
They are, Trump isn't.

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Caution: Readers occasionally may laugh out loud at the media as they read this account of Trump's nomination.

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  1. Yes indeedy ! See this gem for a psychotherapy magazine in the UK praising terrorists and asking for psychotherapists clients to be "altered" in order to "save the planet" because "we are the enemy". No kidding ! Direct link to article -

  2. The Shrinks have shrunk themselves into the dirt.

  3. Actually, from a friend of my Fathers - someone who was actually THERE at the time, let me state for the record that
    General Anthony McAuliffe did NOT say "Nuts" what he DID say was "Bull***t" though, and it was cleaned up for the public.

  4. I'm a member of the American Psychoanalytic Association and though, in many ways my field has gone off the rails, in this particular case, this post is "fake news." Here's the comment from the American Psychoanalytic Association web site (
    "In an email to association members, our leadership did not encourage members to defy the “Goldwater Rule” which is a part of the ethics code of a different mental health organization, the American Psychiatric Association (APA). Rather, it articulated a distinct ethics position that represents the viewpoint of psychoanalysts. The field of psychoanalysis addresses the full spectrum of human behavior, and we feel that our concepts and understanding are applicable and valuable to understanding a wide range of human behaviors and cultural phenomenon. Our position statement regarding commenting on public figures is available here."

    1. Where is "here"?

    2. Astrology is to Astronomy as
      Alchemy is to Chemistry as
      Economics is to ... as
      Psychoanalysis is to...

      Psychoanalysts, where is your evidence? BS, shouldn't be covered by insurance.

    3. is a link to another site on Galli, I agree with you. Psychoanalysis can be a terrific treatment for some people but it has been terribly oversold, as has most types of psychotherapy, (anger management is my favorite nonsensical therapy) and has very little solid supporting data. It should not be covered by insurance.

  5. Ah yes, Ziggy Freud. The guy who did enough cocaine to kill an adult rhino.

    Anything you and your buds can't fix over a brace of beers don't need fixin' nohow.

  6. Most psychiatrists may be more sane than their patients, but tend not to be as sane as the general public.

  7. Way back, I was a Psychology major at Uni. Two and a half years later I came to the conclusion that it wasn't a science, but a shell game; accordingly I changed my major.

    Nothing I've seen since has changed my conclusion; and as the old joke has it, to become a psychiatrist it helps to be crazy.

    As for Dear Prudence- "Dear Prudence won't you open up your eyes?" Sadly, no. She won't.

  8. Why in the world do we cover it with insurance? It only makes premiums higher!

  9. The Soviets loved to use psychiatry/psychology and it's grab bag of drugs as a behavior control weapon to destroy those who refused to think in a government approved fashion.

    Today it is no different, except the drugs they use are much more destructive and dangerous.

  10. "ignore LBJ whose accomplishments on civil rights were remarkable."

    Never forget that without the 136 GOP House members and 27 Republican Senators who voted yea the Civil Rights Act of 1964 had no chance of passing. None.

    Interestingly Goldwater voted no, even though he opposed segregation. He said "you can't legislate morality". I agree.